Bastian Baker: “Everything We Do”

Artist: Bastian Baker

Single: Everything We Do
Bastian Baker’s anticipated single “Everything We Do” is finally available on iTunes everywhere!  It has been available on Spotify and Deezer to listen to for free since May 29, 2015.


The song “Everything We Do” combines two musical styles: pop & rock with a bit of country. The melody goes from slow to fast and back to slow again. The beat is very catchy. The rhythm is similar to some of the songs of his second album “Too Old To Die Young” like 79 Clinton Street, Dirty Thirty and You’re the One, but with an interesting twist. He has this willingness to experiment with different styles of music, which demonstrates that he’s not afraid to think outside the box and test the boundaries of music. The guitar is very present in this song, which I really enjoy

This gives me something to look forward to in his third album, which will come out in fall of this year. 🙂

Everything We Do Video (Official Clip)

Originally written: June 5, 2015



Jonny Zywiciel: Fresh Sound!

Country: USA
Genre (s): Pop/Soul/Rock
Years of experience: 2013-present

Bio: Jonny Zywiciel is an American singer and musician from San Francisco, California. He’s been playing guitar since the age of 13. His musical inspirations include artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jimmy Hendricks, Sam Smith, and John Mayer. Zywiciel got his first big break at the Bottom of the Hill Club in San Francisco.


His acoustic performances are amazing.  His voice is smooth and versatile.  The first song of his I heard of his was “Magnets”; I was quite impressed! With that voice, Jonny Zywiciel definitely has potential. His covers of songs by other artists are also worth watching such as Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. He incorporates his style to these songs.  I look forward to his first studio album.

I wish him the best of luck and plenty of success in his future. 🙂

There is album of two singles available on iTunes.  


I was looking at another singer’s Facebook page when I saw the comment made by Jonny Zywiciel’s Facebook page. After that I went to his Youtube channel and heard a couple. As I mentioned, I was impressed.



Originally written June 1, 2015


Ariane Brunet’s Latest Album “Stella”

Country: Canada
Genre(s):Francophone Music, Pop, Jazz ( some)
Date of release: April 1, 2016

Ariane Brunet released her third album “Stella”. The mix of pop and jazz is well done. It’s not an easy combination.  It’s complimentary to the album “Fusée”, which came out in 2013. Her voice is beautiful and smooth, it goes beyond expectations. She pushes the envelope with her voice. Incredible!   

The music on the album is slow and reminds of lounge music. It’s an album one listens to at the end of a long day. There’s a jazz-like beat to most of the songs on this album. The music is amazing. The sound of drums is an interesting twist. Sometimes her voice is the music! That’s impressive. The song where that happen is “Si je reviens”. The lyrics take centre stage over the music. I noticed an electric beat that gives the song an interesting touch to it. This album’s songs have many music genres, yet they compliment each other and flow at a perfect rhythm.

“Y croire” has a bohemian/folk  sound to it, which is not something I’ve heard before in Ariane Brunet’s music. It’s an optimistic song that gives a sense of hope.

Lumiere has a nice dance beat that’s similar to the disco of the 70’s mixed with contemporary music. It’s also very romantic and fun.  Ta Parade also has jazz beat that also gets people dancing. These are main songs that have a dance beat to them.  Her other romantic songs are  “Fais-moi tourner encore”, “Nos chapeaux”, and “Avant”. “Temoin” tells a sweet story  a couple looking back at their relationship.  “Nos Chapeaux” is descriptive and tells a lovely story of a happy couple.

“Tu joues” and “Perdre goût” are songs related to heartbreak. In both songs, she expresses how she feels fed up and is ready to walk away from a bad relationship, which takes courage. “Ciel” is a sad story about a young woman who’s feeling heartbreak. It’s deep and beautifully written. Her sad songs are very touching  

My favourite songs in the album are: “Fais-moi tourner encore”, “Y Croire”, and “Nos Chapeaux”, “Lumiere”, “Ta parade”

Nicola Ciccone’s Latest Album “Esprit Libre”

Country:  Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop, Country (some)
Years of experience: 1999-present

Nicola Ciccone’s latest album “Esprit Libre” is very well-done album. All of the songs are written and composed by Nicola Ciccone.  There’s that richness and poetic feel to the lyrics, which is what Ciccone is known for. His metaphors are quite present in this album.

The most vibrant song is  Dolce Vita, a celebration of life and it makes you want to dance. I imagine myself in either little Italy in Montreal or Italy. He sings some verses in Italian, a way to show he’s in touch with his Italian origins.

The song that touched me the most was “Oh toi mon père”. This song talk about the passing of Nicola Ciccone’s father, a few months before the release of this album. Subject of losing a loved one is never an easy topic, which demonstrates telling loved ones we care about them is important. Another touching song is “L’infirmière”, which tells a story about how nurses work very hard in helping the injured and the sick. It also demonstrates the importance of the hard work the women and men put into their job of being a nurse.

“Quand on joue avec le feu” and “Les bon gars finissent dernier” are country songs. It’s not the first time he sings country. He pulls it off quite nicely, for a singer who sings mainly pop music. I love the humour in these songs. They definitely made me smile.

“Cette chanson-là, elle jouera pas à la radio” is a significant song about the French language being in danger of fading. This is especially significant for Quebec culture because French is the official language of the province.

Nicola Ciccone knows how to write about a variety of subjects with poetry and passion. His songs are fun and romantic. Also, they always have a personal touch to them that makes audience feel as though they know him. This is the case with Esprit Libre, an album that is deep and makes feel different emotions throughout the 10 songs.

My favourite songs from this album are: J’veux pas mourir avant d’être mort, Esprit Libre  La Dolce Vita,  “Quand on joue avec le feu”.

Additional Information-Links

Nicola Ciccone receives his copy of the album (in French only)

Nicola Ciccone’s Youtube Channel


Hommage to Roger Tabra (1949-2016)

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.37.52 PM

Credit: Screen shot of a Youtube video uploaded by Lyne Archambault

Songwriter and poet Roger Tabra passed away March 11, 2016 from an illness that he was fighting since a long time. He was especially known for writing songs for Francophone artists like Wilfred Le Bouthillier, Eric Lapointe,  Laurence Jalbert, and Vincenzo Thomas.

I admit I don’t know a lot about Roger Tabra, but I do know some of the songs he had written.  A song that comes to mind is “Tous Ces Mots”, a version performed by Acadian singer  Wilfred Le Bouthillier. It’s a deep, but very sad song.  It talks  about the words that hurt in a relationship that is failing. We don’t know which specific words, but it’s not necessary as it is implied in the song.

His poetry was often sad, but had deep meaning. However, there is a more hopeful song by Laurence Jalbert called “J’espère” (I hope). It is such a beautiful song.

He will  be missed.

Youtube Links

Roger Tabra Tribute: Hommage a Roger Tabra

Laurence Jalbert “J’espère”