Michale Bublé- Love (Deluxe Edition) – A Romantic Album

Canadian singer Michael Bublé has released a new album entitled Love. It’s a record with covers of classic romantic hits (i.e. La Vie En Rose) and two original songs: Love You Anymore and Forever Now. The title of the album is an excellent indicator of the overall theme.

The music of this album is a fantastic mix of pop and jazz. I can imagine people who host parties playing this record, especially during the holiday season or Valentine’s day. It reminds me of Michael Bublé’s early albums “Michael Bublé” and “It’s Time.” Michael Bublé’s crooner style is present in this album. The piano in the background compliments the songs perfectly.

As always, Michael Bublé’s voice is impressive with smoothness and depth. It’s also soulful and rich. He can change registers in his voice flawlessly.

The lyrics of the songs in the album “Love” are incredible. His original songs Love You Anymore and Forever Now are well-done. They compliment the covers that Michael Bublé did in this record.

Love is a romantic album that people can listen to any time of the year, not just the holidays. Michael Bublé’s album Love is now available. Enjoy!


First Album Fridays: BRDGS- Think About You EP

Canadian singer BRDGS has released his first EP album entitled Think About You. The overall theme of the record is about relationships and the ups and downs that come with them.

The music is a combination of pop and dance. It reminds me of music from the late 90s/early 2000s or even 70s and 80s. There’s an experimental element to this album, which gives it a nice twist.

BRDGS’s voice has a variety of vocal styles in this album. In some songs, his voice is soft and low; and others his vocals go high pitch, which reminds of the BeeGees. He sings in sync with the music. His style is incredible.

The lyrics to this song are relatable because they talk about relationships (the good and bad times). The flow of the words is smooth and rhythmic.
An optimistic song is Believe. The songs that talk about up and of relationships are Rock Bottom and In The Wild. The songs that cover heartbreaks or obstacles in relationships are Think About You, Drive (featuring Saint Yves), and You Say You Love Me (but You Don’t). These songs are well-written,

Think About You is now available. Enjoy!

Zaz- Effet Mirroir- A Mosaic of Musical Styles

French singer Zaz has released a new album entitled Effet Mirror (The Mirror Effect). It’s her fourth record. The overall theme of this album is that of contemplation about love and life.

The music of the album has a mix of pop, dance, jazz and salsa. Que Vendra is an example of a song with a Salsa/latin style. J’aime J’aime (I love) has a dance beat that is unforgettable. The songs with slower beat are the ones that make one think or tell stories of heartbreak. The piano is the instrument that is dominant in those tunes. Zaz’s latest album is a mosaic of musical styles.

Zaz’s voice is smooth and consistent. At times she sounds like she’s doing a monologue, which reminds of the works of the late Jacques Brel. There are two examples of songs like that: Mes Souvenirs De Toi (My Memories of You), Ma Valse (My Waltz), and Laponie. Her voice is soft; it sounds like she’s whispering. It’s impressive!

The lyrics to the songs create of different emotions from such as love, hope, and sadness and heartbreak. The words are in sync with the music of the album. Repetition is a poetic technique in these songs to emphasize the emotion the person is feeling. The lyrics are well-written and dynamic.

My favourite songs are Que Vendra, J’aime J’aime, Je Parle, and Plume. Effet Mirroir is now available. Enjoy!

First Single Fridays: Khaled Mounib -Toa Al Mazag

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib has released his first single Toa al Mazag (Heavy Mood). He’s the nephew of the late Amer Mounib. The song is about a guy whose relationship is overwhelming but exciting.

The music of this song has a mix of two genres: pop and dance/techno. Some parts of the song remind me of Amer Mounib’s works, especially in the early 2000s, such as Layali (Nights), Ayam wa Layali (Days and Nights), and Moshta’alak Ainy (My Eyes Miss You). The rhythm of Toa al Mazag has a slightly different rhythm, mainly when Khaled Mounib sings the chorus. There’s a stop effect that is distinct. Mino composed the song.

Khaled Mounib has a genuine voice. At times he sounds like his late uncle Amer Mounib. It takes me a second to realize that it’s not Amer Mounib singing, but his nephew. Khaled Mounib’s goes to a higher register in some parts of the song. He has potential as a singer.

The lyrics have a structure with meaning and smooth rhythm. The words are romantic and sweet. The rhyme scheme is AA BB. Salma Rasheed wrote the lyrics of the song.

Mafeesh Kalam Ye’tal (There’s nothing more to say) is coming out soon.

David Cassidy-A Year Since His Passing


The_Partridge_Family_David_Cassidy_1972jpgNovember 21, 2017, American singer David Cassidy passed away. He was famous for his role in The Partridge Family sitcom as Keith Partridge. Cassidy was well-known in the 60s and 70s.

My knowledge of David Cassidy’s music comes from family and watching reruns of the show The Partridge Family. Despite the challenges in his personal, his music was classical and timeless.

My favourite song for the late David Cassidy is Common Get Happy. It cheers you up instantly. It’s also one of the songs that came to mind when I heard about his passing along with the classic I Think I Love You.

Bohemian Rhapsody- Movie & Music

This weekend I went to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I loved it!! Rami Malek gave an incredible performance portraying the late Freddie Mercury. At times, he looked like him; it was spooky (In a good way of course). I felt tempted at times to sing the songs out loud, but I refrained myself.

I particularly enjoyed learning the history of the songs and how Queen came to be the biggest Rock band in music history. There was a clip where Freddie Mercury was playing the piano when he was on the floor with his girlfriend, Mary (Lucy Boynton). When I heard him play the piano, I could recognize what would eventually the music of Bohemian Rhapsody. Another clip I enjoyed was when Brian May (Gwilym Lee) showed Freddie Mercury his idea for their next song by clapping their hands and stomping their feet to have the audience involved in the tune. That song would be the famous and timeless hit We Will Rock You. My favourite segment of the movie is when Queen recording Bohemian Rhapsody in their private studio. Roger Taylor (Ben Hardy) does many takes of the famous “Galileo” bit, at the request of Freddie Mercury. While they finish recording Bohemian Rhapsody, you hear an excerpt of the song. The Live Aid performance of Queen in the movie was incredible. I heard excerpts of their best hits.

Regarding the music, there are excerpts of the Queen’s classic hits throughout the film. We don’t hear the songs in their entirety, but it doesn’t take away the quality of the movie. I enjoyed this movie. The actors, especially Rami Malek, were incredible.

The movie is playing in theatres. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Travis Cormier – Torn -An Acoustic Cover

Canadian singer Travis Cormier has uploaded a video of an acoustic cover of a 90s classic hit Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

In terms of music, the diegetic sound is the guitar that Travis Cormier plays in this video. He does a fantastic playing the guitar and singing. His voice is pure and rich, which is when one can the best quality singing. Travis Cormier’s cover of “Torn” sounds as if it were his song because the music is different from the original version and just as incredible.

Single Saturdays: Maxime Malevé – My Saviour

Belgian singer Maxime Malevé has released a new single entitled “My Saviour.” The story is about a guy who loves and admires the girl with whom he’s in love, and he admires her greatly.

The music is slow, with a jazz-like beat. There’s also the music of a guitar in the background. I can hear the sound of clapping blended with the slow music.

Maxime Malevé’s voice is soft and sweet. He experiments with his sound in his songs, as it’s the case with this tune.

The lyrics are simplistic but romantic. The words describe true love and are inspirational. There are two rhyme schemes AABB and ABBA, which give this song structure.

Marie-Mai’s Latest Record “Elle et Moi”- A Dynamic Album!

French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai has released a new album entitled ‘Elle et Moi” (Her & I). This record feels like the most personal album for Marie-Mai. You can feel the raw emotions, which makes this album authentic.

The music is a mix of different genres: pop, electric and techno. The composition of the songs is impressive. Marie-Mai composed most of the songs along with Oliver Som and others. It’s a dynamic album with a complex, but structured composition. The tempo of the songs is a mix of slow and fast.
Marie-Mai’s voice is stronger than ever. One can hear the confidence in her voice when she sings, as well as raw emotion and strength. She performs in sync with the music.

The lyrics have a personal touch to them, which makes them authentic and relatable. Songs like Empire, Je Decolle (I take off), and Elle et Moi (Her & I) are examples of empowerment and self-confidence that are inspirational. Oser Aimer (Dare to Love) is a song that gives hope about finding love.
An example of a personal song is La Fin (The End), which refers to her separation from Fred St-Gelais (according to sources-including an interview on Radio-Canada). Exister is a song that Marie-Mai wrote most of the songs on her own. In some cases, she co-wrote songs with other artists, which is the case for the songs Elle et Moi and Un Pied Dans La Porte (A foot out the door). Koriass and Ingrid St-Pierre wrote Elle et Moi and Un Pied Dans La Porte, respectively.

The album Elle et Moi is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Nicola Ciccone- Le Long Chemin

Canadian singer Nicola Ciccone has released a new single Le Long Chemin (the long journey or the long road), which is a song for his album with the same coming out March 26, 2019. The story of the song is a romantic story of a couple building a life together. The song is written and composed by Nicola Ciccone.

The music is slow with a smooth composition. The dominant instruments are the guitar and the piano. The band members do a fantastic job at playing in harmony together, as well as with Nicola Ciccone’s voice. It is all in a synchronized rhythm. Nicola Ciccone’s singing is musical also. The sound of the song is relaxing and peaceful.
Ciccone’s voice is rich and soulful. There is incredible depth to his sound.

The lyrics are poetic, even if they don’t always rhyme. The words are structured and easy to follow. The type of French used in this song is a standard version, which is understood by many. However, it doesn’t take away the beauty of the words to this song. “Le Long Chemin,” which means a long road is a metaphor for a life full of joy and potential, in my opinion. Ciccone is well-known for quality lyrics.

The album Le Long Chemin will be out March 26, 2019.