First Album Fridays: Ida Mae -Chase Lights

British duo Ida Mae has released a new album entitled Chasing Lights. The overall themes of this album are love, heartbreak and contemplation. It feels like a musical journey to better understand the meaning of life.

The music genre is a mix of Singer/Songwriter and Folk. A part of this album has a 70s/80s feel that sounds like musical works of Queen and David Bowie. The songs that remind me of Queen’s Doing Alright would be Sweet Abandon Rightfully, Honestly. Boom Boom Boom sounds similar to another Queen classic Don’t Stop Me Know. The tune Reaching reminds me of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. Another song that reminds me of a David Bowie work is Higher Than The Light. The electric guitar heard in other parts of the album reminds of the Grunge music from the 90s such as Nirvana. The song My Girl Is A Heartbreak reminds me of Nirvana’s 90s hit Come As You Are. The parallels on this album are endless! It’a cool combination of old and new music. Impressive compositions!

Stephanie Jean and Chris Turpin’s voices compliment each other nicely. They both sound soothing and relaxing as if they were meditating. Stephanie Jean has a bright and rhythmic sound. Chris Turpin’s voice is deep and husky. The contrast in their vocal styles gives the album an exciting music flavour.

The lyrics are descriptive and full of imagery and metaphors. The first example of a metaphor is My Girl Is A Heartbreak. In this song, My Girl Is A Heartbreak is about how a person is more often in a relationship with heartbreak rather than being in love. Another example is the song Love is Still a Long Road, which represents how being in a relationship is a deep journey. It’s not a composite process. The album also has a contemplation component in which knowing oneself or getting to know one’s identity. This process is also a lengthy but fascinating journey. The words of each song have well-written and beautiful poetry. This record has a lot of heart and thought put into it.

The album Chasing Lights is now available.

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