Single Saturdays: Gizelle De Guzman – We Don’t Love Like That Anymore

Canadian singer Gizelle De Guzman has a new single out entitled We Don’t Love Like That Anymore. It’s about a kind of love that seems to be challenged by modern society, especially in the world of social media. Gizelle de Guzman and Aaron Langier wrote, performed and recorded the tune.

The music is a combination of a slow and fast beat in the pop and country mix. The guitar has a lovely presence in the song. One can honestly feel the sadness in tune. Aaron Langier mixed the music for this song.

Gizelle De Guzman’s voice is beautiful and filled with emotion. It’s so pure and sweet with a great rhythm. She follows the beat perfectly.

The lyrics describe a which that is familiar to many, which is pure love. It explains how in this day and age, love has lost its meaning. The story describes the story of a girl whose love was genuine, but it appears that something happened to end a beautiful relationship. That seems hard to maintain in a time of instant gratification, which dominates the world- particularly on social media, one can feel lonely and unhappy.


Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel Hard to Breathe

Jonny Zywiciel has released a new single entitled Hard to Breathe. The story is about a guy who’s genuinely in love and feels overwhelmed. This song is another example of Jonny Zywiciel pushing the envelope with his singing and music.

The music has an incredible composition and fast-paced rhythm. Jonny Zywiciel plays the guitar so well, as always. It’s a signature style for him. The music and his voice are in sync, and you can hear both without any overlap.
Jonny Zywiciel’s voice is more abundant than before. He experiments with the register of his voice throughout the song. His voice is sync with the music. He sings with a pitch sound at the end of the chorus, which reminds me of the late George Michael.

The lyrics are well-written and have a lovely simplicity to them. Jonny Zywiciel uses the poetic technique of repetition in this song to emphasize his feelings for his significant other. There’s a “stop effect” in the chorus that gives a nice touch to the song. The composition of the verses has the rhyming style of AABB.

I look forward to hearing more music from Jonny Zywiciel. His music is impressive and unforgettable.

Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel- It Gets Better

Jonny Zywiciel has released a new single entitled “It Gets Better” this week. The s It’s a song that can cheer you up when one is dealing with difficult times. There’s a sense of hope and optimism.

The music in this song is upbeat and unforgettable. The guitar has its presence in tune, which is part of Jonny Zywiciel’s style. The beat of the guitar has a consistent rhythm. His voice is in sync with the music. It’s a happy and catchy song!

The lyrics are positive, optimistic and cheerful. The subject of the song is overcoming life’s obstacles, and not to give up trying in doing so. Confidence is present in the song “It Gets Better,” along with hope and optimism. It’s a tune that has words of wisdom.

Jonny Zywiciel boldly experiments with his vocal chords in the most impressive manner. His voice goes deep in some parts of the song but then transition into a higher pitch smoothly and seamlessly. At the beginning of the song, Jonny Zywiciel goes low with his voice, which gives it an impressive touch.

His music gets better and better with time. I wish him a bright future for him.

Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel “Make You Shine”

Jonny Zywiciel’s latest single “Make You Shine” is a song that compliments the lovely Summer season. It’s romantic and sweet.

The tune is about a guy trying to cheer up his significant other, bringing up her confidence. He sounds deep in love and happy. He’s doing what he can to prove that his love is genuine and the person he loves is incredible.

The music is impressive as always. The presence of the guitar is a trademark for Jonny Zywiciel. I love the beat, which has a Summer feel to it. It’s also impressive how he experiments his voice. It blends into the background smoothly and seamlessly. He’s bold and creative. The song reminds me of another single of his entitled Back to Bliss, especially the chorus. However, the beat of Make You Shine is a bit slower than Back to Bliss. His music is incredible and continues to be impressive.

Check out his out latest single on various music streaming sites. Enjoy!

Bastian Baker’s Latest Single Five Fingers

Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Five Fingers. It has an interesting beat that I have not heard with Bastian’s music. It’s a love song that uses the five fingers as a metaphor of how true love is forever. Having five fingers is something permanent like true love.

There is a rock & roll feel to it that reminds of 70s rock music. It’s a catchy tune with amazing melodies. Bastian Baker is impressive as always. There’s a feeling of nostalgia, because Rock & Roll used to be seen as a musical genre that was gone in the 80s. The lyrics are simple, but have deep meaning. His voice is versatile. He sounds like a rock star in this song. His style of music is an interesting mix of genres. It is the case with Five Fingers, a mix of pop & rock, with some folk. It’s also a journey about a how a relationship can overcome any obstacles in its way. I love this song!

It gives me an impression of what to expect from the fourth album. I feel like he’s established as an artist. Bastian Baker has potential. 🙂

Throwback Thursdays: 40 years since Abdel Halim Hafez’s passing

Abdel Halim Hafez was a legend in the Classic Arabic music scene. He was also a fantastic actor. He was known for his roles in musical films such as Lahn El Wafa’ (The Music of Loyalty), Ayyamna al-Helwa (Our Beautiful Days), Banat El Yom (The Girls of Today), Share’ El Hob (The Street of Love).

The songs Abdel Halim sang in his movies combine classic Arabic music with Pop music. However when he performed in concerts, it was purely the Classical Arabic music. They always included an incredible group of the world’s best musicians. Abdel Halim Hafez’s concerts were spectacular from what I’ve read about him. His final song, which he performed before his passing was Qari’at Al Fingan (The coffee fortune-teller). The lyrics were from a poem written by the late Nizar Qabbani, a famous Syrian poet. Abdel Halim Hafez died so young, at the age of 47, from Bilharzia, a waterborne illness on March 30, 1977. He was the first Romantic singer in the world of Arabic music; he was a pioneer.Ahafez

He was the first Arab singer whose music interested me very much. It was after seeing the movie Share’ El Hob (The Street of Love) which co-starred the late singer Sabah. When I heard the songs he sang for this movie, I fell in love with his music immediately. His music interested me before any of the contemporary Arab artists. It’s always exciting for me to watch his films or videos of his concerts, because I get to hear the most incredible music in the history of Middle Eastern music. His films always including songs, which complemented the story of the movie very well.

He knew how to play a variety of instruments, including the following: oboe, drums, piano, oud, clarinet and guitar.

It’s hard to pick favourites, because there are so many incredible songs to choose from. They include Ahwak (Loving you), Ala Ad El Sho’ (As much as the longing), Betlomooni Leih (Why do you blame me), Gana El Hawa (The mood struck us), Sawwah (Wanderer), Tobah (repentance or never again)*

On a side note:
Abdel Halim Hafez’s real name is Abdel Halim Ali Shabana. In 1953, he was heard by Hafez Abdel Wahab, a supervisor of musical programming for and Egyptian national radio. He used ‘Hafez’ for his professional last name, as a way to honour Hafez Abdel Wahab, whose patronage helped Abdel Halim achieve success.

* Translation is based on my understanding of the song.

Maxime Malevé’s Latest Single Frontline- A Song That Stands Out!

Maxime Malevé has released another single entitled Frontline. It’s a song that I understood better after listening to it again and again. It’s another good song of his.

It talks about identity and accepting oneself. I can relate to this because I feel like I stand out in my family and in my way of thinking. I learned to accept myself as I am. This feeling of running around is more common than one realises, which is the case in Frontline. However, it’s a song of hope after accepting oneself. The music compliments the song very well. Maxime Malevé’s voice is rhythmic and smooth.

I look forward to hearing his album. Maxime Malevé has a future in music. I wish him success in his career as a singer/songwriter.

Michael Kiwanuka’s Album Love & Hate

Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Soul- Folk- Folk rock
Experience: 2011-present

Michael Kiwanuka has released a new album entitled Love & Hate. The music reminds me of Bob Marley’s music in the 70’s.  

The first song Cold Little Heart is mostly music and you don’t hear Kiwanuka singing much in it. It’s a long introduction to the album. The music has a smooth rhythm, however.  His songs tell stories of social issues such as racism. The song Black Man in a White World  is an important example of this taking place. It’s a song that gets you thinking about your place in the world. In this case it’s dominated by “white people”, from my interpretation of the song.  He refers a lot to the subject of heartbreak such as the song I’ll Never Love Somebody. This song is relatable and nicely written. The music overall has a slow rhythm. I would have a preferred songs that had a faster beat. As I mentioned before, his music reminds me of Bob Marley’s songs such as No Woman No Cry, and Get up, Stand Up.

The lyrics of Kiwanuka’s songs are deep and rich with meaning. They’re also thought- provoking, which gives us his perspective on the world of today.  The  Black Man in a White World reminds of Get up, Stand Up  in terms of the socio-political message it conveys. Father’s Child is song that touched me deeply. It sounds like his relationship with his father faced obstacles. My apologies if the meaning isn’t clear to me.

The song Love & Hate has an optimistic message of hope and courage. The determination is very present in this song. The song ends with a musical bit that’s interesting. Place I Belong is also an optimistic song. Rule The World deals with emotional issues within oneself, but also show the willingness to seek help from others.

Kiwanuka’s voice is smooth and beautiful. I see potential for this artist. It’s not my style, but I can see people enjoying and appreciating his music.

My fave songs are: Love & Hate, Place I Belong, and Black Man in White World.

Jonny Zywiciel “Time to Heal”-A Heartfelt Song

Jonny Zywiciel has released another incredible single! His latest single is called “Time to Heal”. This song is deep and well-written. It’s from the heart. Jonny Zywiciel wrote this song to honour those facing drug addiction or have gone to rehab and are on the road to recovery. This is a song that gives a sense of hope to listeners through a tough time in life. This is is the first single that is not a love song. There’s a feeling of comfort and reassurance no matter what life throws at us. It’s a journey of overcoming obstacles.  Time heals all wounds. It’s cliche but true. His songs always have a sense of hope and simplicity to them.  Addiction is a problem that needs be addressed. I think this song will definitely encourage those who need help, to seek it. It’s certainly thought-provoking. People facing addiction are humans too!

The music of the guitar is epic and very present. His use of this instrument is his trademark. The guitar compliments his voice; it doesn’t take away from it. His voice is smooth and versatile. Every single Jonny Zywiciel releases is incredible. Each song the beat is different and unique.  You feel the sense of passion in his voice. The song ends on a whisper, which gives the impression that he is reassuring the person that everything will be okay in the end.

Please download this song on iTunes; proceeds go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.