Single Saturdays: Olivier Dion – Kinda Love (French Version)

Canadian and Quebecois singer Olivier Dion has released a new single entitled Kinda Love. It’s a love story about a relationship that’s simple as well as beautiful.

The musical genre of this song is pop. The slow beat of the piano gives the tune a romantic feel to it. Plus there’s a nice “stop” effect that provides the song with an impressive touch. After the chorus, the beat of the music goes up in tempo, then back to slow, sleekly.

Olivier Dion’s voice is thick, smooth and rich. He knows how to reach the high note at the right moment. He sings in tune with the beat. When he sings “juste un regard me suffit” (Just one look is enough), he whispers. It’s impressive!

The lyrics are in French and English. The verses, Olivier Dion, sings in French, then the chorus in English. The switch from one language to another is flawless. There’s a use of symbols and repetition. The light (la lumière) is a representation of finding one’s way in life, especially a love of a significant other. The phrase “juste un regard me suffit,” is repeated for an effect of emphasis. The song Kinda Love is well-written.

Kinda Love (French Version) is now available. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Khaled Mounib – Aarfa Nafsaha

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib has released a new single entitled Aarfa Nafsaha (She knows herself). It’s a love song telling the story of a man who describes how his life improved since the presence of the woman he loves -like a before and after.

The music is Arabic Pop similar to the classic style of Tarab. Mimo composed the song. The main instrument heard in this tune is the piano along with the trombone. There’s a romantic feel to this song. The beat is slow and relaxing.

Khaled Mounib’s voice has improved, developing his distinct vocal style. It has gotten more vibrant. I can hear the inspiration of late his late Amer Mounib in his singing. He sings beautifully and romantically. Khaled Mounib knows how to stay in sync with the rhythm.

The lyrics are simple but have a deep meaning of love and romance. There’s a sense of appreciation to the subject of the song. A poetic technique used in this song is repetition, to emphasize the romantic feeling. There are two rhyme structures: AABB and ABBA. AABB is the primary rhyme structure, including the chorus. However, in the beginning, there’s the ABBA structure. There’s beauty in the simplicity of the words, as achieved in this song.

Aarfa Nafsaha is available in streaming sites. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Justine Blanchet – Strong

Canadian singer Justine Blanchet has released her debut single Strong. It’s a song about overcoming obstacles in life, especially when it feels impossible. The tune has a message of empowerment and determination.

The music has a mix of Country and Pop. The song starts with a catchy beat that compliments the lyrics nicely. The sound of the guitar is incredible and gives the song a nice touch to it. Emerson Drive guitarist Yann Bélanger produced the song. The composition has incredible structure- with smooth changes in musical tempo.

Justine Blanchet’s voice is strong but gentle reminding me of the vocal styles of Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Alanis Morrisette. Justine Blanchet sings with great rhythm and follows the music flawlessly.

Justine Blanchet co-wrote with Jennifer Rae Camche the words to this empowering song. The lyrics of Strong have words with symbolic meaning. The mountains, the storms and rain represent the challenges one faces in life, including doubts and fears. However, there are positive symbols. The ray of hope represents optimism and positivity. The sky is a symbol of a whirl of possibilities that life has to offer. Looking straight ahead represents the future and what it holds. When I listen to this song, I feel that the lyrics boost morale and confidence.

The single Strong is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – Lya

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Nancy Ajram has a new single entitled Lya – a song dedicated to her third daughter who was born February 2, 2019. It’s a mother’s emotional tribute to her daughter telling her how much she loves her dearly.

The music sounds like a lullaby, soft and sweet with a subtle presence of Pop music. Nabil Ajram composed the song. The love is present through the composition of the tune. It reminds of some of Nancy Ajram’s slow songs from her other albums such as Hobbak Leya ( Your love for me). The composition is incredible. Listening to it is soothing and calming.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is lovely as always. She sings the joy she feels for having had her daughter Lya. The emotion of love is genuine in this song.
When I heard this song, I’m listening to a mother singing to her daughter, telling her that she’s a blessing and loved by her family.

The lyrics have a flowy poetic structure to them. Mounir Bou Assaf beautifully wrote the song Lya. The words of this lovely tune truly convey a mother’s love for her daughter. It’s personal and genuine, especially the bit where she talks about her heart that’s divided into three parts, one for each of her three daughters – Lya being the latest addition to the family.

Nancy Ajram’s single Lya is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Ty Hannah – You and I

Ameican singer Ty Hannah has a new single entitled You & I. It’s a romantic song about a man proving the woman he loves that he sincerely cares about her. I heard that this tune could potentially be the song played at weddings. It would be a lovely choice for such a joyous occasion.

The music has a mix of soul and R&B that reminds of the music I listened to in the 90s- I thought of Boys II Men and All For One. The song “You & I” has a smooth rhythm that’s romantic and sweet. There’s a nice blend of the piano, the drums, and the guitar that add a beautiful touch to the song. It’s harmonious with an incredible melody.

Ty Hannah’s voice is soft, sweet and soulful. It’s also bold and graceful. He knows how to follow the musical beat. Ty Hannah’s voice is in tune with the rhythm of the song.

The lyrics of this song are genuine and beautiful. Ty Hannah wrote the tune, in which you can feel love and romance. The raw emotion that shines through. In this song, the guy tells the woman he loves that he’s understanding by allowing her to decide for herself, without pressure. The words describe what a healthy relationship should be. This song has a sense of hope that love is possible. One needs to have faith and not give up. He makes of the classic poetic technique of repetition to emphasize the love he feels. For example in the chorus, he sings You & I then a sentence more than once.

The song “You & I” is available everywhere. Enjoy!

Jonny Zye’s Second Album Back To Bliss

American Pop singer Jonny Zye has released his second album entitled Back to Bliss. There are two themes on this record: love and heartbreak. It’s about having faith that everything will work out, even in difficult times.

The music is a lovely combination of pop and soul. Jonny Zye primarily plays the guitar, in the album. The rhythm in a lot of the songs is a mix of slow and fast. The quality of the sound is incredible. There’s a summer feel to the album, especially since having quite a few of Jonny Zye’s singles in the Summertime. The Californian vibe has its presence in this record. It gives the inspiration to someday travel to California.

Jonny Zye’s voice, as mentioned before is in sync with the music. His voice has soul and emotion with a bold style to it, making it distinct and unique. Jonny Zye has the confidence to take his voice to the next level. He has gained experience, and it shows in this album. He sounds like a singer who’s been performing for many many years. He continues to impress me.

The lyrics have a simplicity to them, but their meaning is clear. Jonny Zye makes use of symbols and metaphors to describe the feeling of love or heartbreak, depending on the song. He uses repetition, at times, as a way to emphasize the emotion. It sounds like modern poetry. It’s always a joy to hear Jonny Zye’s fantastic music and lyrics.

Jonny Zye’s second album is now available. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Dua Lipa – Swan Song

British Pop singer Dua Lipa has released a new single for the movie Alita Battle Angel, entitled Swan Song. The tune tells the story of a young girl who’s learning about herself while fighting for justice. It compliments the film well because the protagonist is someone who can’t remember who she is and has to prepare for battle against machines.

The music is primarily pop but has some touches of a beat that sounds like techno. At the beginning of the song, the music sounds like a score from a film. There’s a special effect in the rhythm of the tune, which creates a sense of suspense. The sound reminds me of the music dancers of contemporary dance use.

Dua Lipa’s voice is soft, and then it goes higher when she sings the pre-chorus and chorus. Her voice reminds me of Rihanna. There’s depth to Dua Lipa’s sound that is unique.

The lyrics of Swan Song have symbolism in them. Sources say that the words represent how not to give up in a time of adversity. Despite the sense of fear, there’s a glimmer of hope. In the chorus, it says “This is not a Swan Song”, which means that there’s a long way to go in the battle of life or this case against the machines (referring to the movie’s story), also according to Sources. In other words, it’s time to take action and not stay indifferent to the challenges the world may face.

Swan Song is now available everywhere. It’s a song of empowerment that I recommend. Enjoy!

The Backstreet Boys’ Latest Album DNA

Backstreet Boys have released a new album entitled DNA. It’s an album that is a dynamic of musical styles. Their music has evolved since 25 years. This record is an example of a willingness to experiment with their music. There are three themes in this fantastic album: love, friendship and family life.

The music is primarily pop, but in some songs combined with dance and techno music. It’s contemporary while reminding of their sound from the 90s. The beat is catchy just like their previous. I felt nostalgic when I listened to this album. The music is just as incredible as when they started in 1993.
The voices of the Backstreet Boys compliment each other. Their sounds are mature and have a depth to them. Impressive!

The lyrics have a personal feel to them with a rhythmic structure. The Backstreet Boys have evolved musically and personally. It shows in their songs. The words of the tunes describe genuine emotions with poetic techniques such as metaphors, similes, and personification.

My favourite songs are Breath, Nobody Else, No Place, and Chances. The album DNA is now available. Enjoy!



Ingrid St-Pierre – Petite Plage

Canadian Singer Ingrid St-Pierre has released a new album entitled Petite Plage (A Little Beach). The overall feeling of this record is whimsical like a fairytale. There’s also a touch of personal experiences in this album.

The music in this album is soothing and relaxing. It even reminds me of the meditation albums, similar to the sounds from the works of Dan Gibson’s solitude. Ingrid St-Pierre composed her songs. When I listen to this record, I feel like I’m at a spa retreat or home, meditating. It sounds the Amazon rainforest at times, especially those of waterfalls. The main instruments heard in this album are the piano and the ukelele. he song Sac Banane featuring Heartstreets has incredible rap music that blends well with the soft sounds.

Ingrid St-Pierre’s voice is soft, almost like she’s whispering, even child-like. It’s sweet and comforting. It sounds rhythmic and flows naturally. She plays with the register of her voice, which can go low or high pitch.

The lyrics of the songs are poetic and romantic. The tunes of this album feel like fantasies or fairytales. The text is descriptive and detailed. It gives something for the imagination. Ingrid St-Pierre makes use of metaphors, repetition and other techniques to provide the songs with a “whimsical” effect.

My favourite songs on this album are À La Mer, Les Joalliers, and La Lumineuse (Une Lettre à Mon Fils).

Soundtrack Saturdays: Race Time Movie

The movie Race Time is out in theatres, and the soundtrack is now available. The movie is about Frankie-Four-Eyes and his friends that compete against newcomer Zac. The songs focus on the themes of friendship and hope.

The music of this soundtrack is similar to one for the original version in French, just as fantastic. This record is upbeat overall, and it sounds incredible. There’s even an 80s feel to it, especially with Cindy Lauper’s song Together. It’s a mix of different genres including pop, rock, and country,

The artists’ voices are amazing. Cyndi Lauper, Robby Johnson, Lara Fabian, Simple Plan, and more perform spectacularly in this record. Their musical styles in this soundtrack blend together nicely.

There are some that are both the French and English Versions of the movie soundtrack: Bigger by Simple Plan, What If by Lara Fabian and Beautiful Day by The Cool Kids.

My favourite songs are Better Day by Robby Johnson, Bigger by Simple Plan, Together by Cyndi Lauper, and Beautiful Day by the Cool Kids.