Single Saturdays: Olivier Dion – Kinda Love (French Version)

Canadian and Quebecois singer Olivier Dion has released a new single entitled Kinda Love. It’s a love story about a relationship that’s simple as well as beautiful.

The musical genre of this song is pop. The slow beat of the piano gives the tune a romantic feel to it. Plus there’s a nice “stop” effect that provides the song with an impressive touch. After the chorus, the beat of the music goes up in tempo, then back to slow, sleekly.

Olivier Dion’s voice is thick, smooth and rich. He knows how to reach the high note at the right moment. He sings in tune with the beat. When he sings “juste un regard me suffit” (Just one look is enough), he whispers. It’s impressive!

The lyrics are in French and English. The verses, Olivier Dion, sings in French, then the chorus in English. The switch from one language to another is flawless. There’s a use of symbols and repetition. The light (la lumière) is a representation of finding one’s way in life, especially a love of a significant other. The phrase “juste un regard me suffit,” is repeated for an effect of emphasis. The song Kinda Love is well-written.

Kinda Love (French Version) is now available. Enjoy!


Ingrid St-Pierre – Petite Plage

Canadian Singer Ingrid St-Pierre has released a new album entitled Petite Plage (A Little Beach). The overall feeling of this record is whimsical like a fairytale. There’s also a touch of personal experiences in this album.

The music in this album is soothing and relaxing. It even reminds me of the meditation albums, similar to the sounds from the works of Dan Gibson’s solitude. Ingrid St-Pierre composed her songs. When I listen to this record, I feel like I’m at a spa retreat or home, meditating. It sounds the Amazon rainforest at times, especially those of waterfalls. The main instruments heard in this album are the piano and the ukelele. he song Sac Banane featuring Heartstreets has incredible rap music that blends well with the soft sounds.

Ingrid St-Pierre’s voice is soft, almost like she’s whispering, even child-like. It’s sweet and comforting. It sounds rhythmic and flows naturally. She plays with the register of her voice, which can go low or high pitch.

The lyrics of the songs are poetic and romantic. The tunes of this album feel like fantasies or fairytales. The text is descriptive and detailed. It gives something for the imagination. Ingrid St-Pierre makes use of metaphors, repetition and other techniques to provide the songs with a “whimsical” effect.

My favourite songs on this album are À La Mer, Les Joalliers, and La Lumineuse (Une Lettre à Mon Fils).

Musical Discovery 2018: Jean-Michel Blais – 2 Incredible Albums!

2018 was an interesting year for music. I discovered from different countries and different musical genres.  The artist whose music captured my attention was Jean-Michel Blais.

The music for the two albums is soothing and relaxing. The composition of the two albums has excellent rhythm. The records Dans Ma Main & Eviction Sessions have songs with a sound that reminds me of the Amazon forest. The piano heard in the songs sounds beautiful. It’s like listening to a symphony, just like attending an orchestra or a musical performance at Place Des Arts.


Marie-Mai’s Latest Record “Elle et Moi”- A Dynamic Album!

French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai has released a new album entitled ‘Elle et Moi” (Her & I). This record feels like the most personal album for Marie-Mai. You can feel the raw emotions, which makes this album authentic.

The music is a mix of different genres: pop, electric and techno. The composition of the songs is impressive. Marie-Mai composed most of the songs along with Oliver Som and others. It’s a dynamic album with a complex, but structured composition. The tempo of the songs is a mix of slow and fast.
Marie-Mai’s voice is stronger than ever. One can hear the confidence in her voice when she sings, as well as raw emotion and strength. She performs in sync with the music.

The lyrics have a personal touch to them, which makes them authentic and relatable. Songs like Empire, Je Decolle (I take off), and Elle et Moi (Her & I) are examples of empowerment and self-confidence that are inspirational. Oser Aimer (Dare to Love) is a song that gives hope about finding love.
An example of a personal song is La Fin (The End), which refers to her separation from Fred St-Gelais (according to sources-including an interview on Radio-Canada). Exister is a song that Marie-Mai wrote most of the songs on her own. In some cases, she co-wrote songs with other artists, which is the case for the songs Elle et Moi and Un Pied Dans La Porte (A foot out the door). Koriass and Ingrid St-Pierre wrote Elle et Moi and Un Pied Dans La Porte, respectively.

The album Elle et Moi is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Corneille -Tout Le Monde

Rwandan-Canadian singer Corneille has released a new single entitled Tout Le Monde (Everyone). It’s about identity and figuring out where one stands in society, to my interpretation. There’s also a sense of togetherness and solidarity.

The music has a rhythm that reminds me of African musical instruments, in the beginning. Overall, it’s a mix of R&B with a hint of Pop. The composition of this song is one that is unforgettable.
Corneille’s voice is vibrant and harmonious. He sings with rhythm and style.

Jusqu’au Bout-Robby Johnson’s First French Album!

Canadian Country star Robby Johnson has released a new album entitled “Jusqu’au bout” (till the end). This record covers the themes of love, heartbreak, and life in general.
Robby Johnson is originally from the Beauce region of Quebec. Historically, Francophone singers produce albums in French then go into the English music market. In this case, it’s the opposite, because he was singing in Country songs in English, as he lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

The music is French Pop, with a hint of Country, in my opinion. The guitar in the background reminds of the Country genre, for which Robby Johnson is known. The composition of this album is well-structured and smooth. This record has the classic style of French pop.

The lyrics are well-written. Robby Johnson sounds incredible when he sings in French. He has some songs where he sings in both French and English such as Au Bout de Nos Doigts (Alone Tonight) and Ou Ton Bonheur Sera (Where your happiness will be). He has one song that he sings in English entitled As Long As I’m With You.

Robby Johnson’s voice is rich and harmonious. It’s in sync with the music and the rhythm of the songs. He sings marvellously both in French and in English.

It is an incredible and dynamic album!

Single Saturdays: Marie-Mai – Je Décolle

French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai has released a new single entitled Je Décolle (I’m starting). The story is about a woman who develops the courage overcome her fear and doubt she previously felt.

The music is a combination of the following genres: Pop and Dance. The beat of the song has an intensity that compliments the lyrics. The rhythm of the music has a stop and go effect during the chorus that’s incredible. The song ends with the sound of the violin fading into the background.

The lyrics are words of empowerment, which is an inspiration for a woman who seeks freedom and the courage to let go of her past. There’s a sense of strength and independence. These qualities shine through and prove to wrong those never to doubt a strong woman.

Marie-Mai’s voice has evolved over the years, especially since Star Académie. Her voice is richer in sound and stronger than ever. She always impresses me with every song she sings.
I look forward to her next album, coming this Fall.

Single Saturdays: Michaël-Donnons-Nous La Peine

French-Canadian singer Michaël has released a single entitled Donnons-Nous La Peine (Let’s Gives Us a Chance). The story is about a man whose relationship is going through difficult times, and he’s uncertain of what to do.

The music is slow and subtle. Marc Dupre composed the song, Donnons-Nous La Peine. It reminds me of the soothing sounds of meditation melodies that I listened to from time to time, especially a rainforest. Michaël’s music is similar to that of Marc Dupre and Nicola Ciccone.

Michaël’s voice is smooth and soft. His style of singing reminds of Marc Dupre. An example of a tune by Marc Dupre is “Song.” When Michaël sings the verses of the song, it touches like a spoken word. The chorus, however, his voice is louder, and with intensity and passion.

The lyrics have a rich vocabulary, notably in French songs. They describe the struggles of a relationship, but there is still a sense of hope. There’s use of metaphors and similes. For example, he tells his significant other, if she stays, he gets out of his desert (first verse). Another example is how without his lover, it feels like war but reuniting with her is like a peace treaty. The description of these metaphors and similes is incredible.

Donnons-Nous La Peine is a marvellous poetic song by Michaël.

Single Saturdays: L’Isle & D R M S “La Vague”

Canadian singer L’isle has released a new single “La Vague” (The Wave) in a duet with DRMS. L’isle is the new artist name for Ariane Brunet. “La Vague” is a metaphor to describe the intensity of love.

The story is about a couple overcoming the obstacles that they face in their relationship. Sometimes, the barriers are within us, which is the case in the second verse. True love can handle anything that comes its way.
The chorus consists of a sentence repeated four times, which gives it an interesting poetic effect. The ocean is significant because it’s vast, just like the endless amount of possibilities.

The music has a well-done dance beat, and one can hear it anywhere, anytime. That is rare for me to say. It can work for DJs also. L’isle’s voice is soft and consistent. Her singing has rap-like rhythm or even sounds like people who recite poems at a club. The musical style of this song is a step in a different direction from L’isle’s previous material. I look forward to hearing more of this new beat in the future.

Single Saturdays: Wilfred Le Bouthillier “J’attendrai”

Wilfred Le Bouthillier has released a new single entitled “J’attendrai” (I will wait for you). It’s his first single for his album coming out this Fall. It’s a poetic song about a man waiting for his love to come home.

Wilfred Le Bouthillier uses figurative language to describe how he feels. He compares love to a burning feeling inside. His soul and skin are on fire, figuratively. He explains how he’d like for the flame of desire to continue burning. He also uses metaphors such as a reference to being the wind that will be a guide for his significant other in their journey. The lyrics have a lovely and smooth rhythm. The same thing applies to the music. Love is a journey, which is a theme in this song.

The music reminds me of his 2013 album entitled “Je Poursuis Ma Route” ( I follow the road). It’s a mix of folk & pop. The guitar/banjo in the background compliments the song nicely. One can hear this tune that can while on a road trip. His voice is in sync with the music.

Wilfred Le Bouthillier’s voice is harmonious and smooth. Incredible as always!