Single Saturdays: Emma King – Tomorrow is a Better Day

A Campaign Song for Children with Cancer UK

British Pop star Emma King has a re-release of a single Tomorrow is a Better Day. She re-released the song to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK Charity . The message behind it is never to lose hope, even during tough times. There’s also a sense of solidarity.

The music is a mix of slow, with some fast beats and a smooth rhythm. Pop music in this single is cheerful and hopeful. The composition is magnificent. Emma King’s voice is gentle and beautiful. She sings with incredible kindness, optimism and hope.

The lyrics boost morale, and there’s a sense of hope, determination and faith. The Rhyme structure is AABB. The words are simple but well-written. “Tomorrow is a Better Day” is a perfect song for the Children with Cancer UK Charity because of the fantastic message behind this song.

I want to talk about this incredible campaign taking place in the UK for Children with Cancer UK. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity when you buy the single Tomorrow is a Better Day by Emma King.


Emma Bunton’s Latest Album My Happy Place

Her First Album Since 2006

British Pop Star and Spice Girls member, Emma Bunton has released a new solo album entitled My Happy Place. It features hits like Baby Please Don’t Stop and Too Many Teardrops. The overall themes are Love, Life and pay homage to classic hits from the 70s to the 90s.

The music in this album is similar to classic Brit Pop incl, especially Spice Girls. There are two original songs for Emma Bunton, and the rest is covers of popular hits. There are two covers with which she has her musical take on the original tunes. The two songs are Don’t Call Me Baby, and I Only Want to Be with You. In both cases, the music has a slow beat. It changes the mood of the songs. The original version of Don’t Call Me Baby (performed by Anastasia) has a faster rhythm that is suitable for dancing. Emma Bunton sings it differently in that she emphasizes the lyrics expressing confidence and assertiveness. I Only Want to Be with You has a romantic beat that’s ideal for slow dancing. The songs for which the beat parallels to the original versions are Emotions (Bee Gees), 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls) , Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison), I Wish I Could Have Love You More (Candie Payne), You’re All I Need to Get By (Ashford & Simpson) and Come Away With Me (Norah Jones). While there are parallels, Emma Bunton incorporates her musical style in these songs.

There are two original songs Baby Please Don’t Stop, and Too Many Teardrops have a similar musical composition that reminds me of the classic hits by the Spice Girls. “Baby Please Don’t Stop” has a rhythm that’s similar to the Spices Girls hits Say You’ll Be There and If You Can’t Dance. “Too Many Teardrops” is similar to Spice Girls’ Who Do You Think You Are and Viva Forever from the 90s/2000s. However, this tune has a slightly faster beat than Viva Forever, but slower than the song Who Do You Think You Are.

Emma Bunton’s voice is beautiful, soft and has a slightly high-pitch voice, without being intense. She captures the mood of each song perfectly. Her voice sounds just as incredible as when she started with the Spice Girls in the late 90s.

The lyrics of Emma Bunton’s tunes Baby Please Don’t Stop, and Too Many Teardrops have an incredible poetic structure. “Baby Please Don’t Stop” is romantic and sweet, even cute. The song Too Many Teardrops is about heartbreak, but with a happy ending because it’s about moving on from a relationship that didn’t work out. Although Emma Bunton hadn’t written the songs she covered, there’s a personal twist where she talks to her children or they talk to their parents in the beginning. There are two examples where this happens: You’re All I Need to Get By and Here Comes the Sun. The way Emma Bunton sings the songs, it is as though they were hers, which is quite impressive.

The album My Happy Place is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Westlife – Better Man

Irish Boy Band Westlife has released a new single entitled A Better Man. It’s a story about a man who lost the love of his life by looking back at what happened.

The music has a slow beat that reflects the sad mood of the song. The structure of the composition has incredible rhythm and tempo. At times, the members’ voices become musical notes, which is quite impressive. The beat of the song reminds me of a hit from the 90s entitled Swear It Again, especially with the piano in the background.

The voices of each member compliment each other nicely. Shane Filan starts singing the song with a slightly high register. Then there’s a smooth transition to Kian Egan’s deep and low voice that segues to the chorus of the song. Markus Feehily has a lovely of a high and low vocal style. Nicky Byrne, like Kian Egan, has a deep voice, when he sings as he leads to the chorus,

The lyrics have a poetic structure similar to ABBA mixed with freestyle.
The words are simple and straightforward. There’s no need for any metaphor or similes. The emotions of heartbreaks and confusion are apparent in the song. A relationship can end suddenly, even when things seemed to be going well, which can be a surprise to the person on the receiving end of a breakup. However, the song ends on a self-reflecting note. A situation like a lesson learned to improve oneself, hence the title A Better Man.

The song Better Man is now available.
Westlife’s next album Spectrum will be available September 6, 2019.

Nicola Ciccone – Le Long Chemin An Album Full of Life & Love

Canadian singer Nicola Ciccone has a new album out that’s entitled Le Long Chemin (The Long Trail or in this case The Long Journey). The themes covered in this record are love, heartbreak/heartache, and everyday life.

The music is French pop. The songs on the album have a fantastic rhythm to them. Some of them remind me of Nicola Ciccone’s previous hits. Here are some examples: La Plus Grande Chose Qu’On Dit A Une Femme (The Most Significant Thing We Can Say To a Woman) sounds similar Tu M’aimes Quand Meme (You Love Me Anyway), with a slightly faster tempo for the music as well asLa Beauté des Petites Choses Et Autres Gestes Anodins (The Beauty of Little Things and Simple Gestures) . Difficile L’amour (Love is Difficult) reminds of the song Arriver Jusqu’a Toi (Getting to You). Love Is Like a Loaded Gun a beat paralleled to Little Girl. Superman Est Une Femme (Superman is a Woman) sounds like Je T’aime Tout Court (I Love You- No Matter What). Lastly, Courage reminds me of the song Comme Au Tout Premier Jour (Just Like the First Day).* Elle (her) makes me think of the song Sourire (Smile). Nicola Ciconne’s composition of these tunes is impressive. While at times, it sounds similar to his previous works, there is a fresh vibe to them. Listening to this album makes me want to go on a road trip. The change of rhythm from slow to fast or vice-versa is smooth between songs.

Nicola Ciccone’s voice sounds husky and soothing. When he sings, it’s with comfort and reassurance.

The lyrics have a personal touch to them, as described in an interview on Salut Bonjour March 22, 2019. Nicola Ciccone talked about the origin of some of his songs, which makes one appreciate them even more. Nicola Ciccone uses symbolism, similes, and metaphors to favour the imagination. Superman Est Une Femme (Superman is a Woman) shows the strength and determination of women develop after hard times. The words of each song are genuine and authentic. The simile of Love is Like a Loaded Gun demonstrates how intense the emotion of love can be, which is something many of us forget or don’t realize. It’s incredible freestyle poetry that is romantic, hopeful and emotional with a smooth and rhythmic flow. The lyrical structure of La Plus Grande Chose Qu’On Dit A Une Femme (The Most Significant Thing We Can Say To a Woman) has some similarities to an incredible hit La Beauté des Petites Choses Et Autres Gestes Anodins (The Beauty of Little Things and Simple Gestures). The lyrics of these songs are structured and well written.

The album Le Long Chemin is now available. Enjoy!

*The parallel of the comments for the songs have my interpretation; same for the translation


Single Saturdays: Alexe Gaudreault – Secret

French Canadian Alexe has a new single entitled Secret. It’s about a girl whose ex constantly lies to women he dates. She remembers his lies and hears about the same thing happening again with another woman.

The music is Pop with a catchy sound, similar to the classic style of French Music, especially Quebec Pop Music. It reminds me of two songs by Marie-Mai entitled Empire and Je Decole, with a slightly faster beat. The tempo of the sound is fantastic and smooth. It reflects the mood of the song perfectly.

Alexe’s voice is soft and low but with an attitude. She sounds like she dares to move on from a failed relationship, as well as points out to the ex that any women will figure out his lies.

The lyrics talk about a guy who continually cheats in his relationships, but one girl is clever and courageous to point it out to him. The metaphor of “reflet” (reflection) represents the reality that a mirror doesn’t hide. The symbol of the image is significant because she talks about not everything you see is what it seems. There’s a poetic flow to it. Alexe, Charles Guay, and Ryan Stewart wrote the lyrics with a freestyle way that gives this song essence.

The song Secret by Alexe is now available. Enjoy!


First-Album Fridays: Ana Stasia – Best Life EP

Canadian singer Ana Stasia released her EP Best Life, last August. The themes of the EP are Women’s empowerment, courage as well as life’s ups and downs.

The music of each song reflects the mood or feeling. It’s an impressive mix of Pop and R&B. The same thing applies to the beats- they give a special effect to the song. The tunes Shade and Hotel Key are examples of how they have a “stop” effect, which emphasizes the emotion felt, which is anger and heartache. The other songs have a happier tone, and there are no harsh stops. They have a smooth and rhythmic flow. The song Best Life is an example of how the music sounds happy and optimistic.

Ana Stasia’s voice is passionate and soulful. She is in tune with the rhythm. You can hear how she feels by the intensity of her sound. It’s clear- she’s determined and confident or upset and takes no nonsense.

The lyrics of three out of the fives songs describe a sense of hope and confidence. The EP starts and ends on a positive note. The exceptions, however, are Shade and Hotel Key. Shade is about women who fight off unwanted attention from men who harass them. In a recent interview on Breakfast Television Montreal, Ana Stasia said the stories of the “Me Too” movement inspired her to do this song. Hotel Key describes in detail about a woman who finds a hotel key and questions her partner. We hear a male voice telling his side of the story. There’s a dialogue between the two, which is different from other songs that talk about cheating in a relationship. The tune Best Life describes a woman with self-confidence living a life that makes her happy. The words in each song are intricate with deep meaning

My favourite songs are Hotel Key, Shade and Best Life.
The EP Best Life by Ana Stasia is available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Olivier Dion – Kinda Love (French Version)

Canadian and Quebecois singer Olivier Dion has released a new single entitled Kinda Love. It’s a love story about a relationship that’s simple as well as beautiful.

The musical genre of this song is pop. The slow beat of the piano gives the tune a romantic feel to it. Plus there’s a nice “stop” effect that provides the song with an impressive touch. After the chorus, the beat of the music goes up in tempo, then back to slow, sleekly.

Olivier Dion’s voice is thick, smooth and rich. He knows how to reach the high note at the right moment. He sings in tune with the beat. When he sings “juste un regard me suffit” (Just one look is enough), he whispers. It’s impressive!

The lyrics are in French and English. The verses, Olivier Dion, sings in French, then the chorus in English. The switch from one language to another is flawless. There’s a use of symbols and repetition. The light (la lumière) is a representation of finding one’s way in life, especially a love of a significant other. The phrase “juste un regard me suffit,” is repeated for an effect of emphasis. The song Kinda Love is well-written.

Kinda Love (French Version) is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – Lya

close up of pink baby booties
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Nancy Ajram has a new single entitled Lya – a song dedicated to her third daughter who was born February 2, 2019. It’s a mother’s emotional tribute to her daughter telling her how much she loves her dearly.

The music sounds like a lullaby, soft and sweet with a subtle presence of Pop music. Nabil Ajram composed the song. The love is present through the composition of the tune. It reminds of some of Nancy Ajram’s slow songs from her other albums such as Hobbak Leya ( Your love for me). The composition is incredible. Listening to it is soothing and calming.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is lovely as always. She sings the joy she feels for having had her daughter Lya. The emotion of love is genuine in this song.
When I heard this song, I’m listening to a mother singing to her daughter, telling her that she’s a blessing and loved by her family.

The lyrics have a flowy poetic structure to them. Mounir Bou Assaf beautifully wrote the song Lya. The words of this lovely tune truly convey a mother’s love for her daughter. It’s personal and genuine, especially the bit where she talks about her heart that’s divided into three parts, one for each of her three daughters – Lya being the latest addition to the family.

Nancy Ajram’s single Lya is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Ty Hannah – You and I

Ameican singer Ty Hannah has a new single entitled You & I. It’s a romantic song about a man proving the woman he loves that he sincerely cares about her. I heard that this tune could potentially be the song played at weddings. It would be a lovely choice for such a joyous occasion.

The music has a mix of soul and R&B that reminds of the music I listened to in the 90s- I thought of Boys II Men and All For One. The song “You & I” has a smooth rhythm that’s romantic and sweet. There’s a nice blend of the piano, the drums, and the guitar that add a beautiful touch to the song. It’s harmonious with an incredible melody.

Ty Hannah’s voice is soft, sweet and soulful. It’s also bold and graceful. He knows how to follow the musical beat. Ty Hannah’s voice is in tune with the rhythm of the song.

The lyrics of this song are genuine and beautiful. Ty Hannah wrote the tune, in which you can feel love and romance. The raw emotion that shines through. In this song, the guy tells the woman he loves that he’s understanding by allowing her to decide for herself, without pressure. The words describe what a healthy relationship should be. This song has a sense of hope that love is possible. One needs to have faith and not give up. He makes of the classic poetic technique of repetition to emphasize the love he feels. For example in the chorus, he sings You & I then a sentence more than once.

The song “You & I” is available everywhere. Enjoy!