Single Saturdays: a1’s Latest Single Armour

The British boy band a1 has released a new single entitled Armour. It’s the first single with the founding member Paul Marazzi, who rejoined the group recently. The song is about a man who will go to great length to be there for his love.

The music has a slow & smooth rhythm, which reminds me of the songs “Like a Rose” & “Everytime, “regarding the musical style. The piano in the background gives the song a nice touch. The singing, like a choral, in the background compliments the beat of the piano very well.

These beautiful lyrics have a poetic feel to them. The armour of heart in this song is a metaphor for protecting the lover from heartache. It’s quite romantic. The lyrics have a natural flow to them, in sync with the music.

The members’ voices are incredible and compliment each other, quite nicely. Hearing Paul Marazzi singing again brings back memories to their early works.

I look forward to hearing more of their music in the future, especially with the comeback of Paul Marazzi.


Single Saturdays: Heartstreets – Piece By Piece (feat. L’Isle)

Canadian duo Hearstreets released a single entitled Piece By Piece featuring L’Isle (Ariane Brunet). The story of the song is about independence, confidence and following one’s heart. There’s a sense of hope and optimism.

The music has a calm and slow pace that is peaceful and relaxing. It reminds of the music from the Solitude albums by Dan Gibson. The beat sounds like an Amazon rainforest. It’s a mix of different musical genres: pop and rap.

The voices of the Heartstreets members: Emma Beko & Gab Godon and that of L’Isle are incredible. Their sounds compliment each very nicely. When L’Isle sings, her voice is soft, and she sounds like she’s whispering.

The lyrics have a natural flow to them. The meaning of the words is simple, which compliments the overall story of the song about confidence and independence. The tune is mostly in English, with some verses in French, done in a structured manner. The poetic techniques used in this song are repetition, metaphors, and simile. The chorus is an example of repeated the sentences Piece by Piece, and I follow my lead. “Don’t underestimate my fire” is a powerful metaphor that describes the confidence the girl has in herself. The phrase “Tes mots comme des flèches qui percent la peau” (Your words are like arrows that pierce through the skin) is an example of a simile.

Piece By Piece featuring L’Isle is an optimistic song that is inspiring. The music is soothing with a steady rhythm. I look forward to hearing more of their music.

My Silent Bravery’s Summer EP Willing to Try-Volume 1

My Silent Bravery released two EPs this Summer entitled Willing to Try Volumes 1 & 2. Willing to Try Volume 1 has an overall feel of Summer fun, nostalgia, and romance. The four songs of the album are Got It Going On, Hearts Breakdown, 18, and Girl You Think You Know.

The lyrics have quality and profound meaning to them. The stories are relatable and beautiful. The presence of the guitar is incredible!!

Got It Going On and 18 are happy and cheerful songs. Got It Going On is an optimistic tune that cheers you up. The story is about a guy who lives his life with confidence and happiness. I like the feeling of owning my life. The song 18 is my favourite song of the EP. It tells the story of a guy remembers what it was like to be 18. There’s a feeling of nostalgia to which many can relate. In this song, the references are from the 80s, such as Patrick Swayze.

Hearts Breakdown and Girl You Think Know are sad, but sweet songs. Hearts Breakdown tells the story of a guy who struggles with the relationships, which is relatable to many. In relationships, one can wear his or her heart on her sleeve. Love is an abstract emotion and makes us do crazy stuff. Logic is “thrown out” the window. Hearts Breakdown describes how hard and challenging relationships are, especially when there’s a risk of it ending. The song The Girl You Think You Know talks about a nice girl who faces challenges in her life, which isn’t common knowledge while putting on a brave face. It’s something that is relatable. We have one face that we allow people to see, and then we have the “real” face that we keep hidden.


Single Saturdays: Bastian Baker-Stay

Swiss popstar Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Stay. It’s a song about the challenges of relationships.

The music of “Stay” has a style of 70s music, mixed with beats of 90s techno music. Clapping of hands can be heard in the background. The composition of the song is fantastic.

Bastian Baker experiments with his vocals when he sings in a lower and deeper register when he sings the verses. In the chorus, however, he sings with a high-pitch voice that reminds of BeeGees’ Barry Gibb. There’s a softness to his voice, which gives an effect of whispering at times. The whistling in the background compliments the music nicely.

The lyrics are incredible! The poetry style in this song reminds of poetry reading or poetry slams, regarding how Bastian Baker sings the words, subtly combined with the music. Before the chorus, he repeats the words in the background, which is a stylistic detail that I find interesting.

Bastian Baker’s self-titled fourth album will be out in the U.S. October 26, 2018.

Single Saturdays: BRDGS-All My Friends

Canadian singer BRDGS has released a new single entitled All My Friends. It’s a song that tells the story of a guy who feels like he’s falling behind in life, in comparison to his friends. However, he seems to accept that later on in the song. I recently attended my 10-year High School Reunion, which had me thinking of this song. It was also a reminder of how my friends and I are at different stages in our lives, and it’s okay.

The style of the song reminds me of 90’s/early 2000’s Pop music, especially N’Sync and Backstreet Boys. There’s a nostalgic feel to it. The rhythm of the music has a beat-box style to it. Then, there’s a pause before the chorus, which is brief, but effective.
BRDGS’ voice is solid and distinct. His voice goes a bit high-pitch but in a smart manner. He sings along with the music with impeccable timing. His voice blends into the background in the beginning and before the last verse. It’s quite interesting.

The lyrics have a rhythm that flows naturally and effortlessly even. The words may rhyme in the traditional sense, but they do have similar effects in how they sound. It starts negatively, and then it ends on a hopeful. Enjoy life to the fullest! That is my interpretation of these lyrics.

Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel- It Gets Better

Jonny Zywiciel has released a new single entitled “It Gets Better” this week. The s It’s a song that can cheer you up when one is dealing with difficult times. There’s a sense of hope and optimism.

The music in this song is upbeat and unforgettable. The guitar has its presence in tune, which is part of Jonny Zywiciel’s style. The beat of the guitar has a consistent rhythm. His voice is in sync with the music. It’s a happy and catchy song!

The lyrics are positive, optimistic and cheerful. The subject of the song is overcoming life’s obstacles, and not to give up trying in doing so. Confidence is present in the song “It Gets Better,” along with hope and optimism. It’s a tune that has words of wisdom.

Jonny Zywiciel boldly experiments with his vocal chords in the most impressive manner. His voice goes deep in some parts of the song but then transition into a higher pitch smoothly and seamlessly. At the beginning of the song, Jonny Zywiciel goes low with his voice, which gives it an impressive touch.

His music gets better and better with time. I wish him a bright future for him.

Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel “Make You Shine”

Jonny Zywiciel’s latest single “Make You Shine” is a song that compliments the lovely Summer season. It’s romantic and sweet.

The tune is about a guy trying to cheer up his significant other, bringing up her confidence. He sounds deep in love and happy. He’s doing what he can to prove that his love is genuine and the person he loves is incredible.

The music is impressive as always. The presence of the guitar is a trademark for Jonny Zywiciel. I love the beat, which has a Summer feel to it. It’s also impressive how he experiments his voice. It blends into the background smoothly and seamlessly. He’s bold and creative. The song reminds me of another single of his entitled Back to Bliss, especially the chorus. However, the beat of Make You Shine is a bit slower than Back to Bliss. His music is incredible and continues to be impressive.

Check out his out latest single on various music streaming sites. Enjoy!

Florence K’s Estrellas- Nice Start to the Summer!

Florence K’s latest album “Estrellas” is an album with a Summer vibe. Throughout the album, she sings in Spanish, French and English, which gives an impressive variety to the record. I heard in an interview that Florence K collaborated with a Canadian singer of Cuban origin Alex Cuba, from Vancouver, B.C.

The music has a smooth rhythm with a distinct tempo. The Spanish songs make me want to dance the Salsa and inspire me to travel to South America someday. Florence K’s voice is soft in the slow songs and powerful in the faster tunes.

Since I don’t speak Spanish, I can’t fully understand some of the songs. However, with some words that sound similar to French or English. For example, Morena is a song that talks about heartbreak. The chorus is in English, which helped me understand the song better. The French version of Estrellas and Seguire gave me a better idea of what the songs meant.

My favourite songs are Des Etoiles ( French version of Estrellas), Je Rentre A La Maison ( French version of Seguire), Tu Busco Spanish, and Seguire in French & Spanish.










Single Saturdays: Ben Adams’ Latest Single I Can Make You Love Me.

British singer and Member of the group A1 Ben Adams has released a new single entitled I Can Make You Love Me.

The song talks about a break-up that the guy feels is unacceptable because he believes that he can save the relationship. He’s doing everything in his power to prove the woman he loves, that it’s not over.

The music has a smooth rhythm with the sound of the piano. It complements Ben Adams’ voice nicely. The tempo of the music is slow and consistent. Speaking of his voice, it’s impressive he experiments with higher notes, in comparison to his music with a1 in the early 2000s. The high notes that he hits reminds me of George Michael’s voice (i.e. Wake Me up before You Go-Go.) The verses, his voice is lower than when he sings the chorus.