Ingrid St-Pierre – Petite Plage

Canadian Singer Ingrid St-Pierre has released a new album entitled Petite Plage (A Little Beach). The overall feeling of this record is whimsical like a fairytale. There’s also a touch of personal experiences in this album.

The music in this album is soothing and relaxing. It even reminds me of the meditation albums, similar to the sounds from the works of Dan Gibson’s solitude. Ingrid St-Pierre composed her songs. When I listen to this record, I feel like I’m at a spa retreat or home, meditating. It sounds the Amazon rainforest at times, especially those of waterfalls. The main instruments heard in this album are the piano and the ukelele. he song Sac Banane featuring Heartstreets has incredible rap music that blends well with the soft sounds.

Ingrid St-Pierre’s voice is soft, almost like she’s whispering, even child-like. It’s sweet and comforting. It sounds rhythmic and flows naturally. She plays with the register of her voice, which can go low or high pitch.

The lyrics of the songs are poetic and romantic. The tunes of this album feel like fantasies or fairytales. The text is descriptive and detailed. It gives something for the imagination. Ingrid St-Pierre makes use of metaphors, repetition and other techniques to provide the songs with a “whimsical” effect.

My favourite songs on this album are À La Mer, Les Joalliers, and La Lumineuse (Une Lettre à Mon Fils).


Soundtrack Saturdays: Race Time Movie

The movie Race Time is out in theatres, and the soundtrack is now available. The movie is about Frankie-Four-Eyes and his friends that compete against newcomer Zac. The songs focus on the themes of friendship and hope.

The music of this soundtrack is similar to one for the original version in French, just as fantastic. This record is upbeat overall, and it sounds incredible. There’s even an 80s feel to it, especially with Cindy Lauper’s song Together. It’s a mix of different genres including pop, rock, and country,

The artists’ voices are amazing. Cyndi Lauper, Robby Johnson, Lara Fabian, Simple Plan, and more perform spectacularly in this record. Their musical styles in this soundtrack blend together nicely.

There are some that are both the French and English Versions of the movie soundtrack: Bigger by Simple Plan, What If by Lara Fabian and Beautiful Day by The Cool Kids.

My favourite songs are Better Day by Robby Johnson, Bigger by Simple Plan, Together by Cyndi Lauper, and Beautiful Day by the Cool Kids.



Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Holding Out Featuring Maurico

My Silent Bravery has released a new single entitled Holding Out featuring Rap singer Maurico. The song is about holding onto hope during difficult times.

The music is an exciting mix of alternative and Rap. The guitar is the main instrument that’s heard in the chorus. The sound reminds me of the classic Rap of the 1990s. The parts of alternative music are a trademark style of My Silent Bravery.

The voices of My Silent Bravery and Maurico compliment each other nicely. There’s a smooth transition of sounds. Maurico sings the verses of the song and My Silent Bravery sings the chorus.

The lyrics have a sense of hope despite the difficult times faced in the song. It has a structure with a continuous transition from Rap to Alternative. The poetic techniques of metaphors and repetition make the song intricate and impressive.

The song Holding Out featuring Maurico is available everywhere. Enjoy!

Alice Merton’s First Studio Album- Mint

German-Canadian-English singer Alice Merton has released her first studio album entitled Mint. The theme of the album is life experiences (both good and bad) such as relationships.

The music has a mix of pop and disco. Some of the songs sound similar to the tunes of Brit Pop (i.e. Queen and David Bowie) and 70s Disco (i.e. ABBA and The Bee Gees). The song I Don’t Hold A Grudge has a 70s/80s feel. The music for that tune reminds me of Queen’s classic hit Another One Bites the Dust. Her songs about break-ups such as Honeymoon Heartbreak and Trouble in Paradise remind me of songs by the Irish band The Cranberries. The main instruments in this album are guitar and piano.

Alice Merton’s voice is low and soft, with hints of raspy. Her sound reminds of the late Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of the Cranberries, the late Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani. The song No Roots is an example of Merton’s voice going deep that reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s vocal style. The register of her voice changes in her songs in a grand manner.

The lyrics are intricate and personal, which makes the album authentic and genuine. Some songs have metaphors and symbols that give them depth. The song No Roots is an example of an analogy. Alice Merton makes use of repetition in some of her tunes. The songs 2 Kids and Why So Serious are examples of how she repeats as a technique of emphasis.

Alice Meton’s album Mint is available now. It’s an incredible record full of emotion and depth. My favourites songs are No Roots, Lash Out, Learn To Live, and Speak Your Mind.

Christina Perri – Songs For Carmella: Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies

adorable baby blur chair

American singer Christina Perri has released a new album entitled Songs For Carmella: Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies. It’s a record that has covers of classic songs such as You’ve Got A Friend in Me and her original hit A Thousand Years. In the first half of the album, Christina Perri sings the songs. The second half consists of only music as a way for parents to sing to their little one(s).

The rhythm is smooth and sweet. It was cute hearing Carmella’s voice giggling in the background of the song Tonight You Belong To Me. The music sounds cozy and intimate- homey. It doesn’t feel like a studio-recorded album.

Christina Perri’s voice is soft and beautiful that it seems like she’s whispering. She gives the lullabies a personal touch, which makes it authentic. When she sings in this album, she sings as a mother would do for her little one(s). She performs in tune with the music.

Although I don’t have children yet, I can imagine myself listening to this record with my kids, especially the sing-a-longs. I recommend this album for parents looking for inspiration for baby songs.



Single Saturdays: Robby Johnson – Better Day

Robby Johnson has a new single entitled Better Day. It’s from the soundtrack for the movie Race Time (the English title for La Course Des Tuques). It’s a cover of Alex Nevsky’s single Pour Commencer (To Start). It’s about making the best of every day.

The music has a catchy beat that is cheerful and upbeat with a fantastic rhythm. The two genres of music are Pop and Country. Fred St-Gelais and Nelson Minville composed the tune. The composition is marvellous and intricate. It makes one want to get up and dance.
Robby Johnson’s voice has an incredible tempo to it and follows the beat of the song. He sings in tune with the music. His sound is impressive as always.

The lyrics are well-written and structured, similar to Alex Nevsky’s song Pour Commencer. Fred St-Gelais and Nelson Minville wrote the original version. However, unconfirmed if they also wrote the song Robby Johnson’s release. There are two poetic styles of compositions: ABBA and AABB. The words to Better Day are inspirational and hopeful. There’s a sense of optimism in this song. The crown represents attaining a goal or reaching one’s potential in life with determination and perseverance.

Better Day is available now. The soundtrack for Race Time will be released January 25, 2019.

My Silent Bravery – Willing To Try Acoustic Version

black electric guitar

The American Alternative/Pop band, My Silent Bravery, has released a new album, an acoustic version of the three EPs Willing To Try. The same themes from the three EPs are in this album: love, Summer, romance, memories, and heartbreak.

The music comes from the guitar in the background. It is just incredible as the studio albums that came out in 2018. The Rhythm is impeccable in the acoustic version of the songs from the Willing to Try records. It’s authentic and well-done.

Matthew Wade, the lead singer of My Silent Bravery, has a fantastic voice, especially when he sings acoustic. What’s lovely about acoustic performance is how you can tell when a singer’s voice is genuine. Also, the authenticity shows when an artist sings acoustic when they follow the beat of an instrument. That is the case with Matthew Wade. Impressive!

Here are links to some of my favourite songs from the album Willing to Try Acoustic. Enjoy the music!