Single Saturdays: Emma King – Tomorrow is a Better Day

A Campaign Song for Children with Cancer UK

British Pop star Emma King has a re-release of a single Tomorrow is a Better Day. She re-released the song to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK Charity . The message behind it is never to lose hope, even during tough times. There’s also a sense of solidarity.

The music is a mix of slow, with some fast beats and a smooth rhythm. Pop music in this single is cheerful and hopeful. The composition is magnificent. Emma King’s voice is gentle and beautiful. She sings with incredible kindness, optimism and hope.

The lyrics boost morale, and there’s a sense of hope, determination and faith. The Rhyme structure is AABB. The words are simple but well-written. “Tomorrow is a Better Day” is a perfect song for the Children with Cancer UK Charity because of the fantastic message behind this song.

I want to talk about this incredible campaign taking place in the UK for Children with Cancer UK. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity when you buy the single Tomorrow is a Better Day by Emma King.


Single Saturdays: Brad Paisley- My Miracle

Country singer Brad Paisley has released a new single entitled My Miracle. The song tells the story of a man who expresses gratitude to the woman he loves, by calling her a miracle.

The music is flowy and slow, with a well-done composition. It sounds romantic; it’s worthy of a slow dance. The guitar has an incredible presence in the background. The hymnology compliments Brad Paisley’s voice wonderfully. It reminds of the classic country music, especially the ballads from artists like Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean.

Brad Paisley’s voice is rich, deep and beautiful, as well as romantic and sweet. He follows the rhythm excellently. He sings from the heart, which gives authenticity.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. Brad Paisley’s single My Miracle has a descriptive text about his significant including specific details such as her height (5’5″). He references religion in a romantic context when he says whiskey to wine, instead of water to wine. He talks about the Gospel in his way. The title My Miracle is a personal metaphor in which meeting the love of his life profoundly changed him; some may say an epiphany. One’s perspective changes when we meet “the one.” It inspires me to believe that love can be everlasting and beautiful.

The single My Miracle is now available. Enjoy!

Emma Bunton’s Latest Album My Happy Place

Her First Album Since 2006

British Pop Star and Spice Girls member, Emma Bunton has released a new solo album entitled My Happy Place. It features hits like Baby Please Don’t Stop and Too Many Teardrops. The overall themes are Love, Life and pay homage to classic hits from the 70s to the 90s.

The music in this album is similar to classic Brit Pop incl, especially Spice Girls. There are two original songs for Emma Bunton, and the rest is covers of popular hits. There are two covers with which she has her musical take on the original tunes. The two songs are Don’t Call Me Baby, and I Only Want to Be with You. In both cases, the music has a slow beat. It changes the mood of the songs. The original version of Don’t Call Me Baby (performed by Anastasia) has a faster rhythm that is suitable for dancing. Emma Bunton sings it differently in that she emphasizes the lyrics expressing confidence and assertiveness. I Only Want to Be with You has a romantic beat that’s ideal for slow dancing. The songs for which the beat parallels to the original versions are Emotions (Bee Gees), 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls) , Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison), I Wish I Could Have Love You More (Candie Payne), You’re All I Need to Get By (Ashford & Simpson) and Come Away With Me (Norah Jones). While there are parallels, Emma Bunton incorporates her musical style in these songs.

There are two original songs Baby Please Don’t Stop, and Too Many Teardrops have a similar musical composition that reminds me of the classic hits by the Spice Girls. “Baby Please Don’t Stop” has a rhythm that’s similar to the Spices Girls hits Say You’ll Be There and If You Can’t Dance. “Too Many Teardrops” is similar to Spice Girls’ Who Do You Think You Are and Viva Forever from the 90s/2000s. However, this tune has a slightly faster beat than Viva Forever, but slower than the song Who Do You Think You Are.

Emma Bunton’s voice is beautiful, soft and has a slightly high-pitch voice, without being intense. She captures the mood of each song perfectly. Her voice sounds just as incredible as when she started with the Spice Girls in the late 90s.

The lyrics of Emma Bunton’s tunes Baby Please Don’t Stop, and Too Many Teardrops have an incredible poetic structure. “Baby Please Don’t Stop” is romantic and sweet, even cute. The song Too Many Teardrops is about heartbreak, but with a happy ending because it’s about moving on from a relationship that didn’t work out. Although Emma Bunton hadn’t written the songs she covered, there’s a personal twist where she talks to her children or they talk to their parents in the beginning. There are two examples where this happens: You’re All I Need to Get By and Here Comes the Sun. The way Emma Bunton sings the songs, it is as though they were hers, which is quite impressive.

The album My Happy Place is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Ma’darsh Al Nesyan

Egyptian singer Amr Diab has released a new single Ma’darsh Al Nesiyan (I Can’t Forget)*. It’s about a man who remembers a past relationship with nostalgia.

The music is similar to past Amr Diab songs such as Ya Omerna (Our Life), Amarain (Two Moons) and Nour Al-Ain (The Light of My Eyes). There’s a mix of instruments such as the lud, qanoon, and the guitar. Amr Moustafa an excellent job composing the song, that compliments the music to the lyrics.

Amr Diab’s voice is soft, sweet and romantic. He captures the emotions of nostalgia, love, sadness and even hope.

Turki Alshaikh wrote the song with a rhythmic and flowy structure. The overall feel of the song is bittersweet because of the subject matter, as previously mentioned. He describes the nostalgic emotion of remembering a past love with great detail. The rhyming composition is a freestyle version of AABB.

The song Ma’darsh Al Nesiyan is now available.

*Interpreted by the blogger

Single Saturdays: Ragheb Alama – Sodfi

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has released a new single entitled Sodfi (A Coincidence). It tells the story of a man who misses the woman he loves and reunites with her.

The music is similar to Ragheb Alama’s classic songs from the 80s and 90s such as Ya Rait (My wish or I wish), Noqdat Da’af (Weak point), and Alby Aseqha (My Heart Loves Her). It has a sweet and romantic beat. The musical style is a fantastic combination of old-fashion Arabic or Middle Eastern Music mixed with contemporary pop. Having heard his older songs and more recent works, it shows in the music the quality work.

Ragheb Alama’s voice is incredible and rhythmic. He follows the notes precisely. He sings with comfort and kindness, which is romantic.

The lyrics have a beautifully written structure to them. The rhyme arrangement is similar to ABBA with some freestyle. The subject of love is timeless, especially when two people reunite in love to give it a second chance. That isn’t common in love songs. It’s either about falling in love or heartbreak. Sources say that the song Sodfi is a sequel to a classic of Ragheb Alama entitled Asif Habibty (I’m sorry my love). It’s the technique of self-referencing. Drawing the parallel between these two songs was interesting.

The song Sodfi is now available.

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has released a new single entitled Sodfi (A Coincidence).

Single Saturdays: Westlife – Better Man

Irish Boy Band Westlife has released a new single entitled A Better Man. It’s a story about a man who lost the love of his life by looking back at what happened.

The music has a slow beat that reflects the sad mood of the song. The structure of the composition has incredible rhythm and tempo. At times, the members’ voices become musical notes, which is quite impressive. The beat of the song reminds me of a hit from the 90s entitled Swear It Again, especially with the piano in the background.

The voices of each member compliment each other nicely. Shane Filan starts singing the song with a slightly high register. Then there’s a smooth transition to Kian Egan’s deep and low voice that segues to the chorus of the song. Markus Feehily has a lovely of a high and low vocal style. Nicky Byrne, like Kian Egan, has a deep voice, when he sings as he leads to the chorus,

The lyrics have a poetic structure similar to ABBA mixed with freestyle.
The words are simple and straightforward. There’s no need for any metaphor or similes. The emotions of heartbreaks and confusion are apparent in the song. A relationship can end suddenly, even when things seemed to be going well, which can be a surprise to the person on the receiving end of a breakup. However, the song ends on a self-reflecting note. A situation like a lesson learned to improve oneself, hence the title A Better Man.

The song Better Man is now available.
Westlife’s next album Spectrum will be available September 6, 2019.

Sarahmée Irréversible A Dynamic Rap Album

Canadian and Québecoise singer Sarahmée has released a new album entitled Irréversible (Irreversible). The overall themes are social issues and personal growth.

The music has Rap music primarily, with some parts that remind me of Reggae. Many of her songs have a popular dance feel to it. I parallel many of her tunes to those of Belgian singer Stromae. Many songs start slow then increase in tempo as they continue. The change of beat is smooth and without any sudden stops. Peligrosa is an example of a slow rhythm.

Sarahmée’s voice is bold with an edgy attitude while other times, she has a soft sound. She plays the tonalities of her tone. She doesn’t limit herself; it’s an out of the box vocal style.

The lyrics of each have their unique meaning and personal feel to them. Sarahmée combines French with African languages, Spanish, and even Arabic. Each tune tells its own story. Some talk about social issues such as identity and current affairs. The song Le Cercle se rétrécit ( the circle is getting smaller) is about how the world is getting smaller while social problems such as inequality continue. Le Malin (The Mean One) is about friendships and betrayal. She describes how true friends are limited as well as how people we thought we could trust hurt us. The lyrics have an authenticity to them because they’re from the heart.

My favourite songs are Freedom, Alléjuia, Fuego (feat Souldia), and Peligrosa.

The album Irréversible is now available. Enjoy!

Singles Saturdays: Marcio Novelli -For Chelsea

Canadian singer Marcio Novelli has a new single out entitled For Chelsea. It’s a love song that is about a man telling the woman he loves that he will honour her. It’s a song that’s ideal for the wedding season.

The music is slow with a smooth rhythm. The sounds of the guitar and the piano is harmonious and complimentary. It reminds me of what I would here at a here because of the slow music. It’s romantic and sweet. Some parts of the song, have me thinking of Green Day’s music.

Marcio Novelli’s voice is beautiful and is sync with the music. His vocal is similar to Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. His voice doesn’t go too high or too low; it’s at an incredible in-between tempo.

The lyrics are rich romantic of description love. A man honours the woman he loves by telling that if she falls, he’ll catch her, for example. He makes impressive of use of poetic techniques. Marcio Novelli uses personification to descriptions his feelings. An example is “Your Eyes Say More Than Words Ever Could,” which is profound and significant. A second example is the following sentence “Your Smile Takes Away All of My Fears.” It shows that he feels safe and reassured by the presence of his significant other. Another poetic technique that Marcio Novellio uses is hyperbole. In the song, he mentions holding her heart in his hand. It has a significant meaning, which is that a relationship is fragile and delicate, like a heart. It also shows that he will pay attention to her feelings and wishes. The words of the song are full of romance and love.

The song For Chelsea is available everywhere. Enjoy!

Singles Saturdays: Nassif Zeytoun -Kermal Allah

Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun has released a new single entitled Kermal Allah (For The sake of God) *. It’s a song that’s about a man who reassures his significant other that he’s there for her.

The music starts slow then goes into an upbeat and catchy sound, which gives a sense of optimism. The dance beat of the song is a part of Classic Arabic Pop music. It reminds me of the music that I used to listen to in the early 2000s from artists such as Ragheb Alama, Amr Diab, and Moustafa Amar.

Nassif Zeytoun’s voice is smooth and silky. His vocal rhythm is natural and in sync with the music of the song. He sounds reassuring when he’s singing, because of the tone of his voice.

The words of the song are simple, yet romantic and lyrical. The poetic structure of the tune is AABB and at times, ABBA. There are a few but significant symbols. The first example is light, which represents hope and guidance. The second example is the button or switch, which exemplifies how anything can happen instantly. In this case, the guy says that in an instant he can improve the life of his significant other. The lyrics demonstrate that true love is possible and should be honoured and protected.

Kermal Allah is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Nassif Zeytoun – Ma Bzon

Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun has released his latest single Ma Bzon (It’s Unlikely), April 4, 2019. It’s about a man who lost the love of his life and is now with someone else. However, he encourages her to stay with her new partner.

The music is slow and heavy giving it an effect of heaviness and sadness. There are moments where there were brief pauses that reminds me that someone was breathing heavily. That’s how many of us feel after a breakup.
Salim Salameh composed this song with quality music and incredible rhythm. Omar Sabbagh did a fantastic job arranging the entire song together.

In Nassif Zeytoun’s voice goes high pitch then it goes low, almost whisper-like throughout the song. One can sense the sadness in his vocal rhythm. He captures the emotion perfectly.

In the lyrics, the words have a dark feel to them. However, there are parts of the song where it sounds noble when he tells the girl to stay with her new love, even if it hurts him. The rhyme structure is ABBA, except for the chorus. Amer Lawand wrote the lyrics of the tune Ma Bzon.