Heartstreets’ First Studio Album Why Makes Sense

Canadian duo Heastreets has released their first studio album “Why Makes Sense.” The overall themes of the record are about the journey through and embracing one’s identity.

The music of this album is a mix of R&B and Soul. It’s rich in melodies and has a great rhythm to the composition of the record. The sound of the album is soothing with a mix of a fast & slow beat. In some songs, the beat is upbeat and cheerful while other tunes have a contemplative sound to them. This album has three parts to it. The interludes are segues between the sections and give the album an exciting dynamic. The intervals remind me of Janet Jackson’s album Rhythm Nation 1814 in the way the album is structured. The music is remarkable.

Gab Godon and Emma Beko’s voices compliment each other nicely. Gab Godon has a sound that’s high pitch and soft. Emma Beko’s voice is deep and husky. It’s a nice contrast when they sing together. Each singer performs her part in a song without overlap. Gab Godon and Emma Beko sing in tune with the music. Impressive! The songs have music that reminds me of the 90s with hits like Waterfalls and No Scrubs by TLC, as well as Aaliyah First You Don’t Succeed.

The songs have incredible lyrics with raw emotion. The words describe personal experiences, making it genuine and authentic. They also have words that are thought-provoking. The structure of the songs is incredible and has a smooth flow.

The album “Why Makes Sense” is now available. Enjoy!




Single Saturdays: Heartstreets – 1 Double

Canadian duo Heartstreets has released a new single entitled 1 Double. It’s a song that talks about the doubt and anxiety people feel facing a problematic situation in everyday life. In this story, the character deals with it by drinking.

The music is fantastic in this song. It has a presence without being “in your face.” It’s a combination of R&B and Soul. Some parts sound like raindrops in an Amazon forest. It reminds me of poetry readings that take place in certain cafés. The rhythm is consistent and smooth.

The lyrics have a profound meaning. Talking about the issues of everyday life is a subject to which anyone can relate. There’s a sense of hope, however. The words have a poetic feel to them, regarding the structure and the content of the song.

This song contains some coarse language: Listener Discretion is advised.


Michael Kiwanuka’s Album Love & Hate

Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Soul- Folk- Folk rock
Experience: 2011-present

Michael Kiwanuka has released a new album entitled Love & Hate. The music reminds me of Bob Marley’s music in the 70’s.  

The first song Cold Little Heart is mostly music and you don’t hear Kiwanuka singing much in it. It’s a long introduction to the album. The music has a smooth rhythm, however.  His songs tell stories of social issues such as racism. The song Black Man in a White World  is an important example of this taking place. It’s a song that gets you thinking about your place in the world. In this case it’s dominated by “white people”, from my interpretation of the song.  He refers a lot to the subject of heartbreak such as the song I’ll Never Love Somebody. This song is relatable and nicely written. The music overall has a slow rhythm. I would have a preferred songs that had a faster beat. As I mentioned before, his music reminds me of Bob Marley’s songs such as No Woman No Cry, and Get up, Stand Up.

The lyrics of Kiwanuka’s songs are deep and rich with meaning. They’re also thought- provoking, which gives us his perspective on the world of today.  The  Black Man in a White World reminds of Get up, Stand Up  in terms of the socio-political message it conveys. Father’s Child is song that touched me deeply. It sounds like his relationship with his father faced obstacles. My apologies if the meaning isn’t clear to me.

The song Love & Hate has an optimistic message of hope and courage. The determination is very present in this song. The song ends with a musical bit that’s interesting. Place I Belong is also an optimistic song. Rule The World deals with emotional issues within oneself, but also show the willingness to seek help from others.

Kiwanuka’s voice is smooth and beautiful. I see potential for this artist. It’s not my style, but I can see people enjoying and appreciating his music.

My fave songs are: Love & Hate, Place I Belong, and Black Man in White World.