Single Saturdays: Khaled Mounib – Aarfa Nafsaha

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib has released a new single entitled Aarfa Nafsaha (She knows herself). It’s a love song telling the story of a man who describes how his life improved since the presence of the woman he loves -like a before and after.

The music is Arabic Pop similar to the classic style of Tarab. Mimo composed the song. The main instrument heard in this tune is the piano along with the trombone. There’s a romantic feel to this song. The beat is slow and relaxing.

Khaled Mounib’s voice has improved, developing his distinct vocal style. It has gotten more vibrant. I can hear the inspiration of late his late Amer Mounib in his singing. He sings beautifully and romantically. Khaled Mounib knows how to stay in sync with the rhythm.

The lyrics are simple but have a deep meaning of love and romance. There’s a sense of appreciation to the subject of the song. A poetic technique used in this song is repetition, to emphasize the romantic feeling. There are two rhyme structures: AABB and ABBA. AABB is the primary rhyme structure, including the chorus. However, in the beginning, there’s the ABBA structure. There’s beauty in the simplicity of the words, as achieved in this song.

Aarfa Nafsaha is available in streaming sites. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – Lya

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Nancy Ajram has a new single entitled Lya – a song dedicated to her third daughter who was born February 2, 2019. It’s a mother’s emotional tribute to her daughter telling her how much she loves her dearly.

The music sounds like a lullaby, soft and sweet with a subtle presence of Pop music. Nabil Ajram composed the song. The love is present through the composition of the tune. It reminds of some of Nancy Ajram’s slow songs from her other albums such as Hobbak Leya ( Your love for me). The composition is incredible. Listening to it is soothing and calming.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is lovely as always. She sings the joy she feels for having had her daughter Lya. The emotion of love is genuine in this song.
When I heard this song, I’m listening to a mother singing to her daughter, telling her that she’s a blessing and loved by her family.

The lyrics have a flowy poetic structure to them. Mounir Bou Assaf beautifully wrote the song Lya. The words of this lovely tune truly convey a mother’s love for her daughter. It’s personal and genuine, especially the bit where she talks about her heart that’s divided into three parts, one for each of her three daughters – Lya being the latest addition to the family.

Nancy Ajram’s single Lya is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Ragheb Alama – Redelli Kelmati

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has released a new single entitled Redelli Kelmati (Reply to my words)*. It’s a song about heartache following a separation.

The music sounds like some of Ragheb Alama’s older songs from the 80s and early 90s such as Assif Habibty (I’m Sorry My Love)* and Farq Kebeer (Major Difference)*. The song has a lovely composition.
Ragheb Alama’s voice is impressive. He is on key with the musical notes. His voice is soft and profound. He sings with grace and elegance.

The lyrics are touching and describe the heartache one feels when a relationship didn’t go well or is struggling. It’s poetically structured. One can hear the emotions in the words of this song.

The song Redelli Kelmati is available. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Khaled Mounib – Mafeesh Kalam Yet’al

Khaled Mounib has released a new single entitled Mafeesh Kalam Yet’al (There’s nothing more to say)*. The story of the song is about a man who’s dealing with a breakup that leaves him struggling to understand what happened. The song is written, composed and arranged by Khaled Mounib.

The music has an excellent composition. Hearing the piano in the background gives the song a beautiful touch. It reminds me of Amer Mounib’s song Keda (Like this)*, which starts with the music of a piano. The flow of the rhythm is smooth and consistent — impressive work by the artist.
Khaled Mounib experiments with his voice regarding the tone of voice. In the beginning, he sounds like his late uncle, Amer Mounib, with a style of his own. Khaled Mounib’s sound is in sync with the music. He sings beautifully in this song.

The lyrics are well-written and straightforward. Khaled Mounib uses the poetic technique of repetition. It’s a way to emphasize the heartbreak, which he feels. The chorus is an example of this lyrical style. The simplicity of the words makes this song amazing.

I look forward to hearing more music from Khaled Mounib. I wish him success in the future.

*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.

First Single Fridays: Khaled Mounib -Toa Al Mazag

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib has released his first single Toa al Mazag (Heavy Mood). He’s the nephew of the late Amer Mounib. The song is about a guy whose relationship is overwhelming but exciting.

The music of this song has a mix of two genres: pop and dance/techno. Some parts of the song remind me of Amer Mounib’s works, especially in the early 2000s, such as Layali (Nights), Ayam wa Layali (Days and Nights), and Moshta’alak Ainy (My Eyes Miss You). The rhythm of Toa al Mazag has a slightly different rhythm, mainly when Khaled Mounib sings the chorus. There’s a stop effect that is distinct. Mino composed the song.

Khaled Mounib has a genuine voice. At times he sounds like his late uncle Amer Mounib. It takes me a second to realize that it’s not Amer Mounib singing, but his nephew. Khaled Mounib’s goes to a higher register in some parts of the song. He has potential as a singer.

The lyrics have a structure with meaning and smooth rhythm. The words are romantic and sweet. The rhyme scheme is AA BB. Salma Rasheed wrote the lyrics of the song.

Mafeesh Kalam Ye’tal (There’s nothing more to say) is coming out soon.

Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Bahebak Ana

Amr Diab has released a new single entitled Bahebak Ana (I love you). The story is about a man declaring his unconditional love for his significant other.

The music is incredible. It starts slow then it goes into a faster tempo. I enjoyed the mix of old and new musical styles from a variety of Amr Diab’s discography. The music of this song reminds of his older works such Nour Al-Ain (The light of my eyes), Ragaeen (We’re coming back), Habiby (My love), etc. The musical style has the classic Middle Eastern dance beat that is incredible.

The lyrics are simple but have deep meaning. The flow of the words is flawless. Also, there’s an organized structure to the writing of the song.

Amr Diab experiments with his voice, in a bold fashion. The quality of his music has improved, especially in 35 years being in the music business.

His latest album Kol Hayaty is now available. Enjoy!


Amr Diab’s Latest Album Kol Hayaty – Deluxe Edition

Amr Diab’s latest album Kol Hayaty (All My Life) is available. The version I will review is the deluxe edition of the record. The primary themes of the album are love and heartbreak.

The music of this record is an exciting mix of old and new. The sound of the songs reminds me of Amr Diab’s older albums such as Aktar Wahed, Amarain (two moons), Mathafeesh (Don’t worry or don’t be scared), Habiby, Tamally Maak, etc. Amr Diab’s latest album is the one that has a lovely combination of Middle Eastern Music, pop and dance. Composers include Amr Diab and Amr Moustafa. The rhythm overall is consistent.

The lyrics are well-written but straightforward. The flow of the words is smooth. The most commonly poetic technique is repetition.

Amr Diab’s voice has improved over these 35 years. The Kol Hayaty album is one that shows Amr Diab’s experience as a singer.

Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Yetalemo

Amr Diab has released another song from the album Kol Hayaty (All My Life) entitled Yetalemo (They’re Learning)*. The song tells the story of a man who falls in love at first sight.

The music of Yetalemo reminds of Amr Diab’s older material from the late 90s and early 2000s. The instruments heard in this song are Qanun and Darabukka (Egyptian Tabla- chalice drum). I believe there’s also the subtle sound of a Loud. The combination of the sounds of these musical instruments creates a joyful and fun tune.
Amr Diab’s voice is smooth and consistent. It’s in sync with the music. The quality of his voice has gotten greater over time. He impresses every time I hear him sing.

The lyrics have incredible rhymes throughout the song. There are poetic techniques that give the tune its richness such as repetition and personification. The examples of recurrence are repeating the word Yetalemo and Adda (transmitted). At the beginning of each verse, you can hear the word Yetalemo, which emphasizes the subject of how people will learn about how his attraction to his love interest is getting stronger.

Yetalemo is the fifth single for Amr Diab. The album Kol Hayaty will be released October 3, 2018.

*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.

Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram-Badna Nwalee El Jaw

Nancy Ajram has released a new single entitled “Badna Nwalee El Jaw” (We want to create a pleasant atmosphere)*. The song is about celebrating a joyful event such as a wedding or a party in general. I can imagine bellydancers in some of those events.

The music has a mix of traditional Arabic music (folk-style music) and pop music. It makes one want to get up and dance. The style of the song reminds of the music of the late Sabah and Ragheb Alama, especially in the 70s and 80s, for both artists. There’s a nostalgic feel to it.

Nancy Ajram’s voice reminds me of two amazing singers Sabah and Asmahan, a mix of both. It has an old-fashioned style to her singing style in this song. Her voice compliments the music quite nicely. The way she sings is new and refreshing and just as incredible as her other songs.

The lyrics are full of joy and optimism. When I hear the words of this song, I think about classic Arabic songs from Abdel Halim Hafez to Ragheb Alama.