First Single Fridays: Dayan – Requiem for Humanity

Canadian singer Dayan has released her first single entitled Requiem for Humanity. The song tells the story of how humanity is falling apart through violence and hatred towards one another.

The music is Alternative and Singer/Songwriter The rhythm is in the background is subtle but intense. It reflects well the overall vibe of the song with a slow and heavy sound to it. The artist Déjà Vu composed the music of Requiem for Humanity.  The piano and the guitar also add to the sombre mood of the song. There are moments where a few seconds, no music, which gives it an eerie feeling. The composition is impressive. 

Dayan’s voice is expressive and beautiful. She sings with importance, strength and passion. There’s a bold approach to her singing capturing the urgency of the issue of life falling apart. 

The lyrics are intricate with incredible freestyle poetry, describe meticulously the urgency to save humanity. Juliette Drezet wrote the song in a well thought out critique on human behaviour towards one another. The emotions vary from anger to sadness to passion. It’s also a criticism of society not doing anything about the negativity and hate around the world. There are literal and metaphorical meaning to the text. For example, “you killed her with your hate” is about the person being emotionally dead. It represents how humans are cruel and mean, instead of kind, compassionate and empathetic. Respect is essential for humanity to survive in harmony, living in unity, and not division. The lyrics are apropos with the current news of the world.

The single Requiem for Humanity is available.

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