Celine Dion’s Latest Singles! Part 2: Encore Un Soir

Encore un Soir is her second single written by famous French singer Jean-Jacques Goldman. It’s released the same week  as The Show Must Go On. This song can have a variety of interpretations. The common one I’ve heard about is the sentiment felt after the passing of a loved one. There are the feelings of nostalgia, sadness, joy and many emotions at once. Encore un Soir is the song that seems cathartic.

When you feel like you can’t handle what life hands you, this song can feel “therapeutic” to listen to it . It reminds of Mariah Carey’s song My All in terms of the subject matter of wishing you could have more time with your significant other. Encore un Soir is a touching song. I love the slow start of the song before the tempo increases slightly. The change in tempo is nicely done, with a smoothness.


Celine Dion’s Latest Singles! Part 1: The Show Must Go On

Celine Dion’s latest singles are amazing. She released two songs: “Encore Un Soir” (Just one more night) and a remake of a song by Queen “The Show Must Go On”. There really is a sense of emotion in both songs. These are the first songs she’s released since the passing of Rene Angelil.

The Show Must Go

The single The Show Must Go On has a lot of significance because of the circumstances in which this song was released. It features singer Lindsey Stirling. This being the first single since the passing of her husband. I sense that she is starting to move on, with some difficulty. In my interpretation, I imagine that her late husband wants her to continue to live her life.  

Optimism is present in the song, as well as hope. Celine Dion’s voice is just a strong and full of impact as ever!  So much passion in this song.  The music is amazing. I love the 70s/80s-style music. Her performance of this song was amazing at the Billboard Music Awards.






Elisa Tovati’s Single “Take Me Far Away” (Me and My Robot)

Genre: Pop,
Country: France

Elisa Tovati has released a new single entitled “Take me Far Away” that has a summer feel, which is much needed. To Canadian readers, you may have heard of Elisa Tovati, when she sang a duet with Canadian and Acadian singer Wilfred LeBouthillier the song “Tu es Tout” (You are everything). I’ve heard her music. She always has the sense of mystery to her songs. The interpretation is up to you.

This song is in French, but the chorus is in English, which isn’t done often. The use of French and English is done smoothly.  The oriental music is interesting, and compliments the pop music of this song. It also reminds of the meditation music I like to listen to when I need to recharge my batteries, especially the music heard in spas. Her soft voice compliments this feeling very nicely. She sounds calm and ready to get away.

This song gives me the feeling of wanting to travel at the spur of a moment, to be spontaneous. This give the song a sense of adventure and romance. One wishes they could just pack up and travel, and even go off the grid.



A1’s latest Album-Caught in the Middle: The Collection

Country: United Kingdom/Norway

Musical genre(s): Pop

a1 Members (since 2009) :  Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read

To all a1 fans, I have good news. They have released a new album Caught in the Middle: The Collection.  Two discs that feature classics of the late 90s and early 2000s including my favourite the remake of A-Ha’s “Take on Me”.

The music is amazing! Disc 1 is my favourite between the 2 discs because it features most of my favourite tracks.  It really feels as though as I were in the late 90s, hearing the music or even watching their music videos.  The love songs are so poetic and touching, even romantic such as Take on Me, Like a Rose, Ready or Not, Everytime. Their songs about heartbreak are catchy and very expressive like the 2 following examples:  Same Old Brand New You and No More.. The remake of Take on Me is so much fun, because they have their own beat, yet one still remembers the original version.

The second disc has quite a few songs that got made into remixes. Remixed music is not my style. If you like dance club-style music, these remixed songs are for you. However, the French version of Caught in the Middle entitled Nos Differences featuring French artist Eve Angeli is incredible. It’s impressive to hear a1 members singing in French. Loved it!

Overall, this album is fun, and has a nostalgic feel to it. It’s a nice to remember their older hits, while enjoying their more recent material. The acoustic songs are the best, because you really hear their voices at their best, which shows how a1 members can truly sing.

My favourite songs are : Take on Me, Like a Rose, Ready or Not, Caught in the Middle, Same Old Brand New You, and Nos Differences (French Version of Caught in The Middle)

I hope that a1 will come to Canada soon. I would definitely attend their show!



Flashback Fridays! Bastian Baker’s Album Too Old to Die Young Available in Canada.

I am so happy to announce that Bastian Baker’s album Too Old to Die Young is finally available in Canada! 🙂 At least on iTunes. As for the CD form, I don’t know the details.I heard the album many times, just as much as Facing Canyons! His music is incredible.

This album to me is the transition to his third album Facing Canyons. It has a bit of a folk beat to it as well as pop and rock. Too Old to Die Young is a more upbeat compared to his film album Tomorrow May Not Be Better. He’s also experimenting with different beats. I also notice how his voice changes slightly. This album is a transition to Facing Canyons with regards the folk beat that is present in some of the songs.

Bastian Baker has a storytelling component to his album. He also has a romantic part too. After all, what’s a Bastian Baker album without some love songs? 😉 There’s also some about heartbreak. His songs about love or heartbreak are the following: 79 Clinton Street, Leaving Tomorrow, You’re the One, Earrings on the Table, Song for EV, Give Me Your Heart, I Won’t Cry and Come Home. They all tell separate stories, yet they compliment one another. Impressive!

The songs that tell stories are the follow 79 Clinton Street, Dirty Thirty, Kids off the Street, and Never in Your Town. 79 Clinton Street is an interesting story about a guy’s experience in New York. It’s also an example of experimental music, which I’ll talk about in more detail further day.Dirty Thirty tells the story of a young couple whose marriage is falling apart and the impact it has on their kid. The video compliments it quite well. The focus is on the kids, instead of Bastian Baker. Kids of the Street is powerful because it talks about a universal problem of kids in the street and some are at risk of living a life of problems (i.e. crime). Never in Your Town is a song that I’m not certain what it’s about. If anyone can explain it to me, that would help please.

His experimental song are the following: 79 Clinton Street & Prime. Those songs have a beat that is not limited to pop or folk. Those show how Bastian Baker has this incredible ability to mix different genres of music. 🙂

The funnest part of an album are bonus tracks, which are the following: One Last Time (acoustic version), I Won’t Cry, Come Home.  I love hearing the extra material of an album.

Lastly, the two versions of One Last Time are both amazing. The music for each one seems change our perception of those songs. The studio version, there is a deeper sense of loneliness and heartbreak. The acoustic version is more sensual. Also he seems to reminisce about a past relationship through a flashback. There’s still a sense of heartbreak. He sings the lyrics more slowly, which allows the listener to really hear the words. The way he ends a song with a whisper gave me chills.

My favourite songs are: Leaving Tomorrow, You’re the One, Follow the Wind, Come Home, and One Last Time (both studio and acoustic versions).





First 2015 Discovery : Bastian Baker & Tomorrow May Not Be Better

Original date: June 1st 2015

Country: Switzerland

Musical genre(s): pop/rock/ R&B

Brief Bio.: Bastian Baker wrote his first songs at the age of fifteen. He got discovered by Patrick Delarive who helped him release the single “Lucky” in 2011. This single was the first step to a successful music career. In April of the same year, his encounter with the late Claude Nobs invited to the stage a few months after seeing his performance at a bar in Zermatt. After that moment, Bastian Baker gained recognition over time, starting with his home country and France.

He won 3 Swiss Music Awards, including the New Swiss Act in 2012.

He also has a second album entitled Too Old to Die Young, which came out in Europe in 2013. This album is not available in North America yet. ( I shall post about it as soon as it becomes available 😉 )

He’s recently become known in North America, particularly in Canada.  The Canadian version of the album “Tomorrow May Not Be Better” came out February 17 2015. Held a concert February 20 for Montréal en Lumière.


The album “Tomorrow May Not Be Better” is an amazing album. My favourite song in that album is I’d Sing for You, since it’s the first song I heard him perform.  His voice is smooth and incredible. Some of his songs may sound pessimistic, such as the songs “Colorful Hospital” and “Tomorrow May Not Be Better”, the album’s eponym.  He mentioned it in an interview that  he was 17, and that he had doubts and insecurities when he’d written the songs for this album, The acoustic performance of the same song really demonstrates the depth and richness of his voice. I could relate to a couple of the songs myself, such as I Still Don’t Realize and Lucky. The live acoustic performance of “Tomorrow May Not Be Better” really demonstrates the depth and richness of his voice. In my opinion, the album has a 90s feel to it, which reminds me of the really good music I enjoyed of that decade.


The first time I heard about was on Salut Bonjour! on February 18, 2015.  His acoustic performance of I’d Sing for You was very impressive  Two days later, I saw him on another morning show Breakfast Television Montreal in an interview conducted by Alexandre Despatie.  From that point on, I became more curious and I went to his Youtube channel to hear many of his songs. In no time, I became a fan. Not too long afterwards I bought the CD.







Bastian Baker’s Facing Canyons Available in Canada!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.59.45 AM



Country: Switzerland
Genre: Folk/Rock

Bastian Baker has released his third album Facing Canyons in Canada! I’ve listened to this album many times since its release May 9!  

The folk beat is incredible! Bastian Baker has perfected this genre of music very nicely. The song We are the Ones is a great start to the album with a catchy beat. The best part of listening to this album is knowing the inspirations behind some of those songs such as titles like Tattoo on my Brain & Charlie From Sydney. It changes the experience of listening to these songs. I appreciate these songs even more! Throughout the album, the guitar is very present, and I love it!  The instruments also include the harmonica.

The ballads like Planned it All, White Room, Rainbow, Tell the Night are very poetic and touching. There is a sense of vulnerability  that’s common in romantic relationships. A song that demonstrates relationship frustration is “Everything We Do”. However, in the end of the day, there’s a sense of hope, because if you truly love someone, the relationship can overcome anything.

The most touching song is Charlie from Sydney. It refers to two tragedies: the shooting in Sydney, Australia (December 14, 2014) and the shooting at Charlie Hebdo  (January 7,2015). This song became known to world especially when the Paris attacks (November 13 2015 took place, and he uploaded on his youtube channel. It helped me deal with shock of the November attacks in the days following the tragedy.

The song I Want You has a jazz-like beat, which gives compliments the folk beat very well. The chorus is very catchy and makes me want to dance. I remember the music of the 90s without it sounding like it was taken from that time.

Ain’t No Love has contemporary country-music feel that I enjoy lately. His voice is deep and smooth. I really felt the emotion in the song. He describes the scenery in fine detail, which is incredible for those  who like to visualize the scene.

My favourite songs on this album include main hits like: Everything We Do, Tatton on My Brain, Planned it All, We Are the Ones and I want You