Single Saturdays: Max MLV – Social Worker

Belgian singer Max MLV has released a new single entitled¬†Social Worker. The song is about a female social worker working hard but doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.¬†

The music is Alternative and Singer/Songwriter. The ballad has a rhythmic beat with a modern sound: the piano and the guitar compliment the rhythm and the superb composition. It starts slow, then slightly increases in tempo to slow again. The transition in the beat is fantastic. The fade away at the end of the songs is impressive and well done. The calm vibration allows the listener to feel the message behind this piece deeply. 

Max MLV’s voice is a combination of husky and hits the high notes just right. He sings with empathy and compassion about the subject. He captures the essence of this song.

The lyrics are from the heart and honour social workers. There’s a lovely poetic feel to the song. The storytelling aspect gives it depth and perspective. The message is a positive one in which it demonstrates the importance of appreciating social workers for the work they do. It also shows that they are humans and need appreciation and deserve recognition for their hard work. The words are well-written. 

The single Social Worker is available.

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