Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel- It Gets Better

Jonny Zywiciel has released a new single entitled "It Gets Better" this week. The s It's a song that can cheer you up when one is dealing with difficult times. There's a sense of hope and optimism. The music in this song is upbeat and unforgettable. The guitar has its presence in tune, which is … Continue reading Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel- It Gets Better

Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Hadded

Amr Diab has released single from his upcoming album Kol Hayaty entitled "Hadded" (Threatened). The song is about a man whose relationship has ended or is about to because of heartache. The music is similar to Amr Diab's records from the late 80s/early 90s such Shawaqna (Our Passion), Matkhafeesh (Don't Worry), and Habibi (My Love). … Continue reading Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Hadded