Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel- It Gets Better

Jonny Zywiciel has released a new single entitled “It Gets Better” this week. The s It’s a song that can cheer you up when one is dealing with difficult times. There’s a sense of hope and optimism.

The music in this song is upbeat and unforgettable. The guitar has its presence in tune, which is part of Jonny Zywiciel’s style. The beat of the guitar has a consistent rhythm. His voice is in sync with the music. It’s a happy and catchy song!

The lyrics are positive, optimistic and cheerful. The subject of the song is overcoming life’s obstacles, and not to give up trying in doing so. Confidence is present in the song “It Gets Better,” along with hope and optimism. It’s a tune that has words of wisdom.

Jonny Zywiciel boldly experiments with his vocal chords in the most impressive manner. His voice goes deep in some parts of the song but then transition into a higher pitch smoothly and seamlessly. At the beginning of the song, Jonny Zywiciel goes low with his voice, which gives it an impressive touch.

His music gets better and better with time. I wish him a bright future for him.


Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Hadded

Amr Diab has released single from his upcoming album Kol Hayaty entitled “Hadded” (Threatened). The song is about a man whose relationship has ended or is about to because of heartache.

The music is similar to Amr Diab’s records from the late 80s/early 90s such Shawaqna (Our Passion), Matkhafeesh (Don’t Worry), and Habibi (My Love). It also reminds of the classic Arabic music from the Golden Age, called Tarab. The rhythm of Hadded has a combination of a slow and fast speed.

The lyrics have a rich vocabulary and full of raw emotion. The emotions felt in this song are sadness and anger, because of heartbreak, a relatable subject. The structure of the lyrics is similar to a few of Amr Diab’s songs from the 80s and the 90s, such as Habibi, Mestaghreb Leih (Why are you surprised?), Kalimeeny (Speak to Me), Shawaqna (Our Passion), Matkhafeesh (Don’t Worry), and other songs from the late 80s/early 90s. There’s a nostalgic feel to the song, both musically and lyrically. I had to hear to listen to quite a few songs to notice the similarities to other tunes.

Hadded is a song that is the most interesting for Amr Diab because it combines the styles of the old and the new. It is impressive!


Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Kol Hayaty

Amr Diab’s third single Kol Hayaty from the album with the same title. The song tells about a couple that has been together for many years, in which the man says to his significant other how much he loves her.

The music is slow with a smooth rhythm. It’s a song that could be suitable for a slow dance, in my opinion. It has a romantic feel to it. The piano is distinct in this song, a classic choice for slow songs. The beat reminds me of or is similar to another song entitle Habeet Ya Alby (Is my heart fall in love)*, from the album Al-Leila (The Night). However, the tempo of Kol Hayaty is slightly faster than Habeet Ya Alby.

The lyrics, like the music, are romantic. There are beautiful metaphors and similes, as well as personification that nicely describe the couple’s relationship. My favourite line of the song is when he sings: “Ala Ganah El-Khayal Ateer,” which means my imagination flies away. That’s my interpretation of the song. The part that is so sweet is how he tells his love that he sees the world in her eyes. The poetry in this song is rich with vocabulary. The rhyming is well done in this song, with style of AABB.

Enjoy the audio clip!

All three songs: Da Law Etsab, Ta’ali, and Kol Hayaty are all incredible songs from the album Kol Hayaty, coming out October 3, 2018.

Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Ta’ali

Amr Diab’s second single from the Kol Hayaty album: Ta’ali (Come to me) is about a man who wants to be with his significant other.

The music has a techno-dance beat, which reminds me of what I would here at the beach, especially in the summer season. The kind of music reminds of what one would hear in an exercise video. The beat reminds of the music of two of his albums: Al-Leila (The Night) and Shoft El Ayam (I Saw the Days). The techno dance beat is a style that can be heard in Amr Diab’s recent music. There is a subtle presence of Arabic-style music, which is also heard in his music. Amr Diab’s voice is in sync with the music. Egyptian singer Amr Moustafa composed this song. The song ends with the music fading away, it gives it a nice touch.

The lyrics are simple, but their meaning is profound. The words are romantic and sweet. The words of the song rhyme in a coordinated manner. Ta’ali is another song with repetition, which is a reoccurring style in Amr Diab’s music.

Single Saturdays: Amr Diab -Da Law Etsab

Amr Diab has released three new singles this summer from his upcoming album entitled Kol Hayaty (My Whole Life). The first single he released was Da Law Etsab (if he abandons or leaves me). The song is about a guy who fears the idea of his significant other leaving him, as well as the overwhelming feeling when one is in love.

The music of this song is a mix of pop (Western-style) and Arabic music. The tempo of the tune is slow, and then it increases as it progresses. It goes back to slow towards the end of the song. There’s a lovely combination of bongo drums and tambourines. It gives it a Summer-y vibe.

The lyrics are simple, yet descriptive. In the beginning, the guy in the song talks about the agony one feels when in love, at times. That includes the time apart from his lover. However, there’s also the less scary side of being in love. Repetition, like many contemporary Arabic songs, is a common poetic technique to emphasize how one feels when in love (including the ups and downs). An example is when he asks the question: “Aamel eih?” (What do I do?).

Da Law Etsab is a summer single that I recommend, as a fan of Amr Diab. Enjoy!

The album Kol Hayaty comes out October 3, 2018.

Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram- Beautiful People (Agmal Nas)

Nancy Ajram has another single entitled “Beautiful People,” also known as “Agmal Nas” (The Best People)*. It’s another music hit for Summer 2018. The song is about spending time with loved ones and celebrating lovely memories.

The lyrics are simple and engaging. The flow of the words is continuous. They are uplifting and boost one’s moral. There’s even a sense of togetherness. Like in the song Aam Betghayar (I’m Changing), there’s use of repetition. Nancy Ajram repeats words like “Habayeb” (loved ones) and Aiyla (family), as well as a complete verse, which emphasizes being together with loved one. The lyrics and the music compliment one another very nicely. Another similarity to Nancy’s other single Aam Betghayar is how she stops at the end of the chorus line, which is in sync with the music.

The music of this song reminds of Latin music. There’s also Arabic-style music that’s blended into the tune. The tune of the trumpet is an example of Latin music that is amazing. Nancy Ajram’s voice blends into the music, which is stylistically interesting, creating a smooth rhythm. The song ends with a sound of a drum, which gives a nice touch. The composition is well-done!

The song “Beautiful People” compliments this incredible Summer season very well. Enjoy!


*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.

Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram Aam Betghayar

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has a new single entitled “Aam Betghayar” (I’m Changing). It’s a love song that about how a woman feels about the man she’s attracted to (or even in love with).

The lyrics are simple and straightforward in regards to how one feels when falling for someone. In this case, Nancy Ajram is talking about her feelings towards the man she loves. You can hear the joy in the lyrics and Nancy Ajram’s voice. The use of repetition of the sentence “Ya Habibi” (My Love) is an example of the emphasis of how she feels towards her significant other. Also in the chorus, she pauses on words like “Haddak” (Next to You) and “Hobak” (Your Love), which is another technique of emphasis. The lyrics are simple but have a deep meaning to them.

The music has a nice fast-pace beat that makes you want to get up and dance. It compliments the montage of clips from the Syrian TV series “Julia.” The combination of the two puts a smile on my face. There’s a mix of belly dancing-style music with Arabic pop music, which makes it fun & entertaining. There is a split-second stop of the music when she sings every line of the chorus, which applies to the composition of the song.

Enjoy the song!


*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.

Nancy Ajram “Hassa Beek”-Incredible Album!

Nancy Ajram has released a new album entitled “Hassa Beek,” also known as “9.” Her latest record is romantic and fun. The music is the best that I’ve heard from Nancy Ajram. Her songs talk primarily about love. There are, however, a few tunes that talk about heartbreak. Both subjects are timeless and universal.

The style of the music is a combination of classic Arabic music with Arabic / Western Pop. Nancy Ajram’s voice in some of the songs reminds of the musical style of the late Lebanese singer Sabah, especially in the 70s.

The lyrics are poetic and have a natural flow to them. Although the words to the songs are relatively simple, frequent in today’s Arabic music, they have a deep meaning to them.

*More details about the songs to come.