Musical Discovery 2022: Lauren Spencer-Smith

The Musical Discovery of 2022 is Canadian singer Lauren Spencer-Smith. She primarily has songs about heartbreak, a mix of sadness, then transitioning to a desire to move on from the pain. I heard about her music in the news when I first heard her single Fingers Crossed. It's a remarkable piece, which I reviewed in March … Continue reading Musical Discovery 2022: Lauren Spencer-Smith

My Silent Bravery’s cover Album Uncovered

American group, My Silent Bravery, has a new album entitled Uncovered. It consists of famous songs from different decades and different genres. The music is Pop/Rock/Alternative. The compositions are impressive. My Silent Bravery did a remarkable job producing these famous tunes with their spin on them. Matthew Wade plays his guitar remarkably throughout the album, which … Continue reading My Silent Bravery’s cover Album Uncovered

Spice World Movie: 25th Anniversary

December 26, 2022, marks the 25th Anniversary of the film Spice World, starring the Spice Girls. It was a fantastic movie that brought back many memories: the songs, the funny scenes and Geri's famous Union Jack dress. The movie is about the Spice Girls and their adventures travelling and performing concerts in the UK and worldwide, as … Continue reading Spice World Movie: 25th Anniversary

Editorial: Spirited – Movie & Music

I saw the movie¬†Spirited, starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. It was the movie's modern take on the classic Christmas story of A Christmas Carol. Having heard the soundtrack recently, I enjoyed the songs, even more when watching the film.¬† The musical numbers were impressive and theatrical. The first example is at the beginning of … Continue reading Editorial: Spirited – Movie & Music