My Silent Bravery’s Latest EP – Willing To Try: Chapter 3

The American band, My Silent Bravery, has released another EP: Willing to Try Chapter 3. The album has four songs. The overall theme of the album is relationships and memories. The songs are Denial, Split Second Memories, What Are You Waiting For, and Homecoming.

The music genre of the album is rock. There’s a nice presence of the guitar in all of the four songs. Denial has the nice dance beat to it, which reminds me of the music from the late 90s. The song Split Second Memories has a rock rhythm that is catchy. The songs “What Are You For?” and “Homecoming” have a slower beat to them. The composition of all four tunes is impressive.

The lyrics focus on relationships in an intricate manner, with emotion and thought. Denial and Split Second Memories talk about relationships and the exciting times, as well as the nervous feeling one can feel when in love. What Are You Waiting is about the doubts people have when they’re in a relationship. Homecoming tells the story about a guy who reassures his significant other that there’s nothing to worry about and that everything will be alright. There’s beautiful poetry to the songs, all four of them.

The song I really like is Split Second Memories. The EP Willing to Try Chapter 3 is now available. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Travis Cormier – Torn -An Acoustic Cover

Canadian singer Travis Cormier has uploaded a video of an acoustic cover of a 90s classic hit Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

In terms of music, the diegetic sound is the guitar that Travis Cormier plays in this video. He does a fantastic playing the guitar and singing. His voice is pure and rich, which is when one can the best quality singing. Travis Cormier’s cover of “Torn” sounds as if it were his song because the music is different from the original version and just as incredible.

Flashback Friday: Tribute to Johnny Hallyday

This week we lost another music icon, French Rock star Johnny Hallyday.  His music was the start of the Rock era in France. He was popular in the 70s & 80s.  He is survived by his wife and four children.

I know people who liked his music. I could understand why. His music helped rebellious teenagers through tough times. I’m only familiar with some of his songs. I know the song “J’ai un problème” and “Que Je t’aime”.

Rest in Peace Johnny Hallyday.

Bastian Baker’s Latest Single Five Fingers

Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Five Fingers. It has an interesting beat that I have not heard with Bastian’s music. It’s a love song that uses the five fingers as a metaphor of how true love is forever. Having five fingers is something permanent like true love.

There is a rock & roll feel to it that reminds of 70s rock music. It’s a catchy tune with amazing melodies. Bastian Baker is impressive as always. There’s a feeling of nostalgia, because Rock & Roll used to be seen as a musical genre that was gone in the 80s. The lyrics are simple, but have deep meaning. His voice is versatile. He sounds like a rock star in this song. His style of music is an interesting mix of genres. It is the case with Five Fingers, a mix of pop & rock, with some folk. It’s also a journey about a how a relationship can overcome any obstacles in its way. I love this song!

It gives me an impression of what to expect from the fourth album. I feel like he’s established as an artist. Bastian Baker has potential. 🙂

Marie-Mai “Almost”

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop, Rock, Jazz
Years of experience: 2003-present


Marie-Mai’s latest single “Almost” is song that demonstrates her constantly evolving musical style.  There is simplicity to her lyrics. The same thing can also be said for the music video. Back to the lyrics, I sense raw emotions in them, and in the voice too. Her voice is musical, rhythmic, and quite strong. The style of the melody  is similar to her recent album “M”, which came out in 2014.



Written: July 1st, 2015


Flashback Fridays! Bastian Baker’s Album Too Old to Die Young Available in Canada.

I am so happy to announce that Bastian Baker’s album Too Old to Die Young is finally available in Canada! 🙂 At least on iTunes. As for the CD form, I don’t know the details.I heard the album many times, just as much as Facing Canyons! His music is incredible.

This album to me is the transition to his third album Facing Canyons. It has a bit of a folk beat to it as well as pop and rock. Too Old to Die Young is a more upbeat compared to his film album Tomorrow May Not Be Better. He’s also experimenting with different beats. I also notice how his voice changes slightly. This album is a transition to Facing Canyons with regards the folk beat that is present in some of the songs.

Bastian Baker has a storytelling component to his album. He also has a romantic part too. After all, what’s a Bastian Baker album without some love songs? 😉 There’s also some about heartbreak. His songs about love or heartbreak are the following: 79 Clinton Street, Leaving Tomorrow, You’re the One, Earrings on the Table, Song for EV, Give Me Your Heart, I Won’t Cry and Come Home. They all tell separate stories, yet they compliment one another. Impressive!

The songs that tell stories are the follow 79 Clinton Street, Dirty Thirty, Kids off the Street, and Never in Your Town. 79 Clinton Street is an interesting story about a guy’s experience in New York. It’s also an example of experimental music, which I’ll talk about in more detail further day.Dirty Thirty tells the story of a young couple whose marriage is falling apart and the impact it has on their kid. The video compliments it quite well. The focus is on the kids, instead of Bastian Baker. Kids of the Street is powerful because it talks about a universal problem of kids in the street and some are at risk of living a life of problems (i.e. crime). Never in Your Town is a song that I’m not certain what it’s about. If anyone can explain it to me, that would help please.

His experimental song are the following: 79 Clinton Street & Prime. Those songs have a beat that is not limited to pop or folk. Those show how Bastian Baker has this incredible ability to mix different genres of music. 🙂

The funnest part of an album are bonus tracks, which are the following: One Last Time (acoustic version), I Won’t Cry, Come Home.  I love hearing the extra material of an album.

Lastly, the two versions of One Last Time are both amazing. The music for each one seems change our perception of those songs. The studio version, there is a deeper sense of loneliness and heartbreak. The acoustic version is more sensual. Also he seems to reminisce about a past relationship through a flashback. There’s still a sense of heartbreak. He sings the lyrics more slowly, which allows the listener to really hear the words. The way he ends a song with a whisper gave me chills.

My favourite songs are: Leaving Tomorrow, You’re the One, Follow the Wind, Come Home, and One Last Time (both studio and acoustic versions).





Bastian Baker’s Facing Canyons Available in Canada!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.59.45 AM



Country: Switzerland
Genre: Folk/Rock

Bastian Baker has released his third album Facing Canyons in Canada! I’ve listened to this album many times since its release May 9!  

The folk beat is incredible! Bastian Baker has perfected this genre of music very nicely. The song We are the Ones is a great start to the album with a catchy beat. The best part of listening to this album is knowing the inspirations behind some of those songs such as titles like Tattoo on my Brain & Charlie From Sydney. It changes the experience of listening to these songs. I appreciate these songs even more! Throughout the album, the guitar is very present, and I love it!  The instruments also include the harmonica.

The ballads like Planned it All, White Room, Rainbow, Tell the Night are very poetic and touching. There is a sense of vulnerability  that’s common in romantic relationships. A song that demonstrates relationship frustration is “Everything We Do”. However, in the end of the day, there’s a sense of hope, because if you truly love someone, the relationship can overcome anything.

The most touching song is Charlie from Sydney. It refers to two tragedies: the shooting in Sydney, Australia (December 14, 2014) and the shooting at Charlie Hebdo  (January 7,2015). This song became known to world especially when the Paris attacks (November 13 2015 took place, and he uploaded on his youtube channel. It helped me deal with shock of the November attacks in the days following the tragedy.

The song I Want You has a jazz-like beat, which gives compliments the folk beat very well. The chorus is very catchy and makes me want to dance. I remember the music of the 90s without it sounding like it was taken from that time.

Ain’t No Love has contemporary country-music feel that I enjoy lately. His voice is deep and smooth. I really felt the emotion in the song. He describes the scenery in fine detail, which is incredible for those  who like to visualize the scene.

My favourite songs on this album include main hits like: Everything We Do, Tatton on My Brain, Planned it All, We Are the Ones and I want You




10th Anniversary Release: Wilfred Le Bouthillier “Poussières”


Genre(s): Pop, rock
Release Date: April 4, 2006

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Wilfred Le Bouthillier “Poussières”. It’s the second album for the Acadian singer. His main hits are “Avec Toi” and “Tant qu’il y aura”. This album has more of a rock/pop beat to it versus his first album, which had more folk vibe to it.The subject matter of the songs varies from romantic to thought-provoking to storytelling. It gives it an interesting dynamic of different sounds and melodies.  

He has two songs, which are a metaphor about Acadian culture (my interpretation). The two songs are:  “Dans mon village” and “Ils reviennent”. It’s poetic and gives his insight about how Acadian culture is at risk of assimilation, which is my interpretation.

“Poussières” is a thought-provoking songs because it’s about how the world is at risk of falling apart, whether politically or literally. The song works still today with what’s going on in the news these days. There’s a feeling of worry and anxiety about what the world would be like for future generations. In an interview, Le Bouthillier mentions how he got inspired to write this song after the news about hurricane Katrina.

“Tout sorte de monde” is an edgy song that discusses how it takes all kinds to live in a world. As cliché as that sounds, it’s still true to this day. Diversity is what makes the world we live a mosaic of sorts.  

The romantic songs on this album “Tant qu’il y aura”, “Avec toi”, “Ma vie tourne autour de toi”, “Je continue de croire”, “Dis-moi que tu viens”, “Le monde a bien changé”.  “Tant qu’il y aura”, “Avec Toi”, “Dis-moi que tu viens” have a rock and pop combination that is amazing. There’s a feels of old-style rock/pop beat with a contemporary twist. “Ma vie tourne autour de toi”, “Je continue de croire”, “Le monde a bien changé” have a slow-style music

The one song about heartbreak is “Ne vois-tu pas?”. Yes, there is heartbreak, but there is also a sense of relief. He finally reaches his limit and decides to finally move on.

“Bouffon” and “Insignifiant” are songs, in which the meaning is not clear to me. There’s a story to each one of them, but I am not certain how to interpret them. I still enjoy the music, especially the experimental sound.

My top favourite are “Avec Toi” and “Tant qu’il y aura”, “Ne Vois-tu pas?”, “Le Monde a bien changé” , “Dis-moi que tu viens”.

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TBT: Tribute to Beatles Producer George Martin.

Throwback Thursdaysthe-beatles-509069_640

George Martin, the producer for the Beatles passed away at the age of 90.  He was also the producer for artists like Celine Dion, Sting, Elton John and more. The London, England native worked for Parlophone Records in 1950, then eventually worked his way to A&R manager at the label. He took a chance with the Beatles in 1962, when he met The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein. Turned out to be the best decision. Martin was dubbed the “Fifth Beatle” because of his influence on the group.

Although I don’t know a great deal of the late producer, I did however, know quite a few of his songs.  A Beatles song that I really like is Eleanor Rigby, which is well written. Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” is a beautiful tribute to the late Princess Diana. The Reason by Celine Dion is also incredible.

His impact on the music world won’t be forgotten. George Martin leaves behind an amazing legacy.

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