Single Saturdays: Brad Paisley- My Miracle

Country singer Brad Paisley has released a new single entitled My Miracle. The song tells the story of a man who expresses gratitude to the woman he loves, by calling her a miracle.

The music is flowy and slow, with a well-done composition. It sounds romantic; it’s worthy of a slow dance. The guitar has an incredible presence in the background. The hymnology compliments Brad Paisley’s voice wonderfully. It reminds of the classic country music, especially the ballads from artists like Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean.

Brad Paisley’s voice is rich, deep and beautiful, as well as romantic and sweet. He follows the rhythm excellently. He sings from the heart, which gives authenticity.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. Brad Paisley’s single My Miracle has a descriptive text about his significant including specific details such as her height (5’5″). He references religion in a romantic context when he says whiskey to wine, instead of water to wine. He talks about the Gospel in his way. The title My Miracle is a personal metaphor in which meeting the love of his life profoundly changed him; some may say an epiphany. One’s perspective changes when we meet “the one.” It inspires me to believe that love can be everlasting and beautiful.

The single My Miracle is now available. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Sab & Steph Take Me Back Home/Au Loin Là-Bas

Canadian duo Sab & Steph have a single entitled Take Me Back Home. There’s also a French version entitled Au loin de là-bas. Both songs tell the story of two sisters who wish to return home to reconnect with one’s origins.

The music is slow with upbeats parts to it, which is common in Country songs. When I hear this song, I feel like going on a road trip, especially on a lovely Summer day. The sound of the guitar in this song is soothing and relaxing.
Sab & Steph’s voices are soft and sweet. They sing in sync with each other. Their sounds compliment each other well.

The lyrics have a beautiful simplicity to them. Sab and Steph sing a detail description of their place of origin, giving it a personal feel. The words of both songs are structured and have a rhythmic flow to them.

Both singles are available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Laurence St-Martin -Filles Des Îles

Canadian Singer Laurence St-Martin has this amazing single entitled Filles Des Îles (The Girls of the island). It tells the story of a girl who’s proud of her origins, even if she may live in the city.

The music has two types of beats: upbeat and slow. When Laurence St-Martin sings the verses, the sound is slower. When she performs the chorus, the beat is a bit faster. Christian Sbrocca composed this song with a smooth transition from the verses to the chorus, which a part of a quality composition. There’s a Summer feel to it, which has me thinking about the warm weather of that season.

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is cheerful and full of life. She sings with pride and joy about her village and the people whom she knew growing up. Her sound is unforgettable.

The lyrics have a sense of joy in them just like Laurence St-Martin’s voice. Her song has descriptive details to it. The words have a personal and genuine touch to them because she talks about her family and her village of origin. Richard Turcotte did an excellent job writing the lyrics of Filles Des Îles. He captured the sentiment of being proud of one’s identity.

The single Filles Des Îles is now available. Enjoy!

Cassadee Pope- Stages A Fantastic Country Album!

American Country Singer Cassadee Pope has released a new album entitled Stages. The overall theme of the album is about life experiences and love.

The music is Country with a modern feel to it. Cassadee Pope plays the guitar beautifully in this album with a lovely melody. The rhythm of the songs varies in each one. The composition is sweet and romantic. The piano has a beautiful presence in this record, which is the case with the tune Gavi.

Cassadee Pope’s voice is strong, beautiful and unforgettable. She knows how to play with the register of her sound. Cassadee Pope’s singing captures the mood she feels depending on the subject of the song. Her voice reminds of Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill. It’s impressive!

The lyrics are intricate and well-written. There’s a use of metaphors and other poetic techniques to describe the emotion of love. An example is If the Heart Had a Heart is a personification. It’s a description of the emotions one feels when in love – as if the heart had a mind of its own. The rhyming is marvellous. The flow of the lyrics is natural in all of her songs.

The album Stages is now available. Enjoy!


Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – Six Feet Under

Swedish duo Sentiment Falls has recently released a single entitled “Six Feet Under.” The story about a couple whose relationship didn’t work and they’re trying to process it.

The musical genre of the song Six Feet Under is Country. The rhythm is slow and steady. It reflects the subject and the mood of the tune nicely, which is that of heartache. I love the music of the guitar, the classic choice for an instrument heard in any Country song. The composition of Six Feet Under is well-done.
The voices of Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde compliment each other beautifully and sing in perfect harmony. They have incredible depth and richness in their sound.

The lyrics have a symbolic meaning to them. The title “Six Feet Under” is an excellent example of that. Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde sing about feeling like they’re “Six Feet Under”, which means in this context that they’re overwhelmed with a ton of emotions coming at them all at once. The subject of heartache is a topic to which people can relate. They capture the sentiment perfectly in this song.

The single “Six Feet Under” is available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – I Remember You

The Swedish Country duo Sentiment Falls has another single entitled I Remember You. It’s a song about remembering a past love with a nostalgic sentiment.

The music has a slow beat with moments where the tempo is faster, giving it some intensity. The guitar has an unforgettable presence in the song. The sound is sentimental and sweet. It even has a hopeful and optimistic feel to it. The composition is intricate and full of rhythm.

Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde’s voices are incredible. They have fantastic vocal chemistry, and they sing in sync with one another. The singing in this song feels like a dialogue between the two characters.

The lyrics flow smoothly. The description of their past relationship is detailed and genuine, with a touch of nostalgia. Remembering a past love is a subject to which people can relate. There’s a lovely simplicity to the words of this song, yet it has a beautiful poetic touch to it.

The song I Remember You is available! Enjoy!