30th Anniversary of the Release of the Movie Labyrinth

Credit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html




Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the film Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie. The story is about Sarah (Connelly), a sixteen-year-old girl whose baby brother Toby is taken by the Jareth the Goblin King (Bowie) after following the reading of a spell. She has to travel through a labyrinth to save her brother from becoming a goblin, but it won’t be easy. She will face obstacles, but she will have friends to help her achieve her goal of saving her baby brother Toby.

Credit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html

I saw this movie the weekend following the passing of David Bowie last January. I saw the version in French. I liked the movie and found it quite entertaining. I heard it wasn’t successful in the box-office, but it had its fans, and still does today! The special effects in that movie were fun. Despite some mistakes in the movie (i.e. the cord that supports Jennifer Connelly in the movie could be notice, but very few would have noticed), it’s still a well done movie overall. The best part, in terms of special effects, was the sequence where Bowie sang Within You (the video is below). He goes through Jennifer Connelly. It’s pretty cool. Those were the early days of CGI. Those short musical segments work quite well as if they were music videos. 🙂

The music in the movie is an important component to the movie. The songs David Bowie sings demonstrate what’s between the lines of the story.  Let’s not forget the importance the score has in the movie. It contributes to the overall feel of story. The musical songs, compose by Trevor Jones, also contribute the movie (read the article 30th Anniversary: Labyrinth Soundtrack for more details).

The sequences I enjoyed the most were the Magic Dance and As the World Falls Down.  David Bowie’s musical performances are well done.   Chilly Down sequence is strange but has its purpose in the movie. The choreography in every musical sequence is incredible.

Clip of Chilly Down songCredit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html

I enjoyed the movie Labyrinth and the musical segments. It’s whimsical and entertaining, as well as artistic. David Bowie’s performance was incredible. The role suited David Bowie perfect, as if it were “tailor-made”.  

Inside Labyrinth





Ulytau- An Unexpected Mix of Music Genres

Country: Kazakhstan
Musical genre(s): Folk Metal; Neo-Classical Metal
Years of experience: 2001-present

Members: Erjan Alimbetov – Dombra;
Maxim Kichigin – Guitar;
Alua Makanova – Violin;

Session musiciansRoman Adonin – Keyboards;
Oleg Tarnovskiy – Guitar;
Serik Sansyzbayev – Bass;
Rafael Arslanov – Drums;

Brief Bio.: The band was formed in 2001 by producer Kydyrali Bolmanov. The music is a mix of Western and Eastern, more specifically Kazakh styles of music combined with Classical music from composers like  Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly, Antonio Vivaldi, Niccolò Paganini and Johann Sebastian Bach. Ulytau means “Great Mountains” in Kazakh, according to many sources. The band is faithful to Kazakh heritage (i.e. use of the instrument dombra, a national and traditional two-string instrument) while using contemporary styles.

The mix of classic with heavy metal music is not a musical I would have imagined; until now!

I really enjoy the modern twist to the classical music. The music reminds of scores in video games and in some cases, period-set movies. The classic music compliments the heavy metal music nicely, without taking away its essence. What’s most spectacular are their concert performances, which I saw on youtube. I heard music from the early videos, as well as their recent material. It has improved over the years. I would love to see them perform at places such as Place Des Arts and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.







Original publish date: June 25, 2015


30th Anniversary: Labyrinth Soundtrack

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the soundtrack for the film Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie.

The soundtrack consists of 12 songs. Five of which were written and performed by David Bowie.

The music in the movie is an important component to the movie. The songs David Bowie sings demonstrate what’s between the lines of the story. The musical songs are composed by Trevor Jones. They also play an important role in the movie, as well as compliment the songs that David Bowie sang in the movie soundtrack. After watching the movie, you appreciate the soundtrack, even more.The music is filled with suspense and intrigue, which allow one to imagine the story of Labyrinth according to one’s interpretation. There is an artistic feel to it, a touch of whimsical, if you will.  Magic Dance has an amazing beat that you want to get up and dance. Chilly Down is one song I had a hard time understanding it meaning, until I watched the excerpt of the movie on Youtube. Overall, the soundtrack is worth listening to, especially if you enjoyed the film Labyrinth.  The songs that David Bowie performed, however could be heard without having watched the movie, except for the song Within You. I enjoyed how some of the Trevor Jones’ composed songs have musical bits that are samples of  David Bowie’s songs.

The songs performed by David Bowie that I like the most are the following: Magic Dance, As the World Falls Down, Underground, and Within You. Among the musical songs by Trevor Jones that I enjoyed the most are the following: Into the Labyrinth, Sarah, and Home at Last.

Next week I’ll publish a blog article celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of the film Labyrinth 🙂

Credit: Ingrid Richter Flickr http://www.ingridrichter.org/cheese/labyrinth.html


Amr Diab “Ahla wa Ahla”- Arabic Album of the Summer

Country: Egypt
Genre: Pop

Amr Diab released a new album entitled “Ahla wa Ahla” (Better and Better). This is the best album I’ve heard for Amr Diab yet.There’s a summer feel to it. The ballads are incredible and remind of the one on his album.  As a long-time Amr Diab fan, I’m always excited to hear  his latest album. This album in particular reminds me of previous albums such as Tamally Maak (Always with You) and Amarain (Two Moons). There’s a combination of the classic Arabic music with a modern style.

The music has the Arabic Pop music that I really enjoy as opposed to the “Dance Music” that is played in clubs in Montreal or New York. The style of the music in this album is more my style. His music is still amazing to listen to. Amr Diab’s latest album has a summer feel to it. Hello warm weather! Some of his songs also make you get up and dance: Rasmaha, Ahla wa Ahla

Like most of his albums his songs either romantic or about heartbreak. He sings with such poetry in his voice,even in his songs about heartbreak. This album really has the distinct style that Amr Diab is known for.

The part I like the most from this album are the romantic songs in Arabic singers’ album. Amr Diab’s romantic songs are the following: Maak Alby, Rasmaha, Ahla wa Ahla, Waadtak, Aks Baad, Habibty, La La,Omrena Ma Hanergea.  Some people might think it’s cheesy, I think it’s fun and you daydream about finding love or your significant other, if you’re already in a relationship. 🙂

Amr Diab’s songs of heartbreak are the following:  Amentak, Aks Baad, Ragea, Ana Wa Enta, Ala Hobak. The heartbreak is felt in these songs. Getting over someone is not easy. These songs can help the listener not feel alone in a time of heartbreak, in my opinion.

My favourite songs on this album are Maak Alby, Rasmaha, Ahla wa Ahla, Waadtak, Habibty, Ana W Enta, and Amentak.

PS: I’ll find the translation for the title of the songs soon. 🙂







a1 Two Albums 2015 Part 2: Rediscovered


This album has new beats that are fresh and have a summer feel to them. The single “Trust Me” is a perfect example of that summer beat that people enjoy.  Like the other album, the ballads such as “Christopher Columbus”,“Fallen From Grace” , and “Stones” are songs that show the richness in the bands members’ voices.  You really hear the depth in their music as well as their voices.  It shows a more sensitive side to the singers. The song “3 words” has an oriental vibe to it that I have not heard before in their previous material.  Rediscovered is an appropriate title because it had me “rediscover” their previous albums in a whole new light. 🙂

Originally written: June 16, 2015

a1 Two Albums 2015 Part 1: Waiting for Daylight

Country: United Kingdom and Norway
Musical genre(s): Pop, pop rock, dance-pop
Years of experience: 1998-2002, 2009-present
Members (since 2009): Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read and Ben Adams

Brief Bio.:

The group “a1” formed in 1998 by Paul Marazzi (founder and now former member) after meeting with manager Tim Byrne. Auditions took place and the three members Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read and Ben Adams were chosen. Their first record came out in 1999 entitled Here We Come. Their second album The A List was was also quite successful, which features two number one hits Take on Me and Same Old Brand New You. In 2002, the third album Make It Good is released, which was the last album prior to Paul Marazzi leaving the band.Soon after, the group breaks up, and the members lead separate careers.

In 2009, the three remaining members Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read and Ben Adams make a comeback, without Marazzi,. They reunite, and  release two albums since then: Waiting For Daylight (2010) and Rediscovered (2012). Recently, A1 made an appearance for a documentary by the itv2 channel entitled The Big Reunion along withs bands as Eternal, and 5th Story.

Double Review:

Waiting For Daylight

In this album, there are some of the songs that have dance pop from their earlier hit from the late 90s and early 2000s such as songs “It Happens Everyday” and “Nothing in Common” . However, they incorporated a new musical sound to this album and are transitioning from the dance pop music that I remember. Here are two songs that demonstrate the new sound, which I enjoy are the following “Don’t Wanna Lose You Again”  and “Six Feet Under”.  The few ballads such as “Good Things Bad People” and “Waiting for Daylight” are also examples of songs with a new musical style.


To be continued…






Originally written: June 16, 2015

Maxime Malevé Latest Single Part 2: “No Money”

Artist: Maxime Malevé
Single: “No Money”

Maxime Malevé has released a new single! It’s called “No Money”. The song is written and composed by Swiss singer Bastian Baker.  

This seems to be most experimental song of Maxime Malevé’s that I’ve heard so far, in comparison to his other 2 singles. He combines the styles of the two first singles.  The chorus is simple and makes use of repetition in  a clever way. The pause between the verses and the chorus is done with perfect timing.  When he sings the chorus, his voice is a bit high, but makes up for it, with his smooth voice while singing the verses. Also, the subject matter is relatable. I feel a sense of struggle about the subject of money, but at the end, there is a glimmer of hope that is present.

He has evolved as an artist since his appearance on The Voice Belgique. As I mentioned in the

previous, he’s a multi-faceted singer who tests the boundaries of music.

Maxime Malevé has a lot of potential. I look forward to his first album coming out. 🙂


Original date of publication: June 12, 2015




Maxime Malevé Singles 2015 Part 1

Artist: Maxime Malevé
Singles: Party Time & I Will Live For Two
Country: Belgium
Musical genre(s): Pop-Rock
Years of Experience: 2014-present

Brief Bio.:

Maxime Malevé tried his talent music with his band called Holy Street. With the experience he gained from the band, he auditions for season 3 of The Voice Belgique (The Voice Belgium).

He performed song Hometown Glory by Adele on The Voice Belgique where all four coaches turned around within seconds! He did not win this season but this competition brought him visibility. Since then, he performed at the Inc’Rock 2014 festival, and he was the opening act for Swiss singer Bastian Baker (1) at the Cirque Royal in Brussels, Belgium. More recently, Malevé collaborated with Simon Jaccard and Joris Amman, members of Bastian Baker’s band. With that  collaboration, they produced the single “Party Time”.

Double Review:

Party Time
The music is upbeat and gets you dancing. By the third verse, it slows downs briefly then back to a fast tempo. The composition is nicely structured, and the melody flows at a perfect speed. which remind me of the musical styles of U2 and Coldplay. He builds up to the chorus with anticipation.  The video compliments the song, especially the scenes with Maxime Malevé and his friends meet up at the beach prior to the party. When I hear this song, I think of the excitement of going to a party with friends to have fun, kick back and relax. The video does the same as well.

I Will Live For Two
This song is a beautiful ballad. It’s very touching and emotional. The song is quite a contrast to the fast beat of Party Time. His face is jazz-like and smooth. Maxime Malevé is a multi-faceted singer, which demonstrates an ability to try on different musical styles. The piano in the background compliments the song just right with Malevé’s voice . Towards the end, the piano concludes the ballad with one note, and it gives it that “je ne sais quoi” touch. The video is simple with a dark background, which gives it a minimalist look that doesn’t take away from the powerful lyrics of the song.

For both songs, he has a versatile voice that can adapt any musical style. I see potential for Maxime Malevé. Only time will tell what the album has in store for us. 🙂









Originally written: June 11, 2015

Bastian Baker: “Everything We Do”

Artist: Bastian Baker

Single: Everything We Do
Bastian Baker’s anticipated single “Everything We Do” is finally available on iTunes everywhere!  It has been available on Spotify and Deezer to listen to for free since May 29, 2015.


The song “Everything We Do” combines two musical styles: pop & rock with a bit of country. The melody goes from slow to fast and back to slow again. The beat is very catchy. The rhythm is similar to some of the songs of his second album “Too Old To Die Young” like 79 Clinton Street, Dirty Thirty and You’re the One, but with an interesting twist. He has this willingness to experiment with different styles of music, which demonstrates that he’s not afraid to think outside the box and test the boundaries of music. The guitar is very present in this song, which I really enjoy

This gives me something to look forward to in his third album, which will come out in fall of this year. 🙂

Everything We Do Video (Official Clip)

Originally written: June 5, 2015


Jonny Zywiciel: Fresh Sound!

Country: USA
Genre (s): Pop/Soul/Rock
Years of experience: 2013-present

Bio: Jonny Zywiciel is an American singer and musician from San Francisco, California. He’s been playing guitar since the age of 13. His musical inspirations include artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jimmy Hendricks, Sam Smith, and John Mayer. Zywiciel got his first big break at the Bottom of the Hill Club in San Francisco.


His acoustic performances are amazing.  His voice is smooth and versatile.  The first song of his I heard of his was “Magnets”; I was quite impressed! With that voice, Jonny Zywiciel definitely has potential. His covers of songs by other artists are also worth watching such as Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. He incorporates his style to these songs.  I look forward to his first studio album.

I wish him the best of luck and plenty of success in his future. 🙂

There is album of two singles available on iTunes.  


I was looking at another singer’s Facebook page when I saw the comment made by Jonny Zywiciel’s Facebook page. After that I went to his Youtube channel and heard a couple. As I mentioned, I was impressed.






Originally written June 1, 2015