Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Holding Out Featuring Maurico

My Silent Bravery has released a new single entitled Holding Out featuring Rap singer Maurico. The song is about holding onto hope during difficult times.

The music is an exciting mix of alternative and Rap. The guitar is the main instrument that’s heard in the chorus. The sound reminds me of the classic Rap of the 1990s. The parts of alternative music are a trademark style of My Silent Bravery.

The voices of My Silent Bravery and Maurico compliment each other nicely. There’s a smooth transition of sounds. Maurico sings the verses of the song and My Silent Bravery sings the chorus.

The lyrics have a sense of hope despite the difficult times faced in the song. It has a structure with a continuous transition from Rap to Alternative. The poetic techniques of metaphors and repetition make the song intricate and impressive.

The song Holding Out featuring Maurico is available everywhere. Enjoy!


Florence K’s Estrellas- Nice Start to the Summer!

Florence K’s latest album “Estrellas” is an album with a Summer vibe. Throughout the album, she sings in Spanish, French and English, which gives an impressive variety to the record. I heard in an interview that Florence K collaborated with a Canadian singer of Cuban origin Alex Cuba, from Vancouver, B.C.

The music has a smooth rhythm with a distinct tempo. The Spanish songs make me want to dance the Salsa and inspire me to travel to South America someday. Florence K’s voice is soft in the slow songs and powerful in the faster tunes.

Since I don’t speak Spanish, I can’t fully understand some of the songs. However, with some words that sound similar to French or English. For example, Morena is a song that talks about heartbreak. The chorus is in English, which helped me understand the song better. The French version of Estrellas and Seguire gave me a better idea of what the songs meant.

My favourite songs are Des Etoiles ( French version of Estrellas), Je Rentre A La Maison ( French version of Seguire), Tu Busco Spanish, and Seguire in French & Spanish.










Frank Sinatra- 20th Anniversary of His Passing



May 14, 2018, marks the 20th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s passing. He was a well-known singer & actor, whose music and films are timeless. He had many hits including My Way, Fly Me to the Moon, “New York, New York”, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Somethin’ Stupid (featuring his first wife Nancy Sinatra).

Frank Sinatra was the early example of swing music, which is making a comeback in recent years. Many of his songs have remade or made into covers over the years, including Canadian Singer Michael Buble.

I’ve listened to Frank Sinatra’s music since I was a kid. It started with his main hits album that we had at home. I’ve seen many of his movies too, including some with Gene Kelly. They were a
very entertaining duo. It’s no surprise that almost every film in which he acted he sang. His voice was distinct and unique for that time. He started in a band before going solo as a singer. There were also other hits such as The Way You Look Tonight, Strangers in the Night, Moon River, Summer Wind, Love And Marriage Life, and “That’s Life”, and Summer Wind.

One of his most famous songs was “My Way”, which had a similar musical style as Claude Francois’s “Comme D’habitude”. Some say that Sinatra had plagiarised the song “Comme D’habitude”, that’s what I heard.

My favourite songs include “New York, New York”, “My Way”, “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Something Stupid” featuring his first wife Nancy Sinatra, Strangers in the Night, Moon River, Summer Wind, and so many others.


Single Saturdays: Marie-Mai’s Latest Single-Empire

Genre: Pop, Dance
Country: Canada

Marie-Mai has released a new single since 2014, entitled Empire. She will release an album in Fall 2018. She was busy with La Voix Junior (The Voice Kids) and took time off to take care of her baby Girl Gisele.

Empire is a metaphor for rediscovering oneself and gaining confidence to take back one’s life. It’s about the maturity and the wisdom that comes with life experiences allowing oneself to move forward. Overcoming obstacles isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

Her voice has a fantastic variety of tempos. She has a sound that is powerful, which compliments the song quite well. Her music is a mix of fast & slow, which is a new style to her music, including a dance beat reminding me of the early 2000s. While there’s strength in the song, there’s also softness.

Empire is the song that will be the start of the Summer season to come.

Update: Video out May 25, 2018.


Flashback Fridays: Tribute to Prince One Year Since His Passing

Prince (2)  Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the passing of Prince.  Unfortunately, this week Prince was making headline, but for the wrong reasons. However, in this article, I will honour the late singer and his music. He made an impact on the music industry. Prince also challenged gender norms, which was significant during the 70s and 80s.

He had interesting music. His videos were expressive of who he was as an artist. However, I don’t have access any of his music video. Prince didn’t like having his music online. I will respect that, even after his passing.  

He was an inspiration for those who felt out of place in society. Being a boy from a small town  in Minnesota to making it big as a musician. His music was catchy and entertaining. It is sad to have lost him so young.

The songs I liked the most were Raspberry Beret and When Doves Cry.

Rest in Peace Prince.







Bastian Baker’s Latest Single Five Fingers

Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Five Fingers. It has an interesting beat that I have not heard with Bastian’s music. It’s a love song that uses the five fingers as a metaphor of how true love is forever. Having five fingers is something permanent like true love.

There is a rock & roll feel to it that reminds of 70s rock music. It’s a catchy tune with amazing melodies. Bastian Baker is impressive as always. There’s a feeling of nostalgia, because Rock & Roll used to be seen as a musical genre that was gone in the 80s. The lyrics are simple, but have deep meaning. His voice is versatile. He sounds like a rock star in this song. His style of music is an interesting mix of genres. It is the case with Five Fingers, a mix of pop & rock, with some folk. It’s also a journey about a how a relationship can overcome any obstacles in its way. I love this song!

It gives me an impression of what to expect from the fourth album. I feel like he’s established as an artist. Bastian Baker has potential. 🙂

2017 Grammys Overview

This year’s Grammy’s  were incredible. James Corden did a fantastic job hosting this year. His sense of humour was put to good use. He’s funny, as well as kind. I was especially moved by his introductory to tribute to the late George Michael and the late Prince.

Congratulations to Adele on her five Grammys! She is a very talented artist. I admired her speech to Beyonce during her speech for receiving the Grammy for Album of the Year. That’s incredible. She’s so kind and so humble. Bravo Adele!

There were so many amazing performances by the musicians. My favourite performances were Adele’s two performances: the one at the beginning when she sang Hello and her tribute to George Michael. I was surprised to see her restart her tribute. However, when I heard saying she was having technical problems with her mic and that she wanted to get it right, I understood why she wanted to redo it. Paying tribute to a music legend like the George Michael is a big a deal. I admire her courage to redo it.  She did a fantastic job. I was really moved by it. Her version of the song Fastlove was incredible and suited her musical style perfectly.  The montage of images of George Michael was well done. There were clips of some of his classics like Careless Whisper (one of which was the first clip), and I’m Your Man.

The performance by Beyonce was incredible and favoured empowerment for women. Power to her! Bravo Beyonce! 

Ed Sheeran’s performance was also amazing. His music getting better and better. I look forward to hearing more music from this British artist.

The Weeknd’s performance was spectacular. The Canadian singer rocked it! Daft Punk also did a good job. Loved it!

The tribute to Prince was also amazing. Bruno Mars gave an epic performance along with The Time. I enjoyed watching artists in the audience dancing along to the music.

The BeeGees homage segment was unexpected and super fun. My mom and I were dancing the hits of Staying Alive and Tragedy. Loved the country twist of the song How Deep is Your Love.

The In Memoriam segment was touching as always, but this time it was different. I felt even more emotional because we’d lost so many musicians last year. 2016 was a rough year with the passing of so many musicians. I still can’t believe it.

Lastly, the New Artist of the Year is my fave part. Congratulations to Chance the Rapper. His music is definitely worth listening to.


2016 Albums Left for Review

Here are the albums that I haven’t reviewed from 2016.

  • Robby Johnson Don’t Look Back (first edition)
  • Marie-Eve Janvier & Jean-François Breau Route Infinie
  • Barbra Streisand Encore
  • Bobby Bazini Summer is Gone
  • Jean-Pierre Ferland Chansons Jalouses

These are albums that I missed to comment on when they were released at different times  throughout the year.  I will briefly comment on each one to end this year a good note.

Robby Johnson Don’t Look Back (first edition)

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Country
Experience: 2016-present

I admit I don’t listen to a lot of Country music. However, Robby Johnson’s Don’t Look Back album is amazing! The songs are so romantic and entertaining.  It’s distinct from other Country music albums.

I thought Robby Johnson was American when I heard him, but it turns out he’s Canadian! More specifically he’s from my home province of Quebec. That is so cool!

My favourite songs from this album are: Shady, Hate Me Tonight, Together, Anything but Ordinary, There You Are

Marie-Eve Janvier & Jean-François Breau Route Infinie

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop
Experience: 2009-present

Marie-Ève Janvier and Jean-François Breau have released a new album this fall entitled La Route Infinie. Their music is always a pleasure to listen to. This album in particular has a road-trip feel to it. It makes me look forward to Summer again.

C’est une fille is a sentimental song in honour of the birth of their daughter Lea. It’s a mother and father expressing the joy of welcoming a baby into the world. Although I have no children of my own, I imagine what it would feel like to be a mother.

My favourite songs from this album are: Pour Moi, C’est Toi; C’est une fille; Route Infinie, Le temps manque, la maison où je veux vivre, Avec Toi, J’entend l’bonheur qui cogne

Barbra Streisand Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway

Country: USA
Musical genre(s): Broadway jazz traditional pop disco
Experience: 1963-present

Barbra Streisand’s voice in this album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway is incredible as always. In this album she sings duets with various singers and actors such as Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, and Alec Baldwin. Each song tells a story or stories in some cases. She remains to be one of the best singers/actresses of our time.


These are songs she sang in her many of her musical films. I love the homage to the past, while adding a contemporary component to it. Love it!

My favourite songs from this album are At the Ballet (featuring Emily Blunt & Anne Hathaway), I’ll Be Seeing You”/”I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face (featuring Chris Pine), Anything You Can Do (featuring Melissa McCarthy), and Pure Imagination (featuring Seth MacFarlane)


Bobby Bazini Summer is Gone

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop
Experience: 2009-present

                                          Coming Soon

Jean-Pierre Ferland Chansons Jalouses

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Folk rock, Folk music, Rock music, Blues, Country music
Experience: 1959-present
                                      Coming soon

Flashback Fridays: Tribute to George Michael

As if 2016 wasn’t a year that many felt was depressing, especially with the passing of so many musicians. Sadly, we lost another artist this week: George Michael. He passed away in his home on Christmas Day. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and his fans.  Although I’m only familiar with some of George Michael’s hits, I learned how significant he was in the music industry. He was inspiration to many British artists including groups like a1 and Blue


George Michael was a fantastic artist. I remember hearing the song Careless Whisper in a store one time, during my vacation to the US when I was a kid. I’ve always liked that song since then. Although I grew up in the 90’s , I’ve always enjoyed 80’s music. George Michael’s songs were a part of my 80’s repertoire.  I was fascinated to know he was British, making him a part of British Pop culture.  

My favourite from the late George Michael from his career as a solo artist  were Careless Whisper, and Faith. My fave songs of his when he was with Wham were Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Last Christmas.

Rest in Peace George Michael 😦

Wham Clips

Christmas Music 2016 Edition- French-Canadian Artists Double Review

2016 is a good year for Christmas music  I have discovered quite a few this year. It’s exciting this time of year. The feeling of joy and compassion is needed these days, especially with the sad news from around the world. Quebec is a fantastic place for Christmas music.

There are three albums that caught my attention this year. All three albums are performed by Canadian artists, more specifically Quebecois artists.

-Melissa Bedard Ma Liste de Noël
-Tocadeo Meilleurs Vœux
– Cœur de Pirate Chansons tristes pour Noël

The first two albums Melissa Bedard and Tocadeo perform the French version of Christmas classics such as “C’est L’Hiver” (French version of Let it Snow).  There is an interesting contrast between their respective albums Melissa Bedard’s voice is strong, similar to that of an opera singer.  The members of Tocadeo on the other hand, sing with the similar musical style from Christmas classics. The examples are Vive Le Vent, C’est l’hiver, and Minuit Chretien.

Melissa Bedard’s album Ma Liste de Noël does two songs that are her own: C’est Noël, mon amour, et Enfin, Noël. It gives it  a more personal touch, which differs from most Christmas albums I’ve heard.

Christmas Music 2016 Edition- French-Canadian Artists Part 2

Cœur de Pirate’s album Chansons tristes pour Noël consists of remakes of three sad Christmas songs, including the classic Last Christmas by Wham!

This album differs from the albums of Melissa Bedard and Tocadeo who sing the classics of Christmas songs.  There’s the raw emotion of the heartbreak that some experience in this time of year.  Her voice is expressive and flows nicely.

I really enjoy hearing the piano in the background. The music of the piano compliments her version of these three songs.  The quality of this album is amazing!

This is my take on the Christmas music of 2016

Happy Holidays everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2017 be a blessed year for everyone.