Singles Saturdays: Marcio Novelli -For Chelsea

Canadian singer Marcio Novelli has a new single out entitled For Chelsea. It’s a love song that is about a man telling the woman he loves that he will honour her. It’s a song that’s ideal for the wedding season.

The music is slow with a smooth rhythm. The sounds of the guitar and the piano is harmonious and complimentary. It reminds me of what I would here at a here because of the slow music. It’s romantic and sweet. Some parts of the song, have me thinking of Green Day’s music.

Marcio Novelli’s voice is beautiful and is sync with the music. His vocal is similar to Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. His voice doesn’t go too high or too low; it’s at an incredible in-between tempo.

The lyrics are rich romantic of description love. A man honours the woman he loves by telling that if she falls, he’ll catch her, for example. He makes impressive of use of poetic techniques. Marcio Novelli uses personification to descriptions his feelings. An example is “Your Eyes Say More Than Words Ever Could,” which is profound and significant. A second example is the following sentence “Your Smile Takes Away All of My Fears.” It shows that he feels safe and reassured by the presence of his significant other. Another poetic technique that Marcio Novellio uses is hyperbole. In the song, he mentions holding her heart in his hand. It has a significant meaning, which is that a relationship is fragile and delicate, like a heart. It also shows that he will pay attention to her feelings and wishes. The words of the song are full of romance and love.

The song For Chelsea is available everywhere. Enjoy!


Julia Jacklin’s Second Studio Album Crushing

Australian singer Julia Jacklin has a new album out entitled Crushing. The overall theme is telling stories, getting to know oneself, as well as life and love.

The music is alternative mixed with Indie Pop. It is flowy and rhythmic with a structured composition. It even reminds of the music of the 1970s and early 80s. The sound of the guitar is soothing in this album. The slow and not too fast beat of the songs allows the listeners to focus on the lyrics.

Julia Jacklin’s voice is soft, mellow and sweet. She sounds laid-back and relaxed. Her style of singing reminds of the Mamas and Papas group – a 70s feel to her voice. She also has a sound that has me thinking of that of the late Cranberries lead singer- Dolores O’Riordan- specifically the song Pressure to Party.

The lyrics of the songs have the use of imagery, to allow the listeners to visualize her stories, like having access to Julia Jacklin’s world. The description of what she says is fantastic. The subject matter of life and love is relatable and timeless.

Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Holding Out Featuring Maurico

My Silent Bravery has released a new single entitled Holding Out featuring Rap singer Maurico. The song is about holding onto hope during difficult times.

The music is an exciting mix of alternative and Rap. The guitar is the main instrument that’s heard in the chorus. The sound reminds me of the classic Rap of the 1990s. The parts of alternative music are a trademark style of My Silent Bravery.

The voices of My Silent Bravery and Maurico compliment each other nicely. There’s a smooth transition of sounds. Maurico sings the verses of the song and My Silent Bravery sings the chorus.

The lyrics have a sense of hope despite the difficult times faced in the song. It has a structure with a continuous transition from Rap to Alternative. The poetic techniques of metaphors and repetition make the song intricate and impressive.

The song Holding Out featuring Maurico is available everywhere. Enjoy!

My Silent Bravery – Willing To Try Acoustic Version

black electric guitar

The American Alternative/Pop band, My Silent Bravery, has released a new album, an acoustic version of the three EPs Willing To Try. The same themes from the three EPs are in this album: love, Summer, romance, memories, and heartbreak.

The music comes from the guitar in the background. It is just incredible as the studio albums that came out in 2018. The Rhythm is impeccable in the acoustic version of the songs from the Willing to Try records. It’s authentic and well-done.

Matthew Wade, the lead singer of My Silent Bravery, has a fantastic voice, especially when he sings acoustic. What’s lovely about acoustic performance is how you can tell when a singer’s voice is genuine. Also, the authenticity shows when an artist sings acoustic when they follow the beat of an instrument. That is the case with Matthew Wade. Impressive!

Here are links to some of my favourite songs from the album Willing to Try Acoustic. Enjoy the music!


Single Saturdays: Maxime Malevé – Flames

Belgian singer Maxime Malevé has released a new single entitled Flames. The song is about a love story that didn’t work out and its aftermath. It’s a tune filled with emotions.

Alternative music in this song is slow and soothing. It has a nice subtly to it — impressive work by Belgian composer Adrien Sepulchre. The guitar played in this song is incredible.
Maxime Malevé knows how to change register in the song. He sings softly then goes to a higher pitch in a smooth transition.

Maxime Malevé wrote the lyrics for Flames. He uses the poetic technique of repetition and metaphors to describe the end of a love. Maxime Malevé repeats the sentences “let it burn” and “what’s done can’t be undone.” Those phrases emphasize how the relationship he couldn’t save the relationship he had, despite his efforts. An example of metaphors is when he describes the aftermath of the breakup as “ashes.” The “ashes” mentioned in the song are symbolic.

The song Flames is now available. Enjoy!

My Silent Bravery’s Latest EP – Willing To Try: Chapter 3

The American band, My Silent Bravery, has released another EP: Willing to Try Chapter 3. The album has four songs. The overall theme of the album is relationships and memories. The songs are Denial, Split Second Memories, What Are You Waiting For, and Homecoming.

The music genre of the album is rock. There’s a nice presence of the guitar in all of the four songs. Denial has the nice dance beat to it, which reminds me of the music from the late 90s. The song Split Second Memories has a rock rhythm that is catchy. The songs “What Are You For?” and “Homecoming” have a slower beat to them. The composition of all four tunes is impressive.

The lyrics focus on relationships in an intricate manner, with emotion and thought. Denial and Split Second Memories talk about relationships and the exciting times, as well as the nervous feeling one can feel when in love. What Are You Waiting is about the doubts people have when they’re in a relationship. Homecoming tells the story about a guy who reassures his significant other that there’s nothing to worry about and that everything will be alright. There’s beautiful poetry to the songs, all four of them.

The song I really like is Split Second Memories. The EP Willing to Try Chapter 3 is now available. Enjoy!

My Silent Bravery’s Summer EP Willing to Try-Chapter 1

My Silent Bravery released two EPs this Summer entitled Willing to Try Chapters 1 & 2. Willing to Try Volume 1 has an overall feel of Summer fun, nostalgia, and romance. The four songs of the album are Got It Going On, Hearts Breakdown, 18, and Girl You Think You Know.

The lyrics have quality and profound meaning to them. The stories are relatable and beautiful. The presence of the guitar is incredible!!

Got It Going On and 18 are happy and cheerful songs. Got It Going On is an optimistic tune that cheers you up. The story is about a guy who lives his life with confidence and happiness. I like the feeling of owning my life. The song 18 is my favourite song of the EP. It tells the story of a guy remembers what it was like to be 18. There’s a feeling of nostalgia to which many can relate. In this song, the references are from the 80s, such as Patrick Swayze.

Hearts Breakdown and Girl You Think Know are sad, but sweet songs. Hearts Breakdown tells the story of a guy who struggles with the relationships, which is relatable to many. In relationships, one can wear his or her heart on her sleeve. Love is an abstract emotion and makes us do crazy stuff. Logic is “thrown out” the window. Hearts Breakdown describes how hard and challenging relationships are, especially when there’s a risk of it ending. The song The Girl You Think You Know talks about a nice girl who faces challenges in her life, which isn’t common knowledge while putting on a brave face. It’s something that is relatable. We have one face that we allow people to see, and then we have the “real” face that we keep hidden.