Editorial: 2020 CCMA Awards

Canadian Country Music Association held the CCMA Awards on September 27, 2020, without a host, but with presenters in Canada and the USA. Good job!  The event took place in two cities: Burl's Creek, Ontario, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Artists performed some of their recent hits in either of the two locations. Thank you … Continue reading Editorial: 2020 CCMA Awards

Queen’s Performance at Live Aid

Queen's 21-minute performance appeared to be the most memorable part of the event. If you saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, some may interpret this moment as a comeback for the British Rock band. I watched the Live Aid performance, including Queen's on Youtube. It was fantastic to watch.  It starts with the song Bohemian Rhapsody where Freddie Mercury performs … Continue reading Queen’s Performance at Live Aid

The High Note: Movie & Music

I watched the movie The High Note over the weekend. It tells three stories of three people in one film: the artist Grace Davis (Tracee-Ellis Ross), the personal assistant/producer Maggie (Dakota Johnson), and David Cliff (Kelvin Harrison Jr.). The songs include the ones performed by Tracee-Ellis Ross, old classics (i.e. Aretha Franklin) and covers given by Tracee-Ellis … Continue reading The High Note: Movie & Music

American Story 2- Les Années Woodstock EP

The EP American Story 2- Les Années Woodstock is an homage to Woodstock with covers of three classic hits from the famous event of 1969. The songs are The Weight, Somebody To Love, Suite: Judy Blues Eyes, and the Radio Edit of Somebody To Love. The singers are Miriam Baghdassarian, Rick Hughes, and Pascal Dufour. … Continue reading American Story 2- Les Années Woodstock EP