Flashback Fridays: Tribute to Prince One Year Since His Passing

Prince (2)  Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the passing of Prince.  Unfortunately, this week Prince was making headline, but for the wrong reasons. However, in this article, I will honour the late singer and his music. He made an impact on the music industry. Prince also challenged gender norms, which was significant during the 70s and 80s.

He had interesting music. His videos were expressive of who he was as an artist. However, I don’t have access any of his music video. Prince didn’t like having his music online. I will respect that, even after his passing.  

He was an inspiration for those who felt out of place in society. Being a boy from a small town  in Minnesota to making it big as a musician. His music was catchy and entertaining. It is sad to have lost him so young.

The songs I liked the most were Raspberry Beret and When Doves Cry.

Rest in Peace Prince.








Bastian Baker’s Latest Single Five Fingers

Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Five Fingers. It has an interesting beat that I have not heard with Bastian’s music. It’s a love song that uses the five fingers as a metaphor of how true love is forever. Having five fingers is something permanent like true love.

There is a rock & roll feel to it that reminds of 70s rock music. It’s a catchy tune with amazing melodies. Bastian Baker is impressive as always. There’s a feeling of nostalgia, because Rock & Roll used to be seen as a musical genre that was gone in the 80s. The lyrics are simple, but have deep meaning. His voice is versatile. He sounds like a rock star in this song. His style of music is an interesting mix of genres. It is the case with Five Fingers, a mix of pop & rock, with some folk. It’s also a journey about a how a relationship can overcome any obstacles in its way. I love this song!

It gives me an impression of what to expect from the fourth album. I feel like he’s established as an artist. Bastian Baker has potential. 🙂