Samo Zaen’ Summer Single “Enta Shabahi”

Country: Syria (Lives in Egypt)

Genre(s): Arabic Pop
Samo Zaen’s latest single “Inta Shabahi” (You’re Like Me)  is his latest single. It has a dance beat that is popular. It’s not my style, however.  

The lyrics are simple and also romantic. His voice is incredible as always. The music, however, is not my style. I’m not into the “dance/DJ” music style, but I do understand why people like it. It gets you moving, especially if you like going to a dance club. I do like that it sounds like Summer and the beach. I just wish there more of the Arabic-style beat. There’s  a disco beat that I like, and you hear it on some parts of the song.

I enjoy how his songs are romantic, just like this single.  He talks about how he admires the woman he cares about. He appreciates her. That’s my interpretation. I visualize a couple going to a club or a major event.  The song is fun to listen to, but like I said it lacks the Arabic-style dance music.


Omi Cheerlader

Country: Jamaica
Musical genre(s): Reggae pop reggae fusion
Years of experience: 2012-present


  “Cheerleader” is a song that is heard everywhere! I enjoy it. It is such an entertaining song that has such a good beat.  Another summer hit! Having seen the two different videos, I feel like going to a beach to relax and sunbathe.

Omi’s voice is smooth, and joyful. I look forward to hearing more songs of his, even an album. He has potential because his songs reflect Jamaican music, which has a distinct style. I can’t wait to hear to more songs of his. The melody of  “Cheerleader” (Felix Jaehn version)  is  rhythmic with fluid composition.

Brief Bio.:

 Omi was discovered by the dancehall impresario Clifton Dillon. Soon after, he signed with Oufah, a Jamaican label. The first song Omi recorded was “Standing On All Threes”. He also has other hits that are known in Jamaica  “Take It Easy”, “Fireworks”, and “Color of My Lips” ( featuring Busy Signal, Jamaican reggae artist)

The song was composed in 2008.  It was not recorded however, until 2012. The song was a hit in Jamaica, Hawaii, United States. There are two remixed versions of “Cheerleader”: one by Felix Jaehn, and the other by Ricky Blaze.

In 2014, Patrick Moxey, the president of Ultra Music ,heard the song “Cheerleader”, and offered to relaunch into a dance music version of it.  The song became a hit became a success in Europe, starting with Sweden, then eventually France, Italy and Germany, etc. In May, it became a hit in the United Kingdom. Since then it has become an international hit!

Here three other different videos for the same song:

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix, at the beach)

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) with The New England Patriots Cheerleaders

Cheerleader- Official Video (Original version)

Beach version




Originally Written: July 29, 2015


Olivier Dion “Je t’aime c’est tout”

Olivier Dion has released another fun single this summer! His latest single is “Je t’aime, c’est tout” (I love you, that is all). It’s for the play and the comedy musical “The Three Musketeers” that is going to take place in France, starting September 26, 2016.

  The song is fitting for the play. I can imagine a modern choreography for this song, which  reminds of the film version of the “The Three Musketeers ”, the version starring Gene Kelly. . Since the song is for The Three Musketeers, I can visualize the moment D’artagnan sees Constance for the first time, and it’s love at first sight.

  Love is a common theme, including love at first sight. Olivier Dion talks throughout the song about how much he loves her, but feels nervous and happy at the same time. It’s a simple song. Also some use of repetition where he talks about men not being ready for love. Example in the following verse:

“Les hommes ne sont pas faits pour, pour l’amour

Comme toujours

Mais plutôt pour les détours, aller simple

Comme bonjour”

It demonstrates that nobody feels “ready” for love, it just happens, there’s no control, you can’t do anything about it. It can feel overwhelming.

  As for beat, it’s contemporary and fast-pace instead of a slow rhythm.  It has a summer beat, similar to his other hit “Si j’étais son soleil” (link below). The melody is structured and flows at a perfect speed.

The video compliments the song very nicely as it shows the reference to the story of The Three Musketeers.  Enjoy the video! 🙂



Originally written: July 24, 2015


MAGIC! Sunday Fun Day

Country:  Canada
Musical genre(s): Reggae-Pop
Years of experience: 2012-present


Nasri Atweh – lead vocals

Mark Pelli – guitar

Alex Tanas – drums  

Ben Spivak – bass                            

MAGIC’s latest single “Sunday Funday” is a fun song with a summer vibe.

A fun song that refers to relatable topics such as a looking forward to the weekend, and a dislike for Mondays.  Everyone needs a little  R & R, which “Sunday Funday” demonstrates this in an amusing fashion. It reminds me of how I look forward to the weekend with excitement or for the first day of vacation. It is a catchy song. I feel like doing the “happy dance”.  This song proves more potential for this group.

They have the trademark mix of reggae-pop in this summer hit. The two genres are distinct in the song, but compliment each other very well.  I enjoy the mix of genres, which is not always easy. MAGIC! has definitely achieved this with perfection. The music is similar to their first single “Rude”, having the same two-genre fusion. Reggae is not a genre that one hears often. It makes for a nice change and can be combined with pop.

Lead singer Nasri Atweh has an incredible voice that can’t be forgotten. The band members Mark, Alex, and Ben are very talented musicians. There is a nice sense of teamwork and collaboration, which are key to a successful band. MAGIC! definitely has these qualities.

Their first album Don’t Kill the Magic is available in stores and on iTunes, which is also amazing. 🙂


Official Clip


Originally written July 22, 2015


Maxime McGraw’s Latest Single On n’y peut rien

Genre: Pop/Folk
Country: Canada

Maxime McGraw’s latest single “On n’y peut rien” (There’s nothing we can do)  is a song about life in general. It talks about the challenges and struggles people face everyday

Maxime McGraw’s voice is deep, smooth and distinctive. It’s also consistent. The music is also very smooth. There’s a folkloric beat that I really enjoy. There’s the feel of Acadie (Acadia, a region in New Brunswick) in it. That’s my point of view. 😉 The music fading towards the end is well done.  The tempo increases at gradual rate, which allows the listener to appreciate the song even more.

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t sure what it was about. When I read the lyrics, I had a better understand of what the lyrics meant. It talks about the general struggles of life.  However, there is hope and resilience, despite the hardships people face. Whatever is meant to be will happen and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s a song of self-reflection.  I really appreciated this song after I understood the lyrics.

Jonny Zywiciel “Time to Heal”-A Heartfelt Song

Jonny Zywiciel has released another incredible single! His latest single is called “Time to Heal”. This song is deep and well-written. It’s from the heart. Jonny Zywiciel wrote this song to honour those facing drug addiction or have gone to rehab and are on the road to recovery. This is a song that gives a sense of hope to listeners through a tough time in life. This is is the first single that is not a love song. There’s a feeling of comfort and reassurance no matter what life throws at us. It’s a journey of overcoming obstacles.  Time heals all wounds. It’s cliche but true. His songs always have a sense of hope and simplicity to them.  Addiction is a problem that needs be addressed. I think this song will definitely encourage those who need help, to seek it. It’s certainly thought-provoking. People facing addiction are humans too!

The music of the guitar is epic and very present. His use of this instrument is his trademark. The guitar compliments his voice; it doesn’t take away from it. His voice is smooth and versatile. Every single Jonny Zywiciel releases is incredible. Each song the beat is different and unique.  You feel the sense of passion in his voice. The song ends on a whisper, which gives the impression that he is reassuring the person that everything will be okay in the end.

Please download this song on iTunes; proceeds go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Olivier Dion “Si J’étais Son Soleil”

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop
Years of experience: 2012-present

  Olivier Dion’s single “Si j’étais son soleil” (Translation: If I were her sunshine) is another song to be heard this summer.

  The song has a rhythm that flows similar to latin music., in my point of view.  I feel like dancing when I hear this song This is another song talks about love and the uncertainty people may feel about it, but with an upbeat music.

 The lyrics have metaphors that give the song depth and .The first example is the sun. The sun represents warmth, summer, and especially the beach. The second example is that of  flame and the spark. He talks about being her flame, her spark as a representation of how love can grow with a spark. Meaning, the spark is just the beginning of the fire.  In this case going up to the person is the first step to a potential love.  

 He talks about feeling insignificant and vulnerable in comparison to heroes, the kings, the gods and the sun even, just being human. This to his fear and uncertainty, which are common occurrences when being in love as well as prior to declaring one’s l to someone. The video demonstrates this quite well. He’s close to the woman at the bar, yet far away. However, the song, like in the video, shows the potential of asking that person out, through imagining him being with her.

Side note:

   This song brought him success in France, and he will be playing the main role of D’Artagnan in the musical comedy Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers). He has a new single called Je t’aime c’est tout, which relates to the play.

Olivier Dion has an album Olivier Dion, which came out in 2014. Available in stores and on iTunes.



Originally written July 1o, 2015


Jonny Zywiciel’s New Single “Faith”


Jonny Zywiciel’s latest single “Faith” is a song that is perfect for the summer

This single has lots of the soul-style music, there’s even a hint of jazz. It’s a love song at its best with a really nice rhythm . Plus, his lyrics rhyme with a smooth poetic style.  Like the other two songs, I heard by Jonny Zywiciel, this latest single also has a fresh sound. This sound is distinctive and remarkable. You can really hear the guitar being played.

The subject matter of second chances in relationships is not uncommon. However, the use of upbeat music is a different approach to other that can have a sadder beat. This gives hope to those who want to give a second chance to relationship that previously ended.

As I mentioned before, I can’t wait for the release of his  future album. 🙂

Marie-Mai “Almost”

Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop, Rock, Jazz
Years of experience: 2003-present


Marie-Mai’s latest single “Almost” is song that demonstrates her constantly evolving musical style.  There is simplicity to her lyrics. The same thing can also be said for the music video. Back to the lyrics, I sense raw emotions in them, and in the voice too. Her voice is musical, rhythmic, and quite strong. The style of the melody  is similar to her recent album “M”, which came out in 2014.



Written: July 1st, 2015