Nicola Ciccone’s Acoustic Version of Le Long Chemin

Nicola Ciccone has recently released an acoustic version of his album Le Long Chemin (The Long Road or the long journey). The themes are love, heartbreak, and life stories.

The music in this album is different from the studio version. For starters, one can only hear live instruments in the background, making it romantic. The sound feels as though you were at a concert, primarily a small venue. The music follows Nicola Ciccone’s voice, instead of the other way around. It reminds me of the sounds of any European country, including Italy – it has a travel/vacation vibe. The instruments heard in the background include the guitar and the piano.

Nicola Ciccone’s voice is fantastic. He sings softly, deeply, and from the heart. In an acoustic album, one can know if a singer sings genuinely- that’s the case with Nicola Ciccone- his voice has a significant presence. When he sings, it is music. He has incredible rhythm in his vocal style.

The album Le Long Chemin- Version Acoustique is now available.

I couldn’t find an acoustic performance from the latest album.

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