Ariane Brunet’s Latest Album “Stella”

Country: Canada
Genre(s):Francophone Music, Pop, Jazz ( some)
Date of release: April 1, 2016

Ariane Brunet released her third album “Stella”. The mix of pop and jazz is well done. It’s not an easy combination.  It’s complimentary to the album “Fusée”, which came out in 2013. Her voice is beautiful and smooth, it goes beyond expectations. She pushes the envelope with her voice. Incredible!   

The music on the album is slow and reminds of lounge music. It’s an album one listens to at the end of a long day. There’s a jazz-like beat to most of the songs on this album. The music is amazing. The sound of drums is an interesting twist. Sometimes her voice is the music! That’s impressive. The song where that happen is “Si je reviens”. The lyrics take centre stage over the music. I noticed an electric beat that gives the song an interesting touch to it. This album’s songs have many music genres, yet they compliment each other and flow at a perfect rhythm.

“Y croire” has a bohemian/folk  sound to it, which is not something I’ve heard before in Ariane Brunet’s music. It’s an optimistic song that gives a sense of hope.

Lumiere has a nice dance beat that’s similar to the disco of the 70’s mixed with contemporary music. It’s also very romantic and fun.  Ta Parade also has jazz beat that also gets people dancing. These are main songs that have a dance beat to them.  Her other romantic songs are  “Fais-moi tourner encore”, “Nos chapeaux”, and “Avant”. “Temoin” tells a sweet story  a couple looking back at their relationship.  “Nos Chapeaux” is descriptive and tells a lovely story of a happy couple.

“Tu joues” and “Perdre goût” are songs related to heartbreak. In both songs, she expresses how she feels fed up and is ready to walk away from a bad relationship, which takes courage. “Ciel” is a sad story about a young woman who’s feeling heartbreak. It’s deep and beautifully written. Her sad songs are very touching  

My favourite songs in the album are: “Fais-moi tourner encore”, “Y Croire”, and “Nos Chapeaux”, “Lumiere”, “Ta parade”


10th Anniversary Release: Wilfred Le Bouthillier “Poussières”


Genre(s): Pop, rock
Release Date: April 4, 2006

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Wilfred Le Bouthillier “Poussières”. It’s the second album for the Acadian singer. His main hits are “Avec Toi” and “Tant qu’il y aura”. This album has more of a rock/pop beat to it versus his first album, which had more folk vibe to it.The subject matter of the songs varies from romantic to thought-provoking to storytelling. It gives it an interesting dynamic of different sounds and melodies.  

He has two songs, which are a metaphor about Acadian culture (my interpretation). The two songs are:  “Dans mon village” and “Ils reviennent”. It’s poetic and gives his insight about how Acadian culture is at risk of assimilation, which is my interpretation.

“Poussières” is a thought-provoking songs because it’s about how the world is at risk of falling apart, whether politically or literally. The song works still today with what’s going on in the news these days. There’s a feeling of worry and anxiety about what the world would be like for future generations. In an interview, Le Bouthillier mentions how he got inspired to write this song after the news about hurricane Katrina.

“Tout sorte de monde” is an edgy song that discusses how it takes all kinds to live in a world. As cliché as that sounds, it’s still true to this day. Diversity is what makes the world we live a mosaic of sorts.  

The romantic songs on this album “Tant qu’il y aura”, “Avec toi”, “Ma vie tourne autour de toi”, “Je continue de croire”, “Dis-moi que tu viens”, “Le monde a bien changé”.  “Tant qu’il y aura”, “Avec Toi”, “Dis-moi que tu viens” have a rock and pop combination that is amazing. There’s a feels of old-style rock/pop beat with a contemporary twist. “Ma vie tourne autour de toi”, “Je continue de croire”, “Le monde a bien changé” have a slow-style music

The one song about heartbreak is “Ne vois-tu pas?”. Yes, there is heartbreak, but there is also a sense of relief. He finally reaches his limit and decides to finally move on.

“Bouffon” and “Insignifiant” are songs, in which the meaning is not clear to me. There’s a story to each one of them, but I am not certain how to interpret them. I still enjoy the music, especially the experimental sound.

My top favourite are “Avec Toi” and “Tant qu’il y aura”, “Ne Vois-tu pas?”, “Le Monde a bien changé” , “Dis-moi que tu viens”.

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