Nicola Ciccone’s Latest Album “Esprit Libre”

Country:  Canada
Musical genre(s): Pop, Country (some)
Years of experience: 1999-present

Nicola Ciccone’s latest album “Esprit Libre” is very well-done album. All of the songs are written and composed by Nicola Ciccone.  There’s that richness and poetic feel to the lyrics, which is what Ciccone is known for. His metaphors are quite present in this album.

The most vibrant song is  Dolce Vita, a celebration of life and it makes you want to dance. I imagine myself in either little Italy in Montreal or Italy. He sings some verses in Italian, a way to show he’s in touch with his Italian origins.

The song that touched me the most was “Oh toi mon père”. This song talk about the passing of Nicola Ciccone’s father, a few months before the release of this album. Subject of losing a loved one is never an easy topic, which demonstrates telling loved ones we care about them is important. Another touching song is “L’infirmière”, which tells a story about how nurses work very hard in helping the injured and the sick. It also demonstrates the importance of the hard work the women and men put into their job of being a nurse.

“Quand on joue avec le feu” and “Les bon gars finissent dernier” are country songs. It’s not the first time he sings country. He pulls it off quite nicely, for a singer who sings mainly pop music. I love the humour in these songs. They definitely made me smile.

“Cette chanson-là, elle jouera pas à la radio” is a significant song about the French language being in danger of fading. This is especially significant for Quebec culture because French is the official language of the province.

Nicola Ciccone knows how to write about a variety of subjects with poetry and passion. His songs are fun and romantic. Also, they always have a personal touch to them that makes audience feel as though they know him. This is the case with Esprit Libre, an album that is deep and makes feel different emotions throughout the 10 songs.

My favourite songs from this album are: J’veux pas mourir avant d’être mort, Esprit Libre  La Dolce Vita,  “Quand on joue avec le feu”.

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Nicola Ciccone receives his copy of the album (in French only)

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Frank Sinatra Jr Tribute


Frank Sinatra Jr passed away March 16, 2016 from a heart attack while on tour in Florida. He was 72. Sinatra Jr was known for honouring his late father Frank Sinatra’s music as well as his being kidnapped at 19. 

He was under his father’s shadow for the most part. However, he did have a nice musical career overall. His legacy will live on.  I know very little of his music, but I will pay my tribute through these

Music Videos

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Hommage to Roger Tabra (1949-2016)

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.37.52 PM

Credit: Screen shot of a Youtube video uploaded by Lyne Archambault

Songwriter and poet Roger Tabra passed away March 11, 2016 from an illness that he was fighting since a long time. He was especially known for writing songs for Francophone artists like Wilfred Le Bouthillier, Eric Lapointe,  Laurence Jalbert, and Vincenzo Thomas.

I admit I don’t know a lot about Roger Tabra, but I do know some of the songs he had written.  A song that comes to mind is “Tous Ces Mots”, a version performed by Acadian singer  Wilfred Le Bouthillier. It’s a deep, but very sad song.  It talks  about the words that hurt in a relationship that is failing. We don’t know which specific words, but it’s not necessary as it is implied in the song.

His poetry was often sad, but had deep meaning. However, there is a more hopeful song by Laurence Jalbert called “J’espère” (I hope). It is such a beautiful song.

He will  be missed.

Youtube Links

Roger Tabra Tribute: Hommage a Roger Tabra

Laurence Jalbert “J’espère”

Ian Kelly “SuperFolk”- Serene Music

guitar-76458_640Country: Canada
Musical genre(s): Folk
Years of experience: since 2005

Review:  Ian Kelly’s SuperFolk album is artistic, poetic and romantic. Folk music at its best. The bilingual aspect gives this album a Canadian twist. Some of the songs are in French, while the rest is in English. His voice is incredible,serene  and soulful. Folk music is not a genre of music I listen to often, but this album has songs with well-written lyrics that are deep and rich with poetry.

My  top favourite songs are Montreal, I Love You More, and California.  Montreal, is one of the songs that’s in French. I really enjoy this song being a Montrealer myself. You can sense his love for his native city of Montreal. “I love you More” is romantic. I really love the melody to this song, which is rhythmic. “California” is also a fun song and makes me think of the beach, especially when the end of winter is nearby. The music is amazing with the sound of guitar and harmonica.

SuperFolk album has this “road trip” feeling to it. I feel like it’s also a vacation for the mind. It allows you to  forget your problems and just take a moment to appreciate the small things in life.  

If you are a fan of Ian Kelly or you like Folk music, SuperFolk is the album for you.


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TBT: Tribute to Beatles Producer George Martin.

Throwback Thursdaysthe-beatles-509069_640

George Martin, the producer for the Beatles passed away at the age of 90.  He was also the producer for artists like Celine Dion, Sting, Elton John and more. The London, England native worked for Parlophone Records in 1950, then eventually worked his way to A&R manager at the label. He took a chance with the Beatles in 1962, when he met The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein. Turned out to be the best decision. Martin was dubbed the “Fifth Beatle” because of his influence on the group.

Although I don’t know a great deal of the late producer, I did however, know quite a few of his songs.  A Beatles song that I really like is Eleanor Rigby, which is well written. Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” is a beautiful tribute to the late Princess Diana. The Reason by Celine Dion is also incredible.

His impact on the music world won’t be forgotten. George Martin leaves behind an amazing legacy.

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