First Album Fridays:Freya Ridings’ Eponym Album

English singer Freya Ridings has released her first album entitled “Freya Ridings.” The overall themes of this record are love, romance, and heartbreak.

The music is alternative and placed under Singer/Songwriter. The instruments heard throughout the album are piano and violin as well as the occasional orchestra. The slow music in this record is calming and soothing. At times, there are the 60s, and 70s feel to the sound. It even reminds me of classical Brit-Pop music. I would also say that it reminds me of the works by Queen, more specifically Bohemian Rhapsody. The composition is fantastic and well-structured.

Freya Ridings’s voice is husky and sweet with a lovely innocence to it. Her vocal style reminds of Evanescence’s lead singer Amy Lee and the late Amy Winehouse. She knows how to hit the high notes with precision and style. She sounds upbeat or contemplative depending on the subject of the song.

The lyrics are full of raw emotion and vulnerability, which makes the songs genuine and authentic. Freya Ridings has a freestyle of songwriting that is remarkable and inspirational. Her tunes have empowerment and hope to them, even in the moments where adversity may feel intense. Metaphors are present in this album such as the songs Castles, Holy Water and Elephant. There’s such purity to those the words that it’s comforting.

My favourite songs are Castles, You Mean The World To Me, Love is Fire and Unconditional.

The album Freya Ridings is now available.

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