Single Saturdays: a1’s Latest Single Armour

The British boy band a1 has released a new single entitled Armour. It’s the first single with the founding member Paul Marazzi, who rejoined the group recently. The song is about a man who will go to great length to be there for his love.

The music has a slow & smooth rhythm, which reminds me of the songs “Like a Rose” & “Everytime, “regarding the musical style. The piano in the background gives the song a nice touch. The singing, like a choral, in the background compliments the beat of the piano very well.

These beautiful lyrics have a poetic feel to them. The armour of heart in this song is a metaphor for protecting the lover from heartache. It’s quite romantic. The lyrics have a natural flow to them, in sync with the music.

The members’ voices are incredible and compliment each other, quite nicely. Hearing Paul Marazzi singing again brings back memories to their early works.

I look forward to hearing more of their music in the future, especially with the comeback of Paul Marazzi.


Wilfred Le Bouthillier’s latest album “Wilfred”- The Feeling of Acadia

Canadian and Acadian singer Wilfred Le Bouthillier has released a new album entitled “Wilfred.” This record has a vibe of Acadian culture. A theme detected in this album is soul-searching.

The music has a mix of folk and pop. Wilfred Le Bouthillier plays incredible guitar throughout this album. It’s his trademark instrument, in my opinion. The folk music in this album gives a feeling of intimacy and unity. The composition of the music is structured and has a flowing rhythm.

The lyrics have rich poetry to them. There’s a personal touch to the words, just like the previous album “Je poursuis ma route” ( I followed my road).
The lyrics have a personal touch to them, especially the songs Fort McMurray, Tu t’rappelles-tu (Do you remember), Carre St-Louis, and 19 ans (19 years old). There are Acadian expressions in this album, just like the first one in 2003, entitled “Wilfred Le Bouthillier.” Examples of this would be the songs “All In,” Face a Face (Face to Face), and 19 ans. His romantics include “J’attendrai” ( I will wait), and La Croisee. The songs that focus on soul-searching are Chercher La Lumiere (Searching for the light), Petit Voilier (Small Sailboat). The lyrics of each song have a significant meaning to them.

Wilfred Le Bouthillier’s voice is unforgettable, especially in this album. It’s very smooth and low-toned. He plays with the tone of his voice, which is well done.

My favourite songs from this album are J’attendrai, Petit Voilier, Fort McMurray, and All In.





Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Bahebak Ana

Amr Diab has released a new single entitled Bahebak Ana (I love you). The story is about a man declaring his unconditional love for his significant other.

The music is incredible. It starts slow then it goes into a faster tempo. I enjoyed the mix of old and new musical styles from a variety of Amr Diab’s discography. The music of this song reminds of his older works such Nour Al-Ain (The light of my eyes), Ragaeen (We’re coming back), Habiby (My love), etc. The musical style has the classic Middle Eastern dance beat that is incredible.

The lyrics are simple but have deep meaning. The flow of the words is flawless. Also, there’s an organized structure to the writing of the song.

Amr Diab experiments with his voice, in a bold fashion. The quality of his music has improved, especially in 35 years being in the music business.

His latest album Kol Hayaty is now available. Enjoy!


Amr Diab’s Latest Album Kol Hayaty – Deluxe Edition

Amr Diab’s latest album Kol Hayaty (All My Life) is available. The version I will review is the deluxe edition of the record. The primary themes of the album are love and heartbreak.

The music of this record is an exciting mix of old and new. The sound of the songs reminds me of Amr Diab’s older albums such as Aktar Wahed, Amarain (two moons), Mathafeesh (Don’t worry or don’t be scared), Habiby, Tamally Maak, etc. Amr Diab’s latest album is the one that has a lovely combination of Middle Eastern Music, pop and dance. Composers include Amr Diab and Amr Moustafa. The rhythm overall is consistent.

The lyrics are well-written but straightforward. The flow of the words is smooth. The most commonly poetic technique is repetition.

Amr Diab’s voice has improved over these 35 years. The Kol Hayaty album is one that shows Amr Diab’s experience as a singer.

Jacques Brel: 40th Anniversary of His Passing

Photo Credit: Joop van Bilsen / Anefo

October 9, 2018, marks the 40th anniversary of Belgian singer Jacques Brel’s passing. He left an incredible legacy to French music. Francophone artists including Sylvie Vartan, Lara Fabian, Nicola Ciccone, have remade his songs, such as the classic hit “Ne me quitte pas” (Don’t Leave Me).

Ne me quitte pas is my favourite song for the late singer. I heard this song remade by British artist Sting and Canadian artist Nicola Ciccone. His music is rich in poetry and style.

Single Saturdays: Heartstreets – Piece By Piece (feat. L’Isle)

Canadian duo Hearstreets released a single entitled Piece By Piece featuring L’Isle (Ariane Brunet). The story of the song is about independence, confidence and following one’s heart. There’s a sense of hope and optimism.

The music has a calm and slow pace that is peaceful and relaxing. It reminds of the music from the Solitude albums by Dan Gibson. The beat sounds like an Amazon rainforest. It’s a mix of different musical genres: pop and rap.

The voices of the Heartstreets members: Emma Beko & Gab Godon and that of L’Isle are incredible. Their sounds compliment each very nicely. When L’Isle sings, her voice is soft, and she sounds like she’s whispering.

The lyrics have a natural flow to them. The meaning of the words is simple, which compliments the overall story of the song about confidence and independence. The tune is mostly in English, with some verses in French, done in a structured manner. The poetic techniques used in this song are repetition, metaphors, and simile. The chorus is an example of repeated the sentences Piece by Piece, and I follow my lead. “Don’t underestimate my fire” is a powerful metaphor that describes the confidence the girl has in herself. The phrase “Tes mots comme des fl├Ęches qui percent la peau” (Your words are like arrows that pierce through the skin) is an example of a simile.

Piece By Piece featuring L’Isle is an optimistic song that is inspiring. The music is soothing with a steady rhythm. I look forward to hearing more of their music.