Simon Webbe’s Album Smile

1st Album in 10 Years!

British pop star Simon Webbe, also a member of the boy band Blue, has released a new album entitled Smile. His latest album features hits like Nothing Without You and Flashback. To the fans of Blue, if Flashback sounds familiar, because it’s his version cover of the original song is on the album Colours by Blue.

Smile is Webbe’s first album in 10 years. It’s an album with a distinct musical style from what he does with Blue. Webbe’s version of Flashback differs, slightly from Blue’s original one in the album Colours. The song Flashback is an example of a song with an incredible composition of the music, and rhythm.

The romantic songs of this album are “Nothing Without You”, “Love Your Woman”, “First to the Last Kiss”,”Dance on My Own”, “More Than Perfect”,”Gotta Get Close to You”,”Smile”, and “Jigsaw.”

Simon Webbe’s album has a few songs that talk about heartbreak are “Flashback”, “One Last Time”, Never Mind”, “Please Don’t Let Me Go.”

More details to come...

Flashback Friday: Tribute to Johnny Hallyday

This week we lost another music icon, French Rock star Johnny Hallyday.  His music was the start of the Rock era in France. He was popular in the 70s & 80s.  He is survived by his wife and four children.

I know people who liked his music. I could understand why. His music helped rebellious teenagers through tough times. I’m only familiar with some of his songs. I know the song “J’ai un problème” and “Que Je t’aime”.

Rest in Peace Johnny Hallyday.

Flashback Friday: Tribute to Shadia

This week we lost an incredible star from Egyptian Cinema &. I remember her from classic Egyptian movies from the 40s & 50s. She was a bubbly girl whom you don’t forget. She was known for roles in Romantic Comedies. Shadia was a woman who was likeable and looked like your average girl.

The songs I like from Shadia are the songs she sang with Abdelhalim Hafez. She did quite a few films with the Hafez.

Her voice is memorable and sweet. It may sound a bit high pitch but intelligently. She was a woman who played characters who were mischevious or shy in her movies but were loving and kind.

She passed away November 28, 2017, at the age of 86.