Editorial: 91st Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center

November 29, 2023, the 91st Annual Christmas Lighting at The Rockefeller Center took place. The tree-lighting event, hosted by Kelly Clarkson, had incredible performers, including Cher, Barry Manilow, Seth McFarlane, etc. Kelly Clarkson did an excellent job hosting the Annual Christmas Lighting. She was upbeat and dynamic.  Here are some highlights of last night's event … Continue reading Editorial: 91st Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center

Single Saturdays:  Love Is Enough – 1 in 4

A British duo, Love is Enough, released a single entitled Love Is Enough. The song is about a couple in grief following a miscarriage.  The music is Alternative Pop. It's a ballad with a soulful rhythm. It starts slowly with some piano, and then it picks up in tempo to express the profoundly mixed emotions that … Continue reading Single Saturdays:  Love Is Enough – 1 in 4

First EP Fridays: Simu Liu – Anxious-Avoidant

Canadian actor and singer Simu Liu released his first EP, Anxious-Avoidant. The themes are love, heartbreak and grief. The music is Pop. The compositions are remarkable, with dynamic sounds. The songs have an impressive rhythm and a musical style suitable for the lyrics of each piece.   The song Break My Heart has a fantastic, fast-paced beat. It … Continue reading First EP Fridays: Simu Liu – Anxious-Avoidant

Single Saturdays: Starita – Holding Patterns 

American artist Starita released a new single entitled Holding Patterns. It is a song that represents letting go of negative mindsets - a shift in thinking. The music is House combined with techno and R&B. It has a fast, catchy beat yet feels relaxing. It inspires us to look inward in contemplation - a journey for … Continue reading Single Saturdays: Starita – Holding Patterns