Ellen Williams’ Cinematic Homage Album Cinema

Welsh singer Ellen Williams release an album paying homage to songs from movies from different eras, including the most recent hit by Billie Eilish, No Time To Die.

The music is Classical/Vocal. The operatic take on movie songs is impressive. The album follows the musical structure of original tunes but also with a Classical spin. For example, No Time To Die has a remarkable symphony playing in the background, where the musicians follow the song’s mood with the right tones and intensities. They capture the heartbreak and sorrow the words describe. Another one is You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins, in which the song follows the rhythm of the original one. The piano complements this version of the single for the Tarzan movie. When I listen to the album, I feel as if I were at a symphony concert. There’s a beautiful richness and intricacy in the compositions. Hearing Ellen Williams’ rendition of Danny Boy was remarkable. The record is a lovely homage to cinema and the songs associated with the movies. Classical music adds an intriguing dynamic to these famous movie tunes. 

Ellen Williams’s voice is rhythmic and powerful. She sings with a lovely Soprano-style singing. Her vocal range is remarkable – she can go from low and deep to hitting high notes. She performs each tune passionately, such as her take on Billie Eilish’s single No Time To Die. She sings the famous hit for the James Bond film of the same title with feeling and depth- Ellen Williams bold hits the high notes that express the heartache felt in the song. She honours the film songs while adding her musical style. Hearing her sing in Italian with the piece Cinema Paradiso is impressive. Ellen Williams sings with grace and edge simultaneously, with an excellent balance of vocal styles.

The album Cinema is available.

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