Single Saturdays: Brittany Kennell – House And A Dog

Canadian singer Brittany Kennell released a new single entitled House And A Dog. The song is about a single woman in her 30s who’s happy to be on her own in the house with man’s best friend, a dog. Brittany Kennell and Nathan Meckel wrote and composed the song.

The music is Country. The song has an upbeat sound representing women’s independence and confidence. The music is rhythmic and catchy. The transitions of tempo are smooth. There’s an impressive guitar solo at various moments in the song. The single’s musical style parallels Shania Twain’s works (i.e. Up, Man! I Feel Like a Woman and That Don’t Impress Me Much). It also reminds me of recent songs by Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves. The tune combines old-school Country music with contemporary new Country beats. The composition has an incredible structure and follows the song’s emotional changes from annoyed to confidently happy and independent. The music is spirited, which complements the story nicely.

Brittany Kennell’s voice is bold and dynamic. She sings confidently about being single and happy with where she is in life. Also, she has a good sense of humour about friends asking when she’ll get married, and she chooses to have her own house and a dog instead.

The lyrics are empowering and funny. The song is a humorous reply to friends who ask their single pals when they’ll get married. A 

relatable experience many understand. When questioned about when I’ll get married, I admit I share the sentiment and occasionally feel the pressure. I like the idea of celebrating being single and doing whatever I want. It’s also a celebration of women’s independence, confidence, self-love and self-care. The message is that happiness comes from within; for some, it’s a fury little friend, such as a dog, man’s best friend. It also teaches the lesson of being happy with what one has and where one is, is where one should be. The tune implies freedom to do whatever one wants, including travelling the world – a carefree vibe without worries and stress. It’s an inspirational song for single women to enjoy and celebrate the freedom of the single life.

The single House And A Dog is available.

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