Single Saturdays: Westlife – Better Man

Irish Boy Band Westlife has released a new single entitled A Better Man. It’s a story about a man who lost the love of his life by looking back at what happened.

The music has a slow beat that reflects the sad mood of the song. The structure of the composition has incredible rhythm and tempo. At times, the members’ voices become musical notes, which is quite impressive. The beat of the song reminds me of a hit from the 90s entitled Swear It Again, especially with the piano in the background.

The voices of each member compliment each other nicely. Shane Filan starts singing the song with a slightly high register. Then there’s a smooth transition to Kian Egan’s deep and low voice that segues to the chorus of the song. Markus Feehily has a lovely of a high and low vocal style. Nicky Byrne, like Kian Egan, has a deep voice, when he sings as he leads to the chorus,

The lyrics have a poetic structure similar to ABBA mixed with freestyle.
The words are simple and straightforward. There’s no need for any metaphor or similes. The emotions of heartbreaks and confusion are apparent in the song. A relationship can end suddenly, even when things seemed to be going well, which can be a surprise to the person on the receiving end of a breakup. However, the song ends on a self-reflecting note. A situation like a lesson learned to improve oneself, hence the title A Better Man.

The song Better Man is now available.
Westlife’s next album Spectrum will be available September 6, 2019.


Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – Six Feet Under

Swedish duo Sentiment Falls has recently released a single entitled “Six Feet Under.” The story about a couple whose relationship didn’t work and they’re trying to process it.

The musical genre of the song Six Feet Under is Country. The rhythm is slow and steady. It reflects the subject and the mood of the tune nicely, which is that of heartache. I love the music of the guitar, the classic choice for an instrument heard in any Country song. The composition of Six Feet Under is well-done.
The voices of Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde compliment each other beautifully and sing in perfect harmony. They have incredible depth and richness in their sound.

The lyrics have a symbolic meaning to them. The title “Six Feet Under” is an excellent example of that. Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde sing about feeling like they’re “Six Feet Under”, which means in this context that they’re overwhelmed with a ton of emotions coming at them all at once. The subject of heartache is a topic to which people can relate. They capture the sentiment perfectly in this song.

The single “Six Feet Under” is available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Maxime Malevé – Flames

Belgian singer Maxime Malevé has released a new single entitled Flames. The song is about a love story that didn’t work out and its aftermath. It’s a tune filled with emotions.

Alternative music in this song is slow and soothing. It has a nice subtly to it — impressive work by Belgian composer Adrien Sepulchre. The guitar played in this song is incredible.
Maxime Malevé knows how to change register in the song. He sings softly then goes to a higher pitch in a smooth transition.

Maxime Malevé wrote the lyrics for Flames. He uses the poetic technique of repetition and metaphors to describe the end of a love. Maxime Malevé repeats the sentences “let it burn” and “what’s done can’t be undone.” Those phrases emphasize how the relationship he couldn’t save the relationship he had, despite his efforts. An example of metaphors is when he describes the aftermath of the breakup as “ashes.” The “ashes” mentioned in the song are symbolic.

The song Flames is now available. Enjoy!

Single Saturdays: Bastian Baker-Stay

Swiss popstar Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Stay. It’s a song about the challenges of relationships.

The music of “Stay” has a style of 70s music, mixed with beats of 90s techno music. Clapping of hands can be heard in the background. The composition of the song is fantastic.

Bastian Baker experiments with his vocals when he sings in a lower and deeper register when he sings the verses. In the chorus, however, he sings with a high-pitch voice that reminds of BeeGees’ Barry Gibb. There’s a softness to his voice, which gives an effect of whispering at times. The whistling in the background compliments the music nicely.

The lyrics are incredible! The poetry style in this song reminds of poetry reading or poetry slams, regarding how Bastian Baker sings the words, subtly combined with the music. Before the chorus, he repeats the words in the background, which is a stylistic detail that I find interesting.

Bastian Baker’s self-titled fourth album will be out in the North America October 26, 2018.

Single Saturdays-Silverdrive 35’s Latest Single: Sleepwalking

Silverdrive 35 has released a new single entitled Sleepwalking. The story is about a man dealing with a loss of a loved one. He sees the girl he loved in his dreams and wishes he could stay dreaming because the reality is hard to handle.

The music in Sleepwalking is incredible, especially the banjo in the background. The banjo is a detail that gives the song the Country music feel. The echo of the lyrics creates an effect of heaviness, because of the feeling of sadness. The tone of their voices has variety and depth, which compliments the song very well.

Sleepwalking is a metaphor to demonstrate the struggle and confusion while coming to terms with losing a life partner. It’s the sentiment of living in an alternate reality that is preferable than the real world. The dream is a significant component of the song. It’s where he sees his significant other in a beautiful dream. He doesn’t want to go back to a life without his love. When losing a loved one, reality can seem confusing and impossible, at times. He even thinks he hears the voice of his lover, which can happen when in mourning. The part about getting the phone call from the girl’s father implies that something has happened. There’s that moment when he wishes that it wasn’t real, but a nightmare. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a sentiment that is relatable. One can feel the emotions of sadness and grief, even pain.

This subject matter is different from their other songs that talk about a break-up or going down memory lane, remembering good old simple days. The subject of losing a loved one is new and original.

Keep up the good work!


Two New Songs for Bastian Baker!

Swiss Pop Star Bastian Baker has two new singles released entitle All Around US & Love On Fire. Both singles are now available on Spotify Canada, iTunes & other streaming sites.

The music has an incredible variety of tempos for both songs. It starts slows then goes a bit faster, then back to slow again. That is also the case for Bastian Baker’s voice. It is incredible and has more depth since the Tomorrow May Not Be Better Album. The music genre for both All Around US & Love On Fire is Alternative-Indie Rock, an impressive contrast to his usual pop style music.

All Around Us is about how love is present everywhere. It’s a song that gives hope, especially when feeling in doubt or sadness. The use of metaphor provides the tune with substance, which was the symbol of the cage to show people feel trapped by doubt that love exists. There’s a sense of unity and hope in the song. The chorus is especially uplifting to one’s spirit. The beat when Bastian Baker sings the chorus reminds me of some of the dance songs in the early 2000s. It makes it grand, which gives the impression of how love is genuinely present around us.

Love on Fire is romantic and sweet. The song is about a guy who genuinely loves his significant other. However, he also realizes how relationships have their up and downs. His description of what he sees in a room is detailed. He gets romantic when he talks about the sparkle in his lover’s eye. Then the chorus has a fast pace tempo, whereas the verses are slower-paced. The guitar in the background compliments Bastian Baker’s voice. I love how Love on Fire is relatable the way he describes his relationship. His spoken word in the third verse is expressive, and it gives the song a nice touch.

It’s impressive how Bastian Baker has evolved as an artist. I look forward to his next album, for which the date of release isn’t known. I usually pick a favourite song, but this time I like them both.


Updated: August 3, 2018


Acoustic performance of the song Love on Fire


Updated: July 4, 2018

Flashback Fridays-Tribute to France Gall


January 7, 2018, French Music Icon France Gall passed away this week at the age of 70. She rose to fame in the 60s & 70s.
Her most famous hits include “Ella elle l’a”.

Her music had an impact on French pop culture. She won the  Eurovision contest in 1965. That was the start of an incredible career. Although, I didn’t know much of her music. I realize the significance of her musical talent and she leaves behind an amazing legacy.

Rest in Peace France Gall.

Flashback Fridays: Spice World 20th Anniversary

When I was a kid, I used to be a huge Spice Girls fan. The album Spiceworld was a fantastic album. Spiceworld includes Spice Up Your Life, Stop, and Too Much. This pop album sold 20 million copies worldwide!

The description of the songs:
The songs that made want to get up and dance were
Spice Up Your Life, Stop, Saturday Night Divas, Never Give Up On The Good Times, Move Over, Do It, and The Lady Is A Vamp. These songs were catchy and upbeat.
The slow songs were Too Much, and Viva Forever. Too Much is about a relationship that is struggling. Viva Forever is about everlasting love. Both songs are romantic and poetic.
Denying is a song with a beat that varies from slow to fast and vice versa. It’s song of empowerment, primarily when a relationship isn’t working out.

The overall feel of this album is about empowerment in various forms as well as romantic. The sense of “Girl Power” that many of us remember when we were little girls is very present in this album.

My favourite songs from Spiceworld were spice_girls_-_spiceworld

Featured image by Melanie Laccohee


Bastian Baker’s Latest Single Five Fingers

Bastian Baker has released a new single entitled Five Fingers. It has an interesting beat that I have not heard with Bastian’s music. It’s a love song that uses the five fingers as a metaphor of how true love is forever. Having five fingers is something permanent like true love.

There is a rock & roll feel to it that reminds of 70s rock music. It’s a catchy tune with amazing melodies. Bastian Baker is impressive as always. There’s a feeling of nostalgia, because Rock & Roll used to be seen as a musical genre that was gone in the 80s. The lyrics are simple, but have deep meaning. His voice is versatile. He sounds like a rock star in this song. His style of music is an interesting mix of genres. It is the case with Five Fingers, a mix of pop & rock, with some folk. It’s also a journey about a how a relationship can overcome any obstacles in its way. I love this song!

It gives me an impression of what to expect from the fourth album. I feel like he’s established as an artist. Bastian Baker has potential. 🙂