Ellen Williams’ Moving album Inspire

Welsh singer Ellen Williams released a new album entitled Inspire. It consists of covers of classic songs by artists and bands from different musical backgrounds. 

The music is Classical. The symphony orchestra is phenomenal throughout the album and did an excellent job taking a Classical spin on famous songs from We Are The Champions by Queen to The USA’s hymn, Amazing Grace. The musicians capture the essence of each tune with Ellen Williams’ musical style. For example, when I heard an operatic/symphony version of  We Are The Champions, I was impressed to hear how the rhythm and basic structure parallel the original version but with a different musical style. It’s bold and edgy.

A second example is Ellen Williams’s rendition of Sting’s Fields of Gold with the beautiful piano playing in the background. The music is rich and captivating. There’s an outstanding balance of a new spin on famous tunes and honouring the musical structure of the original songs.

Ellen Williams has an incredible compilation of songs she chose to do covers of, but choosing a wide variety of musical classics from different genres, from classical or religion-theme to Rock. Ellen Williams bold takes her spin on famous songs. She sings each with devotion, as well as heart and soul. When she does her rendition of Queen’s, We Are The Champions; she has the same passion that parallels Freddie Mercury’s singing. She also has an impressive take on Sting’s Fields of Gold and the other tunes on the album. Ellen Williams has a remarkable soprano voice – rich and spirited.

Ellen Williams’ album Inspire is available.

4 thoughts on “Ellen Williams’ Moving album Inspire

    1. I saw the album available on YouTube under Ellen Williams Topic. As for the CD I didn’t see anything yet, but I will keep you posted

  1. I like the singer Ellen Williams–she has a very beautiful voice. just one thing however–someone wrote in promo above regarding her new album–seems to indicate that USA’s national anthem is “Amazing Grace” No–that is not right. USA’s national anthem is “The Star-Spangled Banner” It was written in my hometown of Baltimore ,Md. in 1814 by FS.Key. Please correct that error. Thank you.

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