Single Saturdays: Dua Lipa – Swan Song

British Pop singer Dua Lipa has released a new single for the movie Alita Battle Angel, entitled Swan Song. The tune tells the story of a young girl who’s learning about herself while fighting for justice. It compliments the film well because the protagonist is someone who can’t remember who she is and has to prepare for battle against machines.

The music is primarily pop but has some touches of a beat that sounds like techno. At the beginning of the song, the music sounds like a score from a film. There’s a special effect in the rhythm of the tune, which creates a sense of suspense. The sound reminds me of the music dancers of contemporary dance use.

Dua Lipa’s voice is soft, and then it goes higher when she sings the pre-chorus and chorus. Her voice reminds me of Rihanna. There’s depth to Dua Lipa’s sound that is unique.

The lyrics of Swan Song have symbolism in them. Sources say that the words represent how not to give up in a time of adversity. Despite the sense of fear, there’s a glimmer of hope. In the chorus, it says “This is not a Swan Song”, which means that there’s a long way to go in the battle of life or this case against the machines (referring to the movie’s story), also according to Sources. In other words, it’s time to take action and not stay indifferent to the challenges the world may face.

Swan Song is now available everywhere. It’s a song of empowerment that I recommend. Enjoy!


Alice Merton’s First Studio Album- Mint

German-Canadian-English singer Alice Merton has released her first studio album entitled Mint. The theme of the album is life experiences (both good and bad) such as relationships.

The music has a mix of pop and disco. Some of the songs sound similar to the tunes of Brit Pop (i.e. Queen and David Bowie) and 70s Disco (i.e. ABBA and The Bee Gees). The song I Don’t Hold A Grudge has a 70s/80s feel. The music for that tune reminds me of Queen’s classic hit Another One Bites the Dust. Her songs about break-ups such as Honeymoon Heartbreak and Trouble in Paradise remind me of songs by the Irish band The Cranberries. The main instruments in this album are guitar and piano.

Alice Merton’s voice is low and soft, with hints of raspy. Her sound reminds of the late Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of the Cranberries, the late Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani. The song No Roots is an example of Merton’s voice going deep that reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s vocal style. The register of her voice changes in her songs in a grand manner.

The lyrics are intricate and personal, which makes the album authentic and genuine. Some songs have metaphors and symbols that give them depth. The song No Roots is an example of an analogy. Alice Merton makes use of repetition in some of her tunes. The songs 2 Kids and Why So Serious are examples of how she repeats as a technique of emphasis.

Alice Meton’s album Mint is available now. It’s an incredible record full of emotion and depth. My favourites songs are No Roots, Lash Out, Learn To Live, and Speak Your Mind.

Single Saturdays: Ben Adams – You’ll Be My Ghost

British singer Ben Adams (a member of the band A1) has released a new single entitled You’ll Be My Ghost. The story is about a guy who’s fighting to keep the relationship from falling apart.

The music has a slow rhythm with a stop beat effect. In the chorus, the tempo slightly increases in speed.
Ben Adams’s voice is incredible in this song. It’s smooth and abundant

Single Saturdays: Ben Adams’ Latest Single I Can Make You Love Me.

British singer and Member of the group A1 Ben Adams has released a new single entitled I Can Make You Love Me.

The song talks about a break-up that the guy feels is unacceptable because he believes that he can save the relationship. He’s doing everything in his power to prove the woman he loves, that it’s not over.

The music has a smooth rhythm with the sound of the piano. It complements Ben Adams’ voice nicely. The tempo of the music is slow and consistent. Speaking of his voice, it’s impressive he experiments with higher notes, in comparison to his music with a1 in the early 2000s. The high notes that he hits reminds me of George Michael’s voice (i.e. Wake Me up before You Go-Go.) The verses, his voice is lower than when he sings the chorus.



Blue Roulette- 5th Anniversary

January 25, 2018, marks the 5th anniversary of the release of Blue’s album Roulette, which was their first album in 10 years, in the United Kingdom. The boys of Blue took on an experimental approach to the record.

The music overall of Roulette was fantastic. However, I preferred more the pop music than the “dance” music, which reminded me of the late 90s/early 2000s. Mixing different musical genres is impressive.

The subject matter covered mainly of heartbreak, but also love. The songs about heartbreak are the following: Hurt Lovers, Without You, Black Box, Broken, and Heart on My Sleeve. The song Without You is fantastic. The beat goes from slow to a fast tempo, then back to slow. The voices of each of the boys of the Blue compliment each other nicely, especially towards the end of the song. Antony & Duncan each sing a verse with incredible rhythm, then Lee’s very soft voice leads into the chorus perfectly. Simon’s voice singing the chorus and the third verse is impressive. It’s also like that with the song Broken, with one exception, which is Lee singing the third stanza, instead of Simon. I love the ballads of this album; they’re beautiful.Hurt Lovers and Broken are my favourite ballads.
The song Break My Heart is my favourite song about heartbreak because it’s a mix of emotions, like sadness, anger, end even confusion. Feelings that many people feel following a break-up.
Black Box is another favourite of mine.

The songs about love are Risk it All, Paradise, and All I Need. Risk it All is a song that talks about how one risks everything for love. It expresses how many of us feel when we fall in love. Paradise has Summer beat that many of us enjoy, especially during the cold months of Winter.

The songs with an experimental style of music are Ayo, We’ve Got Tonight, All I Need, Heart on My Sleeve, Break You Down, Give Me A Shot, and Sing for Me. “Break You Down” has an oriental-style beat to it, which is unique. The tunes that I enjoy Ayo and All I Need. These songs have a style differ from the style of Blue’s music that’s familiar to fans.

In one version of the album, there’s the song from the 2011 Eurovision competition “I Can” that I enjoy very much. It’s a song that I consider to be both about love and heartbreak.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to the Roulette album, especially when it comes to the mix of pop & dance. I hope you enjoy this record.
My favourite songs are Without You, Broken, Hurt Lovers, I Can, Risk It All, Black Box, and Break My Heart.

Side Note: There’s also the Deluxe Album, as well as the Summer Edition of Roulette. Both albums have remix versions of the best hits of this album.


Simon Webbe’s Album Smile

1st Album in 10 Years!

British pop star Simon Webbe, also a member of the boy band Blue, has released a new album entitled Smile. His latest album features hits like Nothing Without You and Flashback. To the fans of Blue, if Flashback sounds familiar, because it’s his version cover of the original song is on the album Colours by Blue.

Smile is Webbe’s first album in 10 years. It’s an album with a distinct musical style from what he does with Blue. Webbe’s version of Flashback differs, slightly from Blue’s original one in the album Colours. The song Flashback is an example of a song with an incredible composition of the music, and rhythm.

The romantic songs of this album are “Nothing Without You”, “Love Your Woman”, “First to the Last Kiss”,”Dance on My Own”, “More Than Perfect”,”Gotta Get Close to You”,”Smile”, and “Jigsaw.”

Simon Webbe’s album has a few songs that talk about heartbreak are “Flashback”, “One Last Time”, Never Mind”, “Please Don’t Let Me Go.”

More details to come...

Blue All Rise-Sweet Sixteen!

November 26, 2017, marks the 16th Anniversary of Blue’s first album All Rise, in the United Kingdom. This record would pave the way to the phenomenal career of the British Boy Band Blue. All Rise features hits like “All Rise”, “If You Come Back”, Fly By, and Best in Me.

The voices of each member of the group complement each other very nicely. The overall style of the music has pop with a twist of RAP/ R&B. Simon Webbe performs the parts of RAP, which is the case for All Rise & Fly By.

The songs that have a dancing beat are All Rise, Too Close, This Temptation, Fly By, Bounce, Make It Happen, and Back to You. These songs have catchy beats that are unforgettable and very much a style associated with Blue. All Rise is my favourite, and it was the first song I heard from the pop group. Too Close is a cover of a song originally performed by R&G group Next.

Their romantic songs are just as incredible as their dance songs.
The song entitled “Best in Me” is my favourite romantic song, a ballad, on the album. Back Some Day is a bittersweet song about a guy reassuring his significant other that he’ll see her soon. Missing someone is never easy. However, the reunion is worth the wait. Long Time is also bittersweet and like Back Some Day is about missing a significant other. The composition of both ballads is beautiful with melodies that are incredible.

All Rise, one of the Dance songs is about heartbreak, where there’s a sense of frustration following a break-up. If You Come Back is a post-relationship song where the guy still loves the girl and wants her back. He promises to be loyal and will make an effort to be a better man. Girl, I’ll Never Understand is about a relationship that falls apart where the guy tries everything to please the girl, but no success. However, there’s a sense of relief.

This first album for Blue is fantastic. I enjoyed the different musical styles mixed with the pop music, as well as the voices that have complement each other very well. All the fours members of Blue have incredible vocals. The All Rise won a Brit Award in 2002. It’s a well-done album!

Side note
The version of the song “Fly By” differs from the song heard on the radio and the video. The second one is entitled “Fly By II”. Both versions are equally amazing.

Blue One Love-15th Anniversary (UK Release)

November 4, 2017, marks the 15th anniversary of Blue’s second album One Love. This album features the singles One Love, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (featuring Elton John), and U Make Me Wanna. One Love is primarily a dance album, with the timeless style of Brit Pop. It also has the classic subjects of love and heartbreak.

There are romantic songs such as One Love and U Make Me Wanna. Flexin’, Get Down, and Like a Friend are also passionate.
Dance music primarily dominates the album. The songs with a dance beat are Riders, She Told Me, Right Here Waiting, Ain’t Got You, Supersexual, Privacy and Invitation.
The songs that cover the subject of heartbreak are Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (featuring Elton John) and Don’t Treat Me Like a Fool.

The singles of this album are my favourite songs, but I also enjoyed the songs Riders and Don’t Treat like a Fool.

Flashback Fridays: Spice World 20th Anniversary

When I was a kid, I used to be a huge Spice Girls fan. The album Spiceworld was a fantastic album. Spiceworld includes Spice Up Your Life, Stop, and Too Much. This pop album sold 20 million copies worldwide!

The description of the songs:
The songs that made want to get up and dance were
Spice Up Your Life, Stop, Saturday Night Divas, Never Give Up On The Good Times, Move Over, Do It, and The Lady Is A Vamp. These songs were catchy and upbeat.
The slow songs were Too Much, and Viva Forever. Too Much is about a relationship that is struggling. Viva Forever is about everlasting love. Both songs are romantic and poetic.
Denying is a song with a beat that varies from slow to fast and vice versa. It’s song of empowerment, primarily when a relationship isn’t working out.

The overall feel of this album is about empowerment in various forms as well as romantic. The sense of “Girl Power” that many of us remember when we were little girls is very present in this album.

My favourite songs from Spiceworld were spice_girls_-_spiceworld

Featured image by Melanie Laccohee


Ed Sheeran’s Latest Album Divide: A Union of Different Styles

Country:United Kingdom
Musical genre(s): Pop rock, folk pop, acoustic
Experience: 2004-present

Ed Sheeran’s latest album is fantastic!! I love the mix of different musical styles. The personal stories Sheeran tells give the album a feeling that we know the person behind the music. I divide this album into four components, which are the following: personal stories, romantic, dance, and heartbreak.

The personal stories component are the following songs: Eraser, Castle on The Hill, Nancy Mulligan, What Do I know?, and Save Myself.  Eraser and Castle on The Hill  make references to his childhood and teenage years. Castle on The Hill is also romantic song, with personal touch to it. My favourite personal story is Nancy Mulligan that tells the story of how his paternal grandparents got married, and their struggles to get there. I love Irish folk music, which is a nice homage to Sheeran’s Irish roots. It has so much charm. What Do I know?   and Save Myself  are songs that are about soul-searching

The romantic is a significant component of the Divide album. The romantic songs are the following: Shape of You, Perfect, Galway Girl, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, How Would You Feel (Paean). Shape of You, one of Ed Sheeran’s recent singles is incredible. The melody has a perfect rhythm. His voice is smooth and consistent with the music. Perfect is an ideal ballad for a slow dance with your significant other, especially for a wedding. 😉 Galway Girl is a fun song with a catchy beat. There’s a lot of detail in this song, which makes this more than just a song, but a story. I liked the rap part of the song. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here and How Would You Feel (Paean) are also ballads that can be ideal for a wedding. His love songs are, as always, beautiful and touching.

The heartbreak component consists of the three following songs: Dive, Supermarket Flowers, Happier, New Man. Dive is a song that I find interesting because he’s talking about a possible heartbreak and telling the girl to not contact him, unless she really loves him. Supermarket Flowers is sad and deep. It’s about a loss of loved one. It got to me. However, I don’t know the details of this story. Happier is about how the girl he loved moves on with another. He also realises the mistakes he’d made that cost him the relationship. It’s never easy to admit. New Man is a contrast to Happier in terms of the beat and the tone of song. He sounds critical of his ex’s new man. I found it humorous at times, even though it’s a song about heartbreak. His heartbreak songs are well done.

The dance component has two songs: Barcelona and Bibia Be Ye Ye. Barcelona is a song I enjoyed as it brought back memories of my trip to Spain in 2009, even if I didn’t travel to Barcelona at the time. It has a summer feel to it. I hope it becomes a summer single. *fingers crossed* 😉 Bibia Be Ye Ye also has a summer feel to it.

It’s a very dynamic album, and I recommend you get it on iTunes or the CD. Regardless the album Divide is an epic album.

My favourite songs are  Shape of You, Castle on The Hill, Perfect,Nancy Mulligan, Galway Girl, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, How Would You Feel (Paean), Barcelona,and Dive.


Acoustic performance released on February 17, 2017, on his birthday 🙂