Single Saturdays: Alex Francis – If I Can’t Have You

 British singer Alex Francis has released a new single entitled If I Can’t Have You. The song is about a man trying to win back the love of a past significant other. However, he’s willing to accept the possibility that it may not happen.

The music is Singer/Songwriter and Folk. The beat of the single is catchy and bold. The song’s beginning has a part that parallels George Michael’s 80s hit Faith after the organ intro. It also parallels another single by George Michael’s Freedom 90, except with a faster tempo. The tune’s beat also has the late 60s/early 70s vibe that reminds me of John Lennon’s Give Peace a ChanceThe rhythm has a style that has an R&B feel similar to TLC’s 90s hit Waterfall, and it’s wavy. The guitar in the background is incredible to hear. The composition is excellent, with an impressive blend of musical styles that mesh together nicely.

Alex Francis’ is husky and rich. His tone is in sync with the song’s moods of hope and possible disappointment. He has an impressive rhythm in his singing.

The lyrics are bittersweet and sincere. The song expresses a story of a man’s wish to convince his love to stay but also accepts responsibility and the possibility that they may not stay together, asking for another chance. The guy in the story is also trying to be a better man, even if he may live alone without his love. The words are well-written and wavy with fantastic freestyle writing, demonstrating the challenges of reconciling with someone or trying to do so. A song like this is unique and rare. Most of the time, a tune is about falling in love, a breakup or trying to win back a past love. It’s impressive to hear a song about someone fighting to save the relationship and not give up so easily. 

The single If I Can’t Have You is available.

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