Kelsea Ballerini’s Deep Album: Subject to Change

American singer Kelsea Ballerini has released a new album entitled Subject to Change. The themes are love, joy, and life’s journey (including growing pains). 

The music is Country. The album is excellent and diverse in musical style, with catchy and dynamic tunes. The first two songs, Subject to Change and Little Things, have impressive old-school beats with Shania Twain and Faith Hil parallels. There’s a remarkable intricacy and depth in the compositions.
      The album has incredible upbeat tracks with a classic Country music style. The song Subject to Change has a fantastic combination of fast and slow composition in a perfect balance. The piece The Little Things has an upbeat sound that complements the story about appreciating small or, as the title indicates, “The Little Things.” The tune I Can’t Help Myself parallels Shania Twain’s You Win My Love. The piece If You Go Down (I’m Going Too) parallels the Country music styles of Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood. The song Muscle Memory has an intricate composition with excellent transitions of tempo from fast to slow and vice-versa. The tune I Guess They Call It Falling mixes fast and slow with an incredible sound that parallels the music of the 90s Electric/Pop music. The song Weather has an intense beat to represent the constantly-changing weather, a metaphor for mood changes. Heartfirst reminds me of Shania Twain’s song Don’t Be Stupid. The rhythm is fantastic. You’re Drunk, Go Home has a beat that parallels Shania Twain’s hits Honey, I’m Home and  I Ain’t No Quitter. Doin’ My Best has an intriguing clapping sound that feels interactive with an upbeat sound. It gives a sense of reassurance that everything will be okay. 

    The record has beautiful ballads, rich and soulful. Love Is a Cowboy has a contemporary sound that reminds me of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song and Reba McEntire’s single Somehow You Do. The combination of the guitar and the violin is lovely. The song Universe has beautiful musical styles reminding me of Britney Spears’ single Not A Girl. Not Yet A Woman. The rhythm has a calming and smooth flow. Walk in the Park has a lovely slow rhythm with some fast beats, during the chorus mainly. The song Marilyn has a heartfelt sound that feels a little heavy to reflect the sad story of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Hearing Marilyn Monroe’s voice adds a lovely touch. The tune What I Have has a relaxing beat that reminds of people gathering around a fire, giving a cozy feeling. 
   The music is phenomenal throughout the album. It’s diverse and dynamic.

Kelsea Ballerini’s voice is incredible and smooth. She sings with heart and soul. She performs each song with the right tone and emotion, as well as a passion when it calls for it. Kelsea Ballerini has a remarkable vocal range.

The lyrics are personal or romantic, deep and rich. The songs are diverse in subjects from love to growing up as a person. The storytelling gives the album an emotional feeling, adding heart and soul. 

     Some tracks cover the journey of life and the changes one goes through over time. The song Subject to Change is about changing as one evolves in life. The piece The Little Things is about taking pleasure in the little things in life. Doin’ My Best is a heartfelt song about life during the “pandemic”/lockdown of 2020, which was a challenging time for many. It’s something to which one can relate. It’s soulful and from the heart. Marilyn is a story of Marilyn Monroe’s life. It’s a powerful and poetic song. What I Have is a heartwarming tune about appreciating the blessing in life and living it to the fullest. The way these songs talk about growth and living life is heartfelt.
      Two songs about heartbreak express the relatable frustrations and anger regarding a less-than-kind partner: Weather and You’re Drunk, Go Home. The tune Weather is a metaphor for someone with “mood swings,” which causes intense storms instead of sunshine. The woman involved ends it with grace and courage- a positive message The song You’re Drunk, Go Home is about a guy showing inappropriate behaviour and the woman stands up for herself. The tracks interestingly cover heartbreak with a sense of courage and dignity.
     There are also love songs on the records. I Can’t Help Myself is a love song about a girl struggling to resist the charm of her significant other. The song Love Is a Cowboy is a heartwarming metaphor about how love is bold and unafraid. The tune I Guest They Call It Fallin‘ is about love feels intense and sudden but also something wonderful and magical. Muscle Memory is an impressive metaphor, a story about remembering the various details of a past love. The piece Universe is a touching story of falling in love with the right person; everything feels natural and perfect. If You Go Down (I’m Goin’ Down Too) is a particular story about two lovers in trouble with the law who stick together. The tune Walk in the Park is a beautiful metaphor for how the woman is not easy to deal with but is loving and kind. It tells a lovely story of a no-nonsense lady who wants love and respects herself. The song Heartfirst is about falling in love with the heart before the mind can process the feeling. It’s a bold tune about adventure and love. These love songs have a vibrant touch to the words. 
     The lyrics are well-written and poetic, with incredible linguistic depth.

The album Subject To Change is available.

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