King Melrose’s New EP Fleur De Cactus – Face A

Canadian and Quebecois artist King Melrose has released a new EP entitled Fleur De Cactus – Face A (Cactus Flower Side A). The themes are love, family and the journey of life.

The music is French Pop combined with some Jazz. The guitar in the background is fantastic. It is impressive to hear the various musical styles adapted by the musicians.
     There are some songs with a fast tempo or lively sounds. Fleur De Cactus (Cactus Flower) has an upbeat sound that brings joy and makes one smile. The beat is rhythmic and catchy. DrLove has an old-school jazz sound that parallels the musical numbers of the movie Grease. The tune has an excellent rhythm that parallels the musical style of the Supremes and sounds from the 1930s and 1950s. The piece Western has an interesting Country vibe. The music represents the various emotions felt by the protagonist of the song.  
     The ballads on the EP are fantastic. Flora is a beautiful ballad with a calming sound. The piano is phenomenal to hear. The music complements the lyrics of a father’s love for his daughter. La Route Des Roses (The road of roses) has an incredible combination of slow to fast and vice-versa. The transition of tempos is well-structured. The beat is dynamic. Maux Mystères (mysterious/mystery pain) is a beautiful ballad with a rich composition through the piano and the guitar. It’s calming. 
     The EP has catchy sounds that combine old-school beats with contemporary rhythms. 

King Melrose’s voice is fantastic. He sings with passion, heart and soul. He has a dynamic way of performing each tune- in sync with the music and the song’s mood. The backup singers sing passionately in the piece Western.  

The lyrics are profound and soulful. Some songs have a personal story, like the piece Flora, dedicated to his daughter. It’s a song that’s from the heart. The song Fleur De Cactus (Cactus Flower) is a touching metaphor for beauty, strength, and character. It’s also a sweet and heartwarming love story. The tune Flora is a dedication to King Melrose’s daughter, as previously mentioned. It’s about a father who wants to do everything he can to ensure his little girl lives happily and assure her he’ll be there for her- a genuine love for his kid. La Route Des Roses (The road of roses) is about moving forward in life with determination and perseverance. There’s a road trip metaphor that represents adventure and spontaneity. DrLove is an excellent tune about love and the challenges one faces. Western is a song about heartbreak through a story told with a Western movie style. It’s another metaphor for moving on and discovering the world outside a small town. Maux Mystères (mysterious/mystery pain) is a heartfelt song about being there for the significant other one loves. 
The tunes are rich in storytelling, language and imagination.

The EP Fleur De Cactus – Face A is available.

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