Single Saturdays: Dermot Kennedy – Something to Somebody

Irish singer Dermot Kennedy has released a new single entitled Something to Somebody. The story is about a man going through a breakup and remembering when he meant something to somebody. 

The music is Pop. The composition is impressive and rich. The song has a bold sound and a wavy rhythm—the fast parts of the single sound like a heart beating fast. Those work well with the intense moments of the tune. The guitar in the background is incredible. The transition in tempo from the verse to the chorus is smoothly gradual and remarkable. The structure is beautifully intricate with a distinct tone.

Dermot Kennedy’s is rich and rhythmic. He has a remarkable vocal range to express a variety of emotions. He captures how many feel after a breakup with incredible depth.

The lyrics are expressive and deep. The song describes heartbreak/grief in extensive detail. Through freestyle writing, the structure of the tune perfectly expresses confusion and pain. The simplicity of the lyrics is a good choice as a little goes a long way, which suits the song’s story well. The short paragraphs of the verses are an intriguing choice because they represent intense emotions as one may not always know how to express them. The bridge is fantastic as it describes the flashbacks of what was once a relationship. The lyrics are intricate, with well-written poetry and profound meaning. 

The single Something to Somebody is available.

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