Mammabear’s Latest Album Free Radical

American group Mammabear has released a new album entitled Free Radical. The themes are love, heartbreak and the journey of life.

The music is Rock with some Folk. There’s a vibe of the 70s and 90s. The blend of musical styles is impressive. The compositions are rhythmic and rich. There are upbeat songs that have a Hard Rock edge. The first example is the song Do It Again, which parallels Red Chilli Peppers’ music. The songs Wish I and Easy Answers have a bold sound that reminds me of Linkin Park. Need Your Love reminds me of the band The Gorillaz and Nirvana. Do It Again parallels Goo Goo Dolls and Limp Bizkit. Life Can Wait has a folk-style sound similar to music from the 70s. These examples demonstrate Mammabear’s ability to mix sounds and styles.
     The song Bacon’s has a remarkable sound that parallels Classic Rock from the 70s and 80s, especially with The Eagles’ hit Hotel California
    The ballads on the album are intricate and beautifully composed. For example, Hailey has a mellow beat that is calming.
Free Radical is an impressive album with diverse musical styles and sounds.

Kyle Gordon’s voice is husky and rhythmic. He has an incredible vocal range. He sings with precision, according to a song’s mood and tone. For example a song about love, his voice is more upbeat. Whereas a sad tune, he sounds slower and takes his time with each word. Kyle Gordon’s singing style is phenomenal.

The lyrics are poetic, profound and, at times, abstract. The songs are well-written and full of descriptive imagery. There’s raw emotion that gives the album a soulful feel. 

      The album has four songs covering heartbreak Wish I, Easy Answers, Bacon, and Life Can Wait. The song Wish I is a candid piece about the struggles of heartbreak and grief- profoundly expressing the sentiment many can understand in this challenging time in life. The tune Easy Answers is about seeking answers to existential questions of life. It’s an intense piece with incredible depth. The song Bacon is a metaphor for the world falling apart. It also expresses the common everyday struggles. The piece Life Can Wait is about the lesson of living every moment after losing someone/something dear. Each piece is detailed and honest about the raw emotions felt in the songs. 
     The record has two romantic songs: Hailey and Need Your Love. The love songs are sweet and full of thought. Hailey is a lovely song about appreciating true love and honouring the girl whose name is in the title. Need Your Love is a simplistic piece that is honest about needing love from a partner- it’s a song with incredible openness. These two songs are beautifully well-written, with endearing poetry.
   There are two songs about life’s journey: Do It Again and Life Can Wait. These intricate tunes cover the journey’s subject with heart and soul. The song Do It Again is about boldly living life on the edge without fear. It’s an exciting tune. Life Can Wait is a unique piece about taking a step back, essential before resuming something, the journey through life, a relationship, etc. It’s a profound piece, with layers of meaning by saying very little. These two songs are well-written with impressive freestyle poetry.
    The songs have beautiful richness in their lyrics, covering a range of subjects- great depth.

The album Free Radical is available.

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