First Album Fridays: Jonas Tomalty – Undivided

Canadian singer Jonas Tomalty has released his first album entitled Undivided. The themes are love, heartbreak, and life.

The music is Rock. The album has a feel of the 90s and 2000s, parallel to the works of Pearl Jam and Lifehouse. The sound is edgy and dynamic. The musicians are fantastic throughout the record, including the guitar and the piano players.
There are impressive ballads Garde-Moi, Carolina, Wonder of the World, Don’t Tell Me, Spark, Like a Fix, and Time to Go. Each piece has a composition that reflects each song’s story, each with the right rhythm. 
    The songs with an upbeat sound are Travelling Century, Closer, Gold, A Fire to the Burn, No Love Left to Fight, La Grande Traversée, and Comme Aucun Autre. The music in these pieces is catchy, with bold sounds and tones. The compositions are vibrant and distinctive.
The music in this album is diverse in musical styles, a combination of old-school sounds and contemporary beats. There’s an incredibly spirited vibe.

Jonas Tomalty’s voice is bold and husky. He has an impressive depth in his song. He sings in English and French – sometimes in both languages, which is remarkable. He performs each piece with great passion.

The lyrics are profound and poetic. The songs are rich in imagery – that includes remarkable metaphors. The tunes have a bold passion. The stories throughout the album have detailed descriptions of places and people. The words are well-written and rich in language. There are excellent historical references. It’s a nice balance of hearing songs in English and French or just one of them.
    There are hopeful songs full of inspiration and positivity. Travelling Century is an incredible piece about the family history of the Tomalty family. The bilingual version of this piece is La grande traversée (the big journey), mainly in French, with some English passages. It’s so rich and profound. Fire to the Burn is a joyful piece about having faith that everything will be okay, including being in love. The kingdom represents the fear of love and vulnerability, representing how one isn’t living if one is afraid.
     The album has beautiful romantic songs full of love and joy. Garde-Moi is a heartfelt piece about feeling vulnerable and accepting the oncoming love from a significant other. Gold is a happy tune about falling in love, honouring the woman he loves, and shining like Gold. The piece Comme Aucune Autre (like no other) is the French version of GoldCarolina is a sweet piece honouring his love and wife. It’s such a heartwarming song with beautiful and rich poetry. The song Wonder of The World is a lovely piece that uses the word “wonder” as a metaphor for how remarkable is the woman he loves. The love songs are cheerful and full of hope that true love is possible – never to give up.
    The record has songs covering heartbreak in detail, with genuine vulnerability. Closer is a touching, vulnerable piece about struggling to love again. It’s full of raw emotions. Don’t Tell Me is a sad song that expresses the pain felt by the man whose partner wants to end the relationship and he’s struggling to accept. Spark is another heartbreaking piece about a couple where one of them seeks more than what they have. It expresses the grief deeply one feels following a separation and realizing how to prevent it too late. The tune Like a Fix is an intense piece about how addictive a crush/an infatuation can be, even when it hurts. The song No Love Left to Fight is about accepting when a relationship is finally over, which is difficult but necessary. It’s a relatable tune. The song Time to Go is a heartfelt piece about analyzing the end of a relationship and figuring out why it ended. These tunes are well-written, telling detailed stories.

The songs are diverse in subject matter and stories. They’re rich in poetic language and meaning. 

The album Undivided is available.

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