Single Saturdays: Sarcastic Sounds, Birdy, and Mishaal – Closure

Sarcastic Sounds, Birdy, and Mishaal, have released a new single entitled Closure. The song is about moving on from a relationship, which takes time, but it’s not impossible. 

The music is Alternative and Indie Pop. It’s an impressive mix of genres – the song has a catchy sound because of the musical styles blending into one another. The composition is well-structured. It’s rhythmic with a proper balance of slow and fast. The transition between the verse and the chorus is smooth. There’s old school touch that makes the song feel nostalgic, even though it’s a new single. It has a comforting tone that complements the tune’s story that the heartache is almost over. There’s a Summer vibe to it that reminds me of festivals. It ends on a smooth note.

Sarcastic Sounds, BIRDY, and Mishaal have a fantastic blend of voices. They gave incredible performances with their respective parts of the song. Each artist is singing with passion, heart and soul. 

The lyrics are bittersweet but go into hopeful as it progresses. The song is a new take on heartbreak, where it’s about moving on with life once the grief comes to an end. The structure of the tune is simplistic but expressive in conveying its message. The piece is heartfelt and relatable. The words are well-written for each artist in this song. The repetition of the word “smile” represents that things will get better with time. It’s also a matter of taking a step back during a time of grief following a separation. The positivity shines through in this single.

The single Closure is available. 

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