Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery- Without Love

The band, My Silent Bravery, has released a new single entitled Without Love. The song is about the importance of love in our lives. It’s also about the courage to open up.

The music is Rock. The song has a gradient musical structure that is impressive, gradually slowing down or increasing in tempo. There’s excellent guitar playing on the leader singer Matthew Wade’s part. The composition has a bold sound that gives the Rock style an edge. The structure is fantastic and organized. The chorus has a wavy rhythm that complements the ups and downs in people’s emotions in this tune. The piano is a lovely segue between the verses and the chorus. The guitar before the third verse parallels The Eagles’ single Hotel California at the end of the tune, but with a little more upbeat touch. It is also a segue between verses that transitions the story along and ends on it too. 

Matthew Wade’s voice is rhythmic and expressive. He sings with passion and compassion at the same time. He has a depth that is remarkable when he sings this song. 

The lyrics are poetic and profound. It’s expressive that life with love is essential. The song sounds like a conversation or an open letter. There’s the repetition of the tune’s title to emphasize the importance of love in everyday life. The words are inspirational, soulful, and from the heart. The song conveys the sentiment many feel during hard times, including COVID days, the sense of being tired and discouraged. Also, people giving up on love are sadly familiar and afraid to be in a relationship for fear of heartbreak and grief. The struggle of opening up is relatable, and many can understand the feeling. There’s a sense of hope, however, as the song progresses. The person who doesn’t want to live without love admits that he needs to feel loved and is trying to better himself.  Without Love is a piece that has incredible depth in it, written through beautiful freestyle poetry,

The single Without Love is available.

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