Birdy’s Latest Album Young Heart

English singer Birdy has released a new album entitled Young Heart. The themes are heartbreak, solitude, and personal growth.

The music is Alternative. It starts, however, with a classical introduction with a piece entitled The Witching Hour. There’s also an interlude with classical music entitled Chopin Waltz in A Minor. The mix of musical genres is impressive and rich in diverse sounds. The transition from classical to Alternative is incredible.  
 In the rest of the album, there’s a Janis Joplin and Dolly Parton vibe. It has the 70s feel mixed with the 90s. The guitar is the primary instrument heard throughout the album, with the occasional presence of the piano. The song Nobody Knows Me Like You Do has the beautiful sound of the piano in the background that works nicely with the ballad. One can also hear the piano in the song Young Heart. It has a John Legend vibe, similar to that of All of Me. The variation of sounds throughout the record is remarkable. Voyager starts slow, then ends with an upbeat note representing taking charge of one’s life. Surrender has a musical style similar to Lady A’s Just A Kiss combined with Dido’s single Thank YouThe Other Side parallels Jennifer Paige’s single Crush from the 90s. Another 90s parallel is Lighthouse, which parallels Sheryl Crow’s song  The First Cut Is The Deepest, especially with the way Birdy plays the guitar. Each piece is multifaceted in its rhythms and sounds—the music shifts from sad to hopeful and happy.

Birdy’s voice is soft, soulful, and expressive. She sings with great depth and feeling- she captures the essence of every song. She expresses the nuances with thought and precision.

The lyrics are profound and poetic. The stories about breakups are relatable with a touch of vulnerable emotions. The songs are from the heart. There’s an overall sense of hope, despite the subject matter focusing primarily on heartbreaks and separations. The vibe of the record is spiritual. That’s noticeable in the piece Celestial Dancers. The use of freestyle writing works well with the album. The song Surrender parallels Lady A’s Need You Now’s style of freestyle poetry.
           There are great symbols and metaphors. Loneliness is a symbol of being in a relationship with being on one’s own with challenges. Another example of symbolism is River Song covering how things may look calm, but something’s going on in reality. It also applies to the piece Deepest Lonely. The lyrics have an incredible depth to them, rich in poetry and raw emotions. New Moon represents a new chapter in life. Voyager is about finally moving on after waiting for her partner to commit, but nothing’s happening. Birdy has a unique way of talking about breakups. The piece Second Hand News is the most relatable song because one hears news about an ex through someone else, often a friend and feels mixed emotions. It’s a challenging time in the early days of a breakup. Little Blue shows the struggles of grieving a lost love; whereas Birdy put it, they’ve entirely disappeared. Yet, the person is reachable, but there’s a barrier. It’s a strange feeling. The song expresses that nicely.
The album also expresses resilience after going through hard times. The Otherside is a fantastic example that demonstrates the endless possibilities after overcoming obstacles life throws our way. Lighthouse also has the same vibe in the sense of hope. Also, there’s a romantic feel to it, as is the case for the song Evergreen about a couple focused on each other and ignoring the world.

      The record ends on a thought-provoking note with the song Young Heart, which is about getting to know ourselves. It nicely concludes the album’s journey through life.

The album Young Heart is available.

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