Single Saturdays: Tony Meade – It’s Alright

American singer Tony Meade has released a new single entitled It’s Alright. The song is about a bittersweet journey of moving on to the next adventure.

The music is Country. The song has a classic Country beat with a modern touch, blended nicely together in perfect harmony. It has an upbeat and bold sound. It has a Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks vibe to it that adds a nice musical spin. The guitar in the background is pleasant to hear. It reminds me of people gathering around a fire, making the song cozy and intimate. The rhythm is flowy and smooth. The composition has an incredible beat and style. It has catchy music that has a unifying feel to it. 

Tony Meade’s voice is rich and husky. He sings with impressive rhythm. He hits each note perfectly, demonstrating the change of attitude and perspective.

The lyrics are dynamic and intricate. It gradually goes from heartbreak to hope as the song progresses. Freestyle writing works well in this piece because it’s about discovering the world and living life after overcoming challenges. It’s about taking charge of one’s life that has potential for adventure and discovery. There’s hope for better things to come along in this journey. The lyrics are well-written and filled with positivity, which is inspirational during hard times. The tune ends on a positive note. 

The single It’s Alright is available.

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