Single Saturdays: Francesco Monte Feat Lee Ryan – Work This Out

Italian artist Francesco Monte released a new single entitled Work This Out, featuring Lee Ryan. The song is about a guy who asks for a second chance at a relationship with his significant other.

The music is Pop combine with Brit Pop. The song has a Summer and beach vibe with a Mediterranean touch. Like a beach, the beat is remarkably wavy through a smooth composition, and it’s easy to follow. The combination of the two genres is impressive and blends into one another nicely. There’s a romantic feel because of the upbeat sound, and the rhythm is fantastic. 

Francesco Monti and Lee Ryan have an incredible combination of voices. They sound bold yet soft. They sing with impressive rhythm and style.

The lyrics are hopeful and romantic. There’s lovely smooth freestyle writing. The song nicely covers the subject of second chances with determination, confidence and perseverance. The words are well-written. The tune is relatable when it comes to relationship struggles and separations, as well as the hope not to give up. The chorus has a simple structure but says a lot about trying to get back together. The verses complement it with a detailed description of the love between the two subjects. The lyrics have magnificent poetry that makes the man’s love genuine and sweet.

The single  Work This Out is available.

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