Single Saturdays: Rayan – Edman

Lebanese singer Rayan has released a new single entitled Edman (addicted). The song is about a man who professes his love for the woman he was friends with for a long time. Charbel Richa wrote and composed the single.

The music is Arabic Pop. Charbel Richa did an impressive job with the composition – there is a catchy Summer sound. Also, Roger Abi Akl did the mastering that complements the dance vibe. The transition of music is well-structured, going from slow to fast – then vice-versa. The band performing in the song is fantastic. Profound studios, the music producer of this piece, gave the work a nice touch.  

Rayan’s voice is soft and rhythmic. He sings from the heart, professing his love. He sounds sweet and genuine.

The lyrics are poetic and romantic, full of passion. The song is easy to follow and flows naturally. The rhyming is fantastic within impressive freestyle writing. It’s incredible to see the words rhyming within the sentence. The tune has a beautiful story of friendship turning into love. The song inspires the feeling that love is possible to find, even the least likely of places.   

The single Edman is available.

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