Zoe Wees’s Latest EP Golden Wings

German singer Zoe Wees has released a new EP entitled Golden Wings. The themes are mental health, empowerment and courage.

The music is Pop. The EP is rhythmic, with songs having various beats going from fast to slow or vice-versa. The sound is bold and catchy. The song Control has an Adele vibe with compositions similar to Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You, but with a slower rhythm. The EP has a fantastic variety of beat changes from song to song. The piece Girls Like Us has an upbeat sound that complements the sense of solidarity. It reminds me of Alicia Keys’ legendary single Girl On FireThe Hold Me Like You Used To is a ballad with beautiful piano sounds in the background. It parallels Adele’s singles Skyfall and Someone Like You (with a slightly faster beat)Ghost has a beautiful composition with a gradual transition in music and tonalities- it has a bold sound. Overthinking has an up and down roller coaster feel that fits with the song’s vibe. The music is diverse in rhythm and sounds.

Zoe Wees’s voice is beautiful and full of passion. She sings with depth and compassion. She performed each song with heart and soul.

The lyrics are personal and relatable. There’s passion in these tunes. Each song is expressive of deep emotions that make them genuine and honour the sense of vulnerability. The songs have an Alicia Keys vibe. Zoe Wees covers mental health in an understanding manner. The piece Control is profound about taking control and the desire to do so. The song Girls Like Us has a positive message of hope, inspiration and courage that anything is possible. The tune Hold Me Like You Used To is full of vulnerability and profoundly expresses a feeling of confusion and sadness- relatable for many. The song Ghost is a metaphor where the person in the mirror seems to differ from one’s perception. Overthinking is an impressive piece where the sense of confusion is something people can relate to, in which one’s demons can stand in the way. The EP has an incredible depth to it in expressing intricate and complex emotions.

The EP Golden Wings is available.

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