Single Saturdays: Ida Mae – Baby I Need A Driver

British duo Ida Mae has released a new single entitled Baby I Need A Driver. It’s a love song told abstractly, especially when you watch the video (link below). 

The music is Alternative/Indie. The beat is slow and sweet, and then it changes to an eerie feeling, expressing a variety of moods. The composition is well-structured to transition from one emotion to the next. The guitar and banjo add to the 70s vibe parallel to the Mamas & the Papas, and the Beatles. After the roller-coaster feeling, the song ends on a happy note. 

Stephanie Jean & Christ Turpin’s voices are deep and husky. They express various moods of the songs. 

The lyrics are romantic in an abstract fashion, a love story. Some parts describe a high, metaphorically speaking. The words are expressive, full of twists and turns. The song demonstrates how true love is more powerful than fear. It is impressive how mixed feelings add a poetic flavour to the lyrics, from sombre to confused to happy. The wave of emotions is fluid and transitional, done with a fantastic structure of the words.

The single Baby I Need A Driver is available.

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